Notes From Practice: Day 1

Notes From Practice: Day 1

Written August 8th, 2011 by Jim

Let’s jump right in.


  • The running backs and quarterbacks rotated so much that it is difficult to say who the starters will be.
  • The starting offensive line, from left to right was: Andrew Norwell, Jack Mewhort, Mike Brewster, Marcus Hall, J.B Shugarts.
  • The starting group of WRs were: Philly Brown, Verlon Reed, Jordan Hall, Jake Stoneburner (TE)
  • Freshman OL Chris Carter was getting reps at LT, he was working on his footwork to the side and was receiving one-on-one instruction from Mike Adams on the side.
  • Freshman OL Antonio Underwood was playing RT.
  • During team drills, QB Taylor Graham threw an interception to S C.J. Barnett and QB Ken Guiton threw an interception to S Zach Domicone.
  • T.Y. Williams is by far the tallest wide receiver and he was targeted quite a bit by the QBs, but he has a bad habit of dropping the ball and still needs some work.


  • The starting defensive line,from left to right was: John Simon (DE), Garrett Goebel (DT), Adam Bellamy/Johnathan Hankins (DT), Nathan Williams (LEO).
  • The starting linebackers, from left to right were: Etienne Sabino, Storm Klein, Andrew Sweat.
  • An alternative starting group (presumably the nickel group) of LBs from left to right was: Tyler Moeller (star), Etienne Sabino, Andrew Sweat.
  • The starting safeties were Orhian Johnson (strong) and C.J. Barnett (free).
  • The starting cornerbacks were: Travis Howard, Dominic Clarke/Bradley Roby (who were splitting time).
  • The 2nd string defense was: Darryl Baldwin, Evan Blankenship, Joel Hale, J.T. Moore (who also received reps with the first team) across the front, Chad Hagan/Scott McVey, Tony Jackson/Jordan Whiting, and Nate Oliver at linebacker, Dionte Allen and Bradley Roby/Dominic Clarke at corner, and Christian Bryant (strong) and Zach Domicone (free) at safety.
  • LB coach Mike Vrabel repeatedly got on freshman linebacker Curtis Grant to take charge of the huddle and lead by example by hustling back to the line of scrimmage after plays(on the third string defense).


  • Solomon Thomas appeared to be the only player limited from full participation and was wearing a yellow jersey throughout practice.
  • Darryl Baldwin is the tallest player on the defense and Reid Fragel is the tallest player on the offense (including lineman).
  • New LB coach Mike Vrabel ran gassers with some of the players after practice.
  • Some of the players were joking around and being quite loud in the ice bath after practice during Fickell’s interview with the media.

Fickell Interview:

  • The team this year will be focused on actions and not words.
  • As a head coach, Fickell will stick with his strengths on defense primarily.
  • Coach Fickell joked about not liking to spend much time thinking about Coach Vrabel.
  • Fickell had trouble sleeping last night, which he says usually isn’t a problem for him.
  • He will adjust as the teams goes with the QB situation, they will evaluate each day, but there is no predetermined timeline to make a decision.
  • Freshman LB Conner Crowell, who is currently recovering from surgery in Maryland, will be with the team sometime this fall.
  • He wouldn’t comment specifically on injuries, but as mentioned previously, it appeared everyone was full go other than Solomon Thomas.

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    August 8th, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Vrable ran gassers after practice?! Awesome!


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