Shots from the Schott

Written February 16th, 2011 by Joe Laing

Giving us the low down from courtside, Joe is back with a look in from the win against MSU.

  • The Schott was rockin!  Lots of faces in the crowd:  Mike Doss, Brian Brown, Bill Hoskett,  controversial ESPN talking head Kirk Herbstreit, were the ones that I saw.  Snookie and Miley Cyrus as well.  Well, their big poster heads.
  • I’m hearing that JD Weatherspoon should be back come Big Ten Conference time frame.  He was in attendance tonight.
  • Diebler is one three-ball away from tying the conference career record, and two from breaking it. West Lafayette, anyone?
  • Nice bounce back after the loss to Wisky.  Wisky is really becoming our most hated team.  It wasn’t the fact that we lost a regular season game but moreso who we lost to.  But I loved the point that was made, in that they are so happy about beating the #1 team in both football and basketball, but I would rather be the #1 team rather than beating the #1 team.

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Image from The Ozone's Dan Harker

  • 23-29 from the free throw line.  That is what a top team should do from the line.  I like our improvement over the past two games in free throw shooting.
  • We won by 10 even giving up 57% shooting.  Too many easy looks.
  • Craft is Mr. Hustle.  Brings the crowd to his feet, more than any other 6′ white guy.
  • Minutes, are still an issue.   Matta was hit up all week with questions, he responded playing Dallas more, but that was more due to foul trouble.  Thomas only saw the court for 3 minutes. Buford with 40, Diebler and Lighty with 39 and 38 respectively.  I am giving up on spending blog space about it. Don’t think it will ever change.
  • Is Jeff Boals not the most entertaining assistant coach in the country to watch on the sideline?
  • Turnovers only 14 in our last two games.  Doing that will win games come March.
  • Continue to be a ton of NBA scouts at the games.  Inside word is that Sully is top 3, Lighty maybe late 2nd, Buford late first early second, Diebler undrafted, Lauderdale undrafted.
  • College officiating is really bad.  Was bad both ways.
  • Anyone catch the N-I-T! N-I-T! chant at the end?


  1. ErictBBCNo Gravatar
    February 16th, 2011 at 8:15 am

    Izzo’s got his team on the right track. They played us tough for 30 minutes before we finally managed to pull the game away. Of course, that was when their shots stopped falling.

    If MSU wins 4 of their next 5 (Illinois, @ Minnesota, Purdue, Iowa, @Michigan), they’ll be 18-12 and in the tournament by name alone. This team could also make a name for itself in the Big Ten Tournament.

    Also, as Dickie V pointed out, teams have won championships with essentially no bench play. It’s not fatal for us to be playing 6 or 7 deep.


    JoeNo Gravatar
    February 16th, 2011 at 9:33 am

    While is can most certainly be done, and I agree with shrinking your lineup come tourney time. What I don’t agree with is running them too much during the season and have them wore out to where they fight being tired in the tourney, when the lineup is shrunk.


    JimNo Gravatar
    February 16th, 2011 at 10:09 am

    My thoughts are as follows: these are 18-22 year old kids, not the Boston Celtics. They get several days rest between most of their games, I don’t think fatigue will be an issue for them no matter how many minutes they play per game.


    EricNo Gravatar
    February 16th, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Plus, getting a TV timeout every 4 minutes, not to mention with every coaches timeout, keeps them pretty well rested through the whole game.


  2. TylerNo Gravatar
    February 16th, 2011 at 11:52 am

    “But I loved the point that was made, in that they are so happy about beating the #1 team in both football and basketball, but I would rather be the #1 team rather than beating the #1 team.”

    My thought in regard to this is that we would be HAPPY to return the favor (beating them as #1) IF they would just play well enough to ever BE #1 in any sport…


  3. ZNo Gravatar
    February 17th, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    OSU doesn’t need 13 scholarships when only 6 players ever play. Save money and use the 7 unused scholarships on something else.


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    February 17th, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    More cheerleaders!!!


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