Dropping a deuce – Part One – Terrelle Pryor

Written September 3rd, 2009 by Jeff

Two days before kickoff.  48 hours.  Are you ready?

In keeping with the tradition of our countdown format, we bring you a player who has worn #2 for the Buckeyes.  But Jeebus, who to pick????  Oh, the hell with it…..let’s just do a series of our #2 legends!

Let’s start with our current hero, Terrelle Pryor.

LeBron In Cleats sees you, but you won't see him until he's past you.

Pryor sees you, but you won't see him until he's past you.

Pryor has been given an appropriate nickname by the guys at Eleven Warriors….”LeBron In Cleats”. Admit it, you love it.

Pryor is entering his sophomore year at quarterback for Ohio State, and he’s already the team leader. When college football analysts begin to talk about the fresh faces that the Buckeyes will field, and how that will be a problem for Ohio State, they never mention Pryor. He’s already considered a veteran for the Bucks. When was the last time a sophomore QB for any team was looked upon in that light (besides Saint Tebow)???

LeBron In Cleats begins his second season at Ohio State the day after tomorrow, and we all expect to see a bevy of highlights. Of course, The Buckeye Battle Cry will be replaying those highlights as much as we can, but let’s just relive some of his highlights now. Sit back and enjoy…

Now are you ready?

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