The Buckeye Battle Cry hits hard and fast with another Preseason Radio Hour! Eric sits down with former Buckeye and BBC contributor Jason Winrow to discuss Ohio State’s Saturday preseason scrimmage. They talk all positions, particularly the offensive line and quarterback, as well as receivers, the corners and the D-line and linebackers.

A special shoutout is given to LS Bryce Haynes, and Winrow gives his thoughts on the current Jersey Scrimmage format, and Ohio State’s coaches.

All this and more on this weekend’s Radio Hour!

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  1. JimNo Gravatar
    August 21st, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    My 2 cents on Verlon Reed is that his biggest strength is his route running. As I mentioned last week, he broke Travis Howard’s ankles so bad that Howard fell to the ground after Reed put a double move on him.

    As far as the jersey scrimmage went, his most notable play was getting overthrown by Braxton Miller on a curl route. But to reinforce what I said before, it was an outstanding curl route, Reed had at least five yards of separation and was wide open.

    I feel like the WRs are getting an unfair rap this camp for not producing. While they clearly aren’t lighting the world on fire in practices or during the scrimmages, I put at least 50% of that on the quarterbacks.

    I hope as the season approaches the QBs and WRs can develop more chemistry, get on the same page, and really start producing at the level their talent can reach.


  2. MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    August 22nd, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Woot! A longsnapper update!!


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