Picks for the Weak: Week 2

Written September 9th, 2011 by Joe Dexter


You're WEAK if you picked Notre Dame in Week 1 - Brian Kelly

There ain’t no thunderstorm bright enough, ain’t no rain storm long enough, ain’t no computer smart enough –to keep me from helping you weaklings! Week 1 is in the books, and though I finished sub .500 in the first week of our picks, I am spry and ready to prove that Week two is my week!

Okay, so finishing 4-5 wasn’t so bad in our first round of games. Considering TCU was a lock ( son of a). Notre Dame never loses in week one right?? (Fight this Irish) I thought Ducks fly together? I guess not when you spread em’ out in Dallas.

Breakdown of Week 1:

So just how ugly was it in the very first analysis for our panel? If your name starts with an E and ends with @tBBC then you’re smilin’ this week.  If you’re the dope that writes this article, then you are just happy you tied the computer! Apparently anyone named Joe is a week 1 WEAKLING. Here is a look at this week’s results.

Experts (David Fox/Yahoo!): 7-2

Eric: 6-3

Mali: 5-4

Jim: 5-4

Joe D: 4-5

Computer: 4-5

Joe L 3-6

Props going to David Fox, for boldly picking Baylor over the favored Horned Frogs. He said it in the interview, this defense has a lot of work to do. Fox’s only lost came from Notre Dame and Oregon.

Eric went toe-for-toe, but chose TCU instead of Baylor. Let’s just say he has been wishing bad things upon the Bears all week. Don’t worry Eric, the whole panel was. The Bulls and Bears swept the panel in week 1.  Eric says this is a true sign from the football gods that TCU belongs in the Big East.

And well, with the Irish, we are used to this by now aren’t we?

The panel got back on track with sweep wins by selecting Oklahoma over Tulsa and Mizzou over Miami (OH).

Week Two Analysis:

Speaking of those Wacos, this week’s guest writer Lisa Horne of Fox Sports.com and I discuss Big Ten and SEC expansion and the Big 12′s role in it to open things up. Lisa then helps us break down Michigan/ND (EWW), Arizona State/Missouri, Auburn/Mississippi State and Wisconsin/Oregon State with us. A very solid interview with Lisa, as she brings us her great football knowledge. And yes, she chose Michigan, but what else was she supposed to do? Take Notre Dame?

Picks of the Weak: Week 2 With Lisa Horne by The Buckeye Battle Cry

Now it’s time to get to the Games!

Friday, September 9th

#21 Missouri vs. Arizona State

Arizona State got things rolling last week with a solid win over UC Davis to open up the season. The Devils bring solid defense to the table against a team in Missouri that struggled to find it’s identity in week 1 in a close win over Miami (OH). James Franklin led the team in rushing and passing — which needs to change if the Tigers want any chance in winning their second test of the season. Brock Osweiler had a heck of a week to start the season behind center for the Sun Devils. I don’t know what it more interesting about this game — the coaching match-up (Gary Pinkel/Dennis Erickson) or linebacker Vontaze Burfict creating havoc on the Missouri offensive line.  This game could be closer than it should, but all things point to the sky in this game.

Lisa Horne: Arizona State

“I think this will be an incredibly close game but Arizona is just a ridiculously hot place this time of year and I’m wondering how much the heat will affect Missouri. I expect to see a lot of cramping and a lot of Mr. Burfict in the Tigers’ back field.”

Computer: Mizzou 26 Arizona State 25 (51.5%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
ASU Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou ASU

Saturday, September 10th

Oregon State vs. #8 Wisconsin

Someone get the Beavers some Badger Milk! All the hype is on Wisconsin in this game, with the emergence of Russell Wilson. Camp Randall is a hard place to play, especially when you throw in the fact that Mike Riley’s team lost to Sacramento State to open the season. Oregon State does have talent on both sides of the ball, but it is going to take some time to get everyone on the same page. Top athlete James Rodgers will be out this week, but freshman back Malcolm Agnew played well in his first game on campus. Him on the field is the only chance Oregon State has. The Badgers have to get the running game going in week two and should have no problem doing so.

