Wednesday Night Rumble: Who’s Ready For Football?

Written July 30th, 2014 by Jason


Ladies and gentleman, it is one month away. We are one short month away from August 30, 2014 and the football season opener in Baltimore against Navy. Are you starting to get that weird feeling in your stomach? Are you starting to get that “Christmas morning” excitement adding a little pep to your step? Me too.

Where we left off

When we last saw our fearless heroes in action, they were chasing Sammy Watkins all over the Orange Bowl in what ended up being a 40-35 loss to the Clemson Tigers. I said it then and my mind hasn’t changed: I don’t want to hear about skill positions and injuries, Ohio State should never lose to Clemson. In anything. Read More

Waters Under The Bridge? Or Under The Bus?

Written July 30th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Initially, this was a part of this morning’s Silver Bullet Points, but I’ve been encouraged to move it to a separate article to allow folks a chance to comment and so forth.

Time, like The Best Damn Band In The Land, marches on.


Listen To All Of The Voices

It’s not yet been a week since Jon Waters was fired, and the wounds are still fresh. You’ve read the stories from band members here at tBBC, and will continue to do so: we want to be sure that all voices are heard in this matter, as the Ohio State Marching Band is a deep part of our hearts.

Charles has done a great job of covering the perspective of those close to the program, even sharing a story with us last night of yet another student who felt that the OSUMB was a place of acceptance and safety in spite of what “official reports” and media coverage might have indicated.

With the season upcoming, they continue their preparation and performance schedule with the controversy still swirling. Even before the latest news, you heard the frustration from some of the band members- they represent the University so well, and yet the Athletic Department would rather pipe in “modern” music instead of letting the band do what they were designed to do.

And yet, the band plays on. How firm thy friendship, indeed.

For today’s reflection though, I want to take a different look at the circumstances at hand.

You see, I understand why the University felt the need to fire Jon Waters.

To be clear, I’m not saying that I agree with the decision nor am I saying that the termination was handled correctly. Those discussions are still be had way above my paygrade.

My point is that the nature of the allegations and the significance of the moment in which they happened factored into the decision, and made termination an option from day one. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Are Firing On All Cylinders

Written July 30th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Well hello there! I take off for a week into the wilderness and come back to find that a) Dexter went Lizard King on me and b) Charles broke the site with his excellent coverage of the Waters situation (more later). It’s good to be needed, ya heard?

Seriously, thanks for your patience as we’ve been updating our server and so forth. I especially want to apologize to those band members who were kind enough to let us publish their stories… you deserved better than having us offline as much as we’ve been.  At any rate, I think we’ve got a good handle on things now and ideas for a strong future as well… I think we’ve got the problems derezzed.

Buckeye 411

  • Targeted- At the B1G Media Days, the BTN took several informal polls among the players who attended. As you can imagine, the Buckeyes were pretty well represented, including Top Team, Toughest Stadium, Best Uniform, and Best Player.  #LikeABoss
  • Waterfall? Waterwall- If you haven’t seen the new Ohio State football locker room, check out this look from Sammy Silverman. Worth every penny, but certainly doesn’t help the “we can’t pay student athletes” argument much.
  • Meyer Muses- You can read all Coach Meyer’s remarks here, but there were a couple of things that stood out. The battle for starting center is going well, with Boren, Lindsay, and Price all in the thick of things.. which is good, as the Offensive Line is the key worry for Ohio State this preseason. Dontre Wilson has made a significant jump in the offseason, putting on good weight and getting a better understanding of his role. The linebackers, while young, are a position of strength if they can rise to their talent level on gameday. Braxton is full go and healthy, and the goal of fall camp will be to keep he and the rest of the team that way.
  • Tracy Sprinkle- Not with the team, according to Meyer, although he did say that there was always the possibility of that changing.
  • Players’ Perspectives- Michael Bennett also echoed the remarks about the linebacker corps, saying that it’s deep and fast and will surprise some people. Both he and Jeff Heuerman talked about the Michigan State game and the need to make up for last year’s efforts- something they’ve been focusing on. Heuerman also said that he was healthy, and that the tight end depth chart will be a surprise to folks as well, with Baugh and Hubbard standing out.  Braxton spoke briefly about not “liking” Mr. Bennett, since the latter tends to go a bit more “all out” than the QB would like during practice. He also said, though, that he’s not concerned about his offensive line, and has been throwing for some time now. Seems like they all had a pretty good trip.
  • Buckeyes With Sticks- Great news for the women’s lacrosse program, who announced this week two additional members of their coaching staff.
  • Enjoy It While It Lasts- “It” being “The Tom Herman Experience”, as he’s been tabbed as the top assistant coach in the country as far as future employment goes.  We’re hearing that WVa may take a run at him at some juncture, based on his relationship with Head Mountaineer E. Gordon Gee.
  • The King Wears A Crown… And A Shoe- As a part of his comments during B1G Media Days, Coach Meyer indicated that he’d already informed LeBron James that his presence was expected on the sidelines come Fall.  Makes you wonder who really rules Ohio, don’t it? (hint… it probably doesn’t)
  • Recruiting Thoughts- Coach Meyer talked today about how the media circus that comes with recruiting high school kids is a problem, and how he actually works to “de-recruit” an athlete to get him to think beyond himself and focus on the team.  Nebraska’s Bo Pelini made comments about recruiting as well, which makes sense if you look at the context.

