The Week That Were: 10.02.10

Written October 3rd, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

From the “He started it!” files- This week, we join our friends at 11W in celebrating Oktoberfest and all it’s splendor. So, break out the lederhosen, get your sauerkraut all warmed up, and find grandma’s recipe for schnitzel…

Drink enough and you'll dance too

This weekend looked to be the best thus far in terms of quality matchups, but only a few actually lived up to those expectations. Let’s start in the SEC, shall we?

Alabama, man… Another “can’t they both lose?” as the Crimson Tide invited the Gators to their place. As we were reminded over and over and over again by unbiased network analysts, when these two team play, the winner usually heads on to a national championship. As much as  I hated to see Urban’s squadron be held without a touchdown (sarcasm alert), it was interesting that Alabama seems to be perfecting the tenets of Tresselball- No mistakes on offense, aggressive defense, solid special teams. Granted, they’ve got a Heisman Trophy running back to hand it to, but it’s important for Buckeye fans to remember these successes when they start screaming for offensive coordinators.  I was also more than pleased to see that sometimes the Gators can get too cute for their own good.

Wanna guess who won?

Ahh, LSU. What joys you bring to the hearts of all with your sheer inability to decide whether or not your coach is “ballsy” or “incompetent”.  You’ve got to wonder if Lester might be the first coach fired midseason during an undefeated run. Good thing they were playing the Volunteers, who all wanted to be on the field for the last play- it’s not often that someone out-hats The Hat.  A friend texted me right after it went final that the game was a commentary on SEC Education- LSU can’t tell time, and Tennessee can’t count.  Whether or not the officials should have stood over the ball to allow for substitution like Dr. Lou said, or if there should have been penalties for throwing helmets while the ball was still live, or whether or not the replay official has that type of jurisdiction (they do), it’s just another fantastic day in the life of the SEC.

While we’re in the south, let me point out that while Colorado may have saved their coach’s job; Georgia ain’t helping theirs at all. For the record- I’d buy A.J. Green’s jersey; he’s the real deal and almost beat the Buffs all by himself. And there’s no way I could be confused for an agent.

Kentucky and Coach Nutt’s boys scored a total of 77 points, Vanderbilt continued their legacy of not performing well against… well, “football teams”, as they fell to UConn.

The game plan, essentially

Speaking of UConn, it’s time for our visit to Mich1gAAn, where they needed more Robinson magic to defeat Indiana in Bloomington. They gave up 480 yards passing and 35 first downs, and were dominated in the time of possession.

Michigan- Seriously,why don’t you just invite the rest of the conference to join you in a speed shootout and see who can score the most in a set about of time like they do at the carnival. It certainly would save everyone a lot of time and effort. Can you imagine what TTUN’s season would look like if Five-cier was still in charge?

Elsewheres in the Big T1e1n, Michigan State made Mark Dantonio proud with their home victory against Wisconsin. Bret Bielema was rocking the all red Constanza look; you’ve got to think that this didn’t help things all that much. Iowa continued to own Penn State, as even a Stanzi-ball couldn’t stop the Hawkeyes from dismantling the Nittany Lion defense.

Oh, Brewster… you had it right in the palm of your hands and gave it away. At home. How’s that resume coming?

The Big T1e1n also brings us our reader submitted photo of the week, from Ohio State’s game at Illinois:

Headed to battle...

Remember- if you go to a game, send us a photo. We’ll put it up for all the world (at least three people of it, anyway) to enjoy.

Congrats to UW and Steve Sarkisian for winning the “So glad we weren’t named” bowl. That’s two in a row for the Huskies over the Trojans; it’s almost like Sarkisian is cleaning up all the old business. Great clock management and time out usage by the Kiffster, smart not to save any timeouts should the kick miss… must have learned that from a former SEC foe.

In the conference’s  “Who’s better, you bet” game, Stanford showed that they still don’t have an answer for Oregon’s “fast break” offense- These guys have perfected the “let’s hurry up and do something before they get ready” strategy that we discussed last year. LaMichael James’ efforts up the middle beat the Cardinal all by himself, it seems- they had no answer for these plays that continually ripped off huge chunks of yardage. I di give Oregon credit, though- they pulled off an incredible onside kick; that must have been the Van Pelt play. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to know that you might have help. Will the kid who knocked Staford’s Owusu out of the game be suspended for lowering his head?

The game of the day in the Big Not Twelve For Much Longer had Oklahoma holding off the Longhorns to win the Red River of Dr. Pepper shootout. Fans celebrated and commiserated by eating tons of stuff that was fried. Haven’t seen much comedy in the Shaggy Bevo responses, but will keep you posted.

Over in the world of smaller schools, it’s my displeasure to report that both Ohio Dominican and Ohio Wesleyan both remain winless; ODU falling to Michigan Tech, and The Maroons beating the Bishops, so to speak.

BCS Committee Member

Today’s BOWLPOCALYPSE warning- It’s possible that the following teams will all be undefeated at the end of the season: Ohio State, Michigan State, Oklahoma/Nebraska, Alabama, Oregon, Boise State, TCU. So, who do you put in Glendale? My gut is that it would be the Big 12 Champ and Alabama, since they’ll both have a “quality win” in their conference championship game.  What do you do with a Rose Bowl if both tOSU and MSU are co-champs? Hooray, chaos.

This weeks big matchups include the Gators hosting LSU, providing yet another opportunity for us to cheer for a meteor strike. Although, Les would be saved since he would be a late arrival to the game. “Brother Battle” comes to Ann Arbor; Mich1gAAn meets a defense for the first time all year as they host the Spartans. Finally, Florida State tries to be the next team to intercept Jacory Harris in their cross state rivalry.

Since it’s probably Monday, you could use a pick me up for the start of the work week. Well, we’re here to help:

Yeah, I want to fly with those folks…


  1. TylerNo Gravatar
    October 4th, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Well, the Rose Bowl question is easy. We’ve gone “most recently” so MSU would get the nod.


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    October 4th, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Is that still the rule? I thought it had something to do with BCS standings…


  2. TylerNo Gravatar
    October 4th, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Oh, I guess you’re right. They must have ditched the “most recently went” tie-breaker thing at some point.

    “If there is still a tie, the highest-ranked team in the final BCS standings shall be the representative.”


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    October 4th, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    I thought so… thanks, Tyler. I hated the “let someone else have a turn” thing…


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