Shots From The Schott: View From The “Q”

Written March 22nd, 2011 by Joe Laing

After coming across tickets at the last minute, Joe was able to make the trip north and gives us the inside scoop from the game…

Important milestone, and beginning of an amazing day!

  • Want to start off with congratulating the 4 buckeyes receiving their diplomas-  David, Dallas, Jon, and Nikola.
  • Lighty with the 7 threes! Everytime he hit one, the place exploded. Wonder of Diebler was worried for his record?
  • You think Craft’s 15 assists were better than DLights 7 3′s? Arguable, if you ask me…
  • Sullinger, Buford, Diebler all with solid games to compliment Lighty’s night.
  • The substitution pattern?  I liked it, but was something that we hadn’t seen all year.  Didn’t quite match Marquette substitution pattern in game two.  I felt like I was watching a hockey game with all the line changes.
  • How about that 50-15 run after being down 11-2?

  • Its over! You could see GMason talking quite a bit, and we just let our actions do the talking!
  • The George Mason highlight? These guys were awesome…

  • Big congratulations to Eddie Days with the first point in his OSU career, and the crowd chanting his name!
  • JJ Sullinger was acting as the biggest cheerleader in the stands…Jeff Boals the biggest on the bench.  Not sure who wins the cheering competition.
  • The Big Ten struggles after first round had people talking…Purdue, Michigan, and Illinois all dropping games yesterday.  OSU and Wisky advancing to represent the B1G… better than the Big East’s percentage, though.
  • The consensus seems to be that Kentucky will be a very tough game, the ability to stay hot from the outside, and use our experience to take it to a young Kentucky team will be key.
  • Overall, it was a great atmosphere at the Q!  Impressed by the Buckeye turnout, and support of the team…let’s hope it follows to Newark- with Syracuse out, there’s no home court for anyone.

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  1. BenNo Gravatar
    March 22nd, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    Next to this guy,
    Dallas has got to be the biggest H of all time.


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