Read More

More Former TBDBITL Members Speak

Written July 28th, 2014 by Charles
After yesterday’s publication of the thoughts of one of the female marching band alumnus whose rookie nickame was listed in OSU’s report into the culture of the marching band and termination of Jon Waters, two more female marching band alumni have come forward and shared with us their thoughts on this situation.As was the case yesterday, we publish the letters these two alumni have written to OSU President Drake in there entirety, without any editing or commentary; everything below, including the names of the band members was used with their permission. Considering the reflections of the band member who was named in the OSU report regarding online response, we have at this time removed the ability to comment on this piece, although you can send thoughts to us via email.

OSUMB_logo2-300x280Dear President Drake:

In lieu of attempting to speak on behalf of my fellow TBDBITL alumni, I would like to bring your attention to a few matters in this recent situation that pertain to me in particular.

I am Tiggles. I received my nickname shortly after the band was announced in August of 2009. I embraced it as my own, being fully aware of its meaning from the moment it was given to me. The people who gave me this name were the same people who taught me and coached me for a whole summer, who gave me pep talks when I thought I just wasn’t going to cut it, who became and still are my best friends and a family to me. As my friends, they understood my sense of humor and were well aware that I would not see it as something shameful or sexist. In fact it was widely known that Tiggles was my preferred name among friends, and anyone who knew me was more than welcome and even encouraged to refer to me as such.

Now it’s perfect strangers who are discussing the name and speculating about the breast size of the girl attached to it. For the first time in 5 years I feel objectified, sexualized, and depersonalized and it has nothing to do with the culture of the OSU Marching Band or the people affiliated with it. It has everything to do with the way this situation has been and is being handled by the university and the media. In the last two days I have seen my nickname in a highly publicized investigative report, I have heard it talked about on the radio, and I have seen it discussed on social media. And despite being mentioned several times in this report, not once was an attempt made by any on the investigating team to contact me and find out if anything that was being written about me was accurate. If they had, they would have known that I cannot remember a specific time when Jon Waters referred to me as anything other than my real name; and if he had, it would have been unremarkable to me for the reasons I stated earlier. He certainly never called me by my nickname simply because he was upset, or trying to make a point, as several news outlets have reported. I challenge you to ask yourself what this says about the quality and accuracy of the investigation you relied on so heavily to make this decision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

S-Row, 2009-2011 Read More

As part of its report into the culture of the marching band and termination of Jon Waters, Ohio State published a list of some of the sexually explicit nicknames given to rookie members of the band.  One of the women whose rookie name was mentioned in that report offered to share her thoughts on the report, her time in band, and her nickname with the media.  As one of the people mentioned in the report, we believe that she has the right to have her voice heard regarding these matters.

Below, we publish the letter that she has written toward OSU President Drake in its entirety, without any editing or commentary; everything below, including the name of the band member was used with her permission. Given her reflections regarding online response, though, we have at this time removed the ability to comment on this piece, although you can send thoughts to us via email.

OSUMB_logo2-300x280Dear President Drake,

“We respect women and we respect all the different people who work with us, we respect that diversity.”

This is a line from your statement on the firing of Ohio State University Marching Band director Jon Waters. I find it to be particularly ironic given the events of the past few days thanks to a report filed by OSU’s Office of Compliance and Integrity.

In their report, the investigators speak of a “sexualized” culture within the band, and how that often led to the harassment of female members, through alcohol consumption, inappropriate nicknames, and tricks performed by young members given to them by their peers, amongst other things.

What is truly shocking about the report is not the list of antics by a group of hormone filled college students, but the complete lack of respect for the privacy and dignity of the band members. Included in the list of “offensive” rookie nicknames are things like Donk, Tulsa, Tiggles, and Jewoobs. Ohio State clearly had no interest in learning anything about these strong, intelligent women and instead decided that their delicate feminine sensibilities needed to be defended by adding their names to a list of things they feel the Buckeye community should feel disgusted and ashamed about.

I would also like to point out that it is spelled Joobs, not “Jewoobs” as they spelled it in the report. They felt “Jewoobs” was so offensive that they added the descriptor “given to a Jewish student with large breasts” so you could be fully aware that she was being sexualized and harassed because of her faith and her anatomy.

