Two weeks, one day…

Written August 21st, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

Yup, we’ve reached day fifteen of our “Countdown to Kickoff”!

Today, AJ Trapasso drives us into the stratosphere on our way to the final two weeks of…

(No kickers this time? Are you kidding? Do you know how much research I’ve put into Gilman industries? Ah, well…)

Mr. Byars, I believe this is yours...

Mr. Byars, I believe this is yours...

Today, we honor the pride of Calumet City Illinois, home of Ray’s Music Exchange. A coach’s son, former Illinois High School Player of the Year, and a fifteen year NFL veteran, Michael J. Tomczak.

Like our day 19 honoree, he stepped into big shoes, following Art Schlichter’s assault on the passing record book at Ohio State. And yet, when he graduated, he was second only to his predecessor in many of the same categories; in spite of helping his tailback set his own record for most rushes in a season in 1984.

1983 saw Tomczak and the Buckeyes travel to Norman Oklahoma to battle the then #2 ranked Sooners. As this video from OHD shows, Oklahoma couldn’t win that big game either.

As that season came to an end in Tempe, Tomczak showed amazing poise in leading the winning drive against the Pitt Panthers with 2:39 on the clock. Here’s all 89 yards of glory:

What a throw to Jemison. And what is it with tOSU and Tempe?

During his senior year, he ended his career as all Buckeye players should (and most have, lately), with a victory over MACh1gAAn:

This resulted in a New Year’s trip for Ohio State to Pasadena, a trip they have made only one more time. As someone who lives within 10 minutes of the Rose Bowl, I’m looking forward to this trend changing ASAFP. Otherwise, I’m moving to Arizona.

Back to Mike.

His NFL tenure was mostly as a backup, although he did have the opportunity to exhibit his guitar skills on the way to New Orleans. His career ended with the Lions practice squad, but he’s best known as the reliable counterpoint to “Slash” during his seven year stint with the Steelers.

Mike, you done good. Thanks for bringing us one step closer to kickoff.

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  1. BucksfanNo Gravatar
    August 21st, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Nice Blues Brothers reference! I was just watching my copy the other day. Awesome.


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