Silver Bullet Points is Better Late Than Never

Written November 4th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Juuuussst a bit outside

As promised, updates from Tressel’s press conference and other college football news:

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Report-Homan and Bell will be back for Penn State, as was reported earlier. Evenge is also progressing in his rehab.
  • Speaking of Penn State- Today’s “Good Tweet” announces that Dustin Fox will be the honorary captain when the Lions come to Columbus next Saturday.
  • Injury Report, cont.- As was speculated across the webs and in this week’s tBBC Radio Hour, Jake Stoneburner is not yet 100%, but will be closer after the bye.
  • I Found My Quarterback In San Francisco- Coach Tressel today spoke about Troy Smith’s game with the 49ers, and mentioned that Coach Mike Singletary contacted him while he was weighing whether to start Troy or David Carr.
  • Award Winners- We updated this on Tuesday, but here are the honors for the Minnesota game: OPOTW-’Boom’ Herron, DPOTW- Brian Rolle, LB, Attack Force-Nathan Williams, Lineman Award- Justin Boren, Special Teams- Jonathan Newsome, Tatum Award- Storm Klein, Scout Team- Verlon Reed; Stewart Smith; Dionte Allen

Other Info

  • Well, Sure- NYT reporter Pete Thamel is reporting that the NCAA is investigating Auburn’s Cam Newton on allegations that he received illegal benefits.  Other SEC fans reply with, “Really? You’re just now thinking about this?” Southern Cal fans rejoice that former NCAA Commissar “Molasses” Miles Brand didn’t move this fast earlier in the decade.
  • Nothing Better To Do? Word today is that the Utah Attorney General’s office is meeting with the US Justice Department about the BCS; examining whether or not the BCS constitutes an illegal monopoly. Again, these are the people that you just voted for or against, doing great things with your tax dollars.
  • Where Credit Is Due- We give Coach Rodriguez a lot of grief here at tBBC, but we’ll also be among the first to congratulate him on not being found responsible for failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance by the NCAA. This means several things- a) given that there were similar issues at West Virginia, it could be just a legitimate misinterpretation of the ridiculously complicated NCAA guidelines, or b) that the NCAA didn’t want to pile on after the type of season the Wolverines are having.
  • While We’re On The Topic- The state of the Michigan football program right now is such that being found responsible for four NCAA violations and having an extra year of probation added (for a total of three) is seen as a “good thing”.
  • Last Word- Ramzy over at Bucknuts highlights the above in 140 characters or less.
  • Cleansing The Pallet- You know what makes all the Wolverine talk go down easier? Bacon. You’re probably not going to be surprised by my Halloween costume this year.

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