Read More

Never Too Early: 2014 Illinois Preview

Written July 27th, 2014 by Patrick

Who Has Two Thumbs And Is On The Coaching Hot Seat?

When the schedule came out and Buckeyes fans saw the Illinois game at night, there was a collective gasp as memories of 2007 came back to their minds. Thankfully Ron Zook and Juice Williams won’t be making the trip this time. The Bucks will be playing their 4th B1G contest of the season as the Fighting Illini will be battling a B1G opponent for the 5th time when the arrive in Columbus.

The third year has usually been the charm for Illinois head coaches. Mike White, John Mackovic, Lou Tepper, Ron Turner and Ron Zook all reached bowls in their third seasons. Now, it’s Tim Beckman’s turn to try to keep the streak going. While the school hasn’t issued an ultimatum, a bowl bid would help secure Beckman’s future.

Gone is his do everything Nathan Scheelhaase; Buckeyes fans remember last season when Scheelhaase single handedly kept Illinois in the game with 2 passing touchdowns and 1 on the ground as OSU won the battle for the IlliBuck 60-35.

Second-year offensive coordinator Bill Cubit wasn’t ready to name a starting quarterback in the spring. He wanted to watch the three challengers compete, but it was clear to those who watched the battle that there wasn’t much of one. Barring injury before the opener against Youngstown State, Oklahoma State transfer Wes Lunt gets the call. There are big hopes at Illinois for Lunt. He has a rocket arm and a quick release. The coaches also rave about his decision-making.

Lunt will rely plenty on running back Josh Ferguson. The dual-threat back led the team in rushing with 779 yards, averaging a robust 5.5 per carry. He was also second on the team in catches.

By far, receiver was the biggest area of concern for the offensive coaches going into the spring. They have to replace three key departed players. Geronimo Allison, Martize Barr, Justin Hardee and Mike Dudek all pushed for playing time with solid results. Jon Davis and Matt LaCosse are threats at tight end.

With four starters back, the coaches are hoping the offensive line will be a strength. Guard Michael Heitz enters his fourth year as a starter. Tackle Austin Schmidt could turn into a star. Read More

Weekend Wonderings

Written July 27th, 2014 by Ken


Welcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings.  Here we are, the last weekend in July. As usual, we’ll be joined by our permanent musical accompaniment.  We’re going to have something about The James, immature professional athletes (I know..) and something from Boston. Grab whatever beverage(s) that you prefer and let’s proceed.

By the time you read this, Lovely Bride and I will be on our way back home from a family wedding in Boston, MA. I’m sure there will be stories aplenty; none of which will be told here.. Congratulations Maureen and Bryan.

The James/Wexner:

Here’s a nice, quick read on the food service program at the new James. It provides for patient-customized meals; what you want to eat, when you want to eat it. This is a great way to get the proper nutrition to individual patients when they need it.

Here is an informative interview with Joseph Flynn of The James explaining his research in CDK inhibitors in cancer treatment.

Joseph Flynn, DO, MPH, focuses on the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in his research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Here’s a notice of a live Google+ Hangout with advice to manage cancer treatment side effects while at work. After all, after cancer diagnosis and during cancer treatment, live goes on.  The Hangout is Wednesday July 30th at 6:00PM EST. And work, whatever form it may take, is part of life..

Read More

Josh Moore And Joshua Alabi Are Buckeyes!!!

Written July 26th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

Sorry to be a bit late on this… we wanted to let the other big news of the weekend stay at the top of our discussion.

Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights camp and recruiting event concluded this weekend with at least three positives for fans of the Scarlet and Gray.

Josh Moore

On Saturday, top quarterback recruit Torrance Gibson named the Buckeyes his top school after his weekend in Columbus; although there’s a long way to go between now and February for his services.

However, that late news should not take away from the earlier fireworks, as the Buckeyes went “Boom” for a pair of 2015 commitments, starting with Olathe Kansas’ Josh Moore, a tight end candidate that many experts had staying west of the Mississippi River for his college campaign.

The thirteenth member of the Elite 15 class is a 6’5″, 250 pound young man with solid hands and footwork who was targeted by Florida State, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Auburn, and may find himself on the Reid Fragel plan and transitioned to offensive tackle by the end of his time in Columbus.

In addition to his on-field skill set, Moore also brings an amazing story of recovery and resilience to Ohio State; as if I needed reason to cheer for him, I can’t help but want him to succeed after hearing about his battle with cancer years ago. Eleven Warriors’ Kyle Rowland provides a great overview of this young man’s life.

After the jump you can check out why Mr. Moore is ranked as the 22nd tight end candidate in the country. Read More

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