It’s finally here… the first SBP of the 2011 season. No more preseason talk, no more countdowns- it’s time to squeeze the trigger. Let’s do this.

Buckeye 411

  • Injury update- Word is that the Buckeyes are healthy, with the exception of Jamaal Berry (nursing a hamstring). Tyler Moeller and Etienne Sabino have been practicing at full strength, and are part of the lineup for Saturday.
  • Fickell Speaks- The head coach of the Buckeyes held his first presser of the season, and the initial reaction was how different it was than the previous administration- a lot more openness in the Q&A, which went for about half an hour. Missing, though, were the “as so forth”s… it’s up to us to continue the legacy. Great quote from the new boss-

Come Sunday morning, the first thing I do when I come in is I put on the special teams reel and I’m going to put on the fourth quarter. I want to see what your body language is like, your competitive nature is like. I don’t care if you’re a third team, a first team guy. If you’re on special teams, I want to see how you compete. I want to see your body language looks like in the fourth quarter whether you’re up 35 or down 35, whether it’s a tie ball game or not. Those are the things we want to see.

  • Captain, my captain- It was announced today that, in lieu of having week to week captains, one will be selected for each game. Coach Fickell mentioned that this would be something that could changed as the year went  on, but that it was something that acknowledged the work that all of the seniors have done this season. When asked about it, Senior Mike Brewster replied-

It would have been cool, but it’s not about me. It’s not about any individual this year. I’m more worried about the team. Like I said before, I’m here to make sure this team moves forward and help Coach Fick any way I can.

  • Like A Baus- Taking a cue from the geniuses at EDSBS, we also celebrate Fickell’s decision to name senior Joe Bauserman as the starter for the Akron contest.  Given the “OR” on the depth chart, thought, Buckeye fans won’t have to wait until postgame to enjoy Miller Time, it seems.
  • Fickell’s Follies- Coach Tressel was famous for his quips during weekly press conferences- intentional and otherwise. We’ll have to see if Luke brings the same to the table, so fnow we’ll let you in on how he will decide his gameday attire-

Whatever my wife lays out. You know what, that’s not something I’ve put a whole lot of thought into.


This Week In Scandal

  • Rocking like a Hurricane- The news in Miami continues to be confusing, but at this point, it’s to be expected. First, news emerged that the 72 former ‘Canes mentioned in the Yahoo! report will be invited to talk to legal folks in the bankrutpcy courts as the case against Nevin Shapiro moves forward.
  • Hurricane Shapiro, Continued- Then, the NCAA released their decision regarding the players suspended by Miami in connection with these allegations… and, as you can guess, there seem to be some holes in the “logic”. Some are being required to sit out one game, while a few will also miss four to six contests. All are being required to pay back the amounts of the benefits received; which has never made much sense, as the argument made by folks is that these students are too poor to afford college life and need the extra whatever (prostitutes, cars, tattoos)- now they can afford to make restitution?  The amounts are interesting, too- since Buckeyes will be sitting out the game (and two others) due to similar amounts (and not being forthcoming once educated). Our friend ParagonSC is probably nodding his head as Buckeye Nation tries to figure out what’s how this makes any sense whatsoever, while Robby has nailed the learning moment from all of this-


If you could change anything about ESPN’s college football coverage, what would you change and why?
Staples: Lately, it seems as if ESPN has tried to set the agenda for college coverage. This is a bad idea. The big story is what it is, and people will seek coverage of it even if it happens to be SEC coaches “Car Wash” day. There will be days when I turn on College Football Live and I wonder if I even cover the same sport. The fact that ESPN is in bed financially with all the conferences shouldn’t affect its journalism choices. Really, ESPN is so massive that the business relationships don’t have to affect journalism choices. At this point, the conferences need ESPN more than it needs the conferences. So it shouldn’t kowtow.