Lisa Horne: Wisconsin

“Mike Riley is such a fantastic coach and human being but the historically-speaking, the Beavers have had bad starts against non-conf opponents. Playing against an impressive Badgers team at Camp Randall will be too much for a team that has quarterback issues and the possible absence of running back Malcolm Agnew who had 223 yards last week, currently in No. 1 in rushing productivity. Badgers win big.”

Computer: Oregon State 18 Wisconsin 36 (91.1%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
Wisc Wisc Wisc Wisc Wisc

#16 Mississippi State vs. Auburn

The SEC conference opens up inter-division competition this week with a couple of good games, lead by Auburn and Mississippi. You know that the Tigers coaching staff is going to make some changes heading into week two that will definitely help, but you have to wonder if the Auburn defense can stop the explosiveness of the Bulldogs. Chris Reif is a fun player to watch as he continues to develop at the quarterback position. In his last four games he has completed 64/94 passes for 995 yards and eight touchdowns. Look for the play-action pass all day long from Mississippi State and a close battle between two top tier SEC teams. The Bulldogs should have enough talent to pull it out, but like they always say, the SEC breeds close games.

Lisa Horne: Mississippi State

“I’ll take Miss. State because when you struggle against a projected near-bottom-of-the-WAC team (Aggies of Utah State) like Auburn did, you’re in trouble. I honestly think Auburn should lose by four touchdowns, but because this is an SEC conference game, it won’t be a complete blowout. Case in point: When Arkansas lost to USC 70-17 in ’05, the most points an SEC team scored on Arkansas were 34 points (Auburn). The following year, USC scored 50 on Arkansas (SEC West champ) and the closest SEC team to that point total was 38 (Florida). Moral of the story: tighter than most people think because it’s a conference game but Miss. State gets the job done.”

Computer: Miss. St 31 Auburn 25 (67.3%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
MSU Auburn MSU Auburn Auburn

#3 Alabama vs #23 Penn State

What makes this game so interesting is the fact that it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Crimson Tide travel to take on a formidable opponent. Trent Richardson will be the player to watch for Alabama, as he struggled a bit in week one. Lisa and I talked in depth about him in our picks discussion and both Lisa and I wonder if Richardson is overrated. There are a lot of things for both teams to figure out, but one thing you know is that Penn State had some big positives in game one of the season against Indiana State. Chaz Powell is definitely a play-maker in the return game and freshman Silas Redd showed that he could carry the workload in the running game (at least against teams with lacking talent). Four quarterbacks should see time in this game, which could make it rather competitive with a bunch of mistakes and possible turnovers.

Lisa Horne: Alabama

“How many times do the Crimson Tide travel out of the South for a game? Almost never (I believe the last time was at Hawaii in a loss), so that may be an interesting factor. On paper, Tide looks like a clear favorite. Biggest factors: Penn State allowed Indiana State to sack their quarterback THREE times but Alabama quarterbacks threw 4 interceptions. I’d love to call an upset here since Bama is on the road, but Bama has too much talent on the defense. Bama wins.”

Computer: Alabama 30 Penn State 20 (76.7%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
Bama Bama Bama Bama PSU

#12 South Carolina @ Georgia

Both teams could of had better showings in their first week, but after coming back to win against East Carolina, the Gamecocks are the favorite in this SEC match-up. Something about this game scares me though, simply based on the fact that I don’t trust Steve Spurrier early in the season. Marcus Lattimore had a big game against the Bulldogs last season, and continued his success in week one, so the question will be can Georgia stop the run. I’m not sold though on the South Carolina defense, as Aaron Murray could pick them apart in the air. Isaiah Crowell should be much improved in this game. The frosh could see an up in carries this weekend in a close ballgame. Seven of the last ten match-ups of these two teams have come down to a touchdown or less.

Lisa Horne: South Carolina

“If Garcia starts, I’ll take the Gamecocks. If Lee starts, I’ll take the Bulldogs. Mark Richt needs this win more than Steve Spurrier does.”

Computer: South Carolina 27 Georgia 29 (57.4%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
Georgia toUSC toUSC toUSC toUSC

Cincinnati vs. Tennessee

This is a rather interesting game to me for both teams, as both come into play looking for a stiff challenge with conference action right around the corner. Both are led by quarterback play, and probably couldn’t rush the football against a solid defense if their life depended on it. The one thing that I took from the Volunteers opener is that despite no turnovers in the ballgame,  they fumbled the football six times. If this Cinci defense can create any extra chances, watch out Rocky Top. There still hasn’t been anything to prove that Butch Jones understands how to coach in a big game, but he has the pedigree. Tyler Bray has proven he has an arm, but when it comes to game changing, I still think Zach Collaros has the talent to be a next level quarterback. He just needs to put it all together on the field. This game should come down to  who makes the better decisions.

Lisa Horne: Cincinnati

“Cincy spanked 72 points on Austin Peay. Yeah, I know it’s an FCS school, but 72 points is still impressive. meanwhile, the Vols played another FCS team—albeit a much better one—and didn’t exactly overwhelm me with a 42-16 game filled w/ some ugly weather and at times, suspect play. When a coach tells a player (Poole) not to pitch the ball and a player pitches a ball, I think there’s some leadership questions. I’m going for a Bearcats upset and another reason to blame Lane Kiffin.”

Computer: Cinci 27 Tennessee 25 (62.4%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
Cinci Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn

BYU vs. #24 Texas

This game has ll the makings of being one of the most competitive games in week 2.Garrett Gilbert and the Texas offense started things off on the right foot against Rice, and they’ll look to continue spreading the football around. In week 1, eight players caught the ball and seven ran it. This week, expect a heavy dose of  running the football. Freshman Longhorn Malcolm Brown had a heck of a second half last week, but will still be the third back on the depth chart. Texas played 18 freshman in week 1, the most in the nation. Add seven more redshirt frosh in the mix, and it becomes clear that this team will battle, but in close games they could  have a hard time finishing in the 4th quarter. For BYU, it will be about coming out of the gates strong. The Cougars had to claw back into their week one game against Mississippi in the fourth quarter. If they want to beat Texas, they will need to jump out to a large lead.

Lisa Horne: Texas

“BYU beat Ole Miss by 1, while Texas beat Rice 34-9.What’s concerning is that Rice had the ball only five minutes less than Texas.On the other side of the coin, BYU doesn’t have a running game. Both these teams aren’t overwhelming anyone at this point in the season, but Ole Miss is at least a mediocre BCS team with more talent than Rice. So, to sum it up, this game will be close, coming down to a field goal for Longhorn win.”

Computer: BYU 22 Texas 26 (57.4 %)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
Horns Horns Horns Horns Horns

Utah vs. USC

The PAC-12 is here! Call your ma, call your pa. One thing is certain, USC can’t run the damn ball. Struggling against the Gophers?? Really? Matt Barkley and Robert Woods looked extrodinary in last week’s game, but beyond that, there are so many holes to fill in week two for the Trojans. Matt Barkley had to throw the football 40 + times to win and break Todd Marinovich’s single game school record for completions (34) and Woods broke the all-time USC record for receptions in the game (17). It’s going to take a running game though against Utah to pull out the win. Utah is lead by Jordan Wynn, who has shown flashes of being an elite player. All this talk of Utah being intimidated is a bunch of bologna. They will go into The Coliseum and make this a football game.

Lisa Horne: Utah

“The Utes are favored by 10 points and after watching the Trojans against the Gophers, I don’t see them covering the spread. Biggest problem for USC was no running game. Marc Tyler is reinstated this week so that should lift the offense and give Barkley & Co some more options. What is of concern is that Utes are ranked in top 30 in rush D but those stats are a bit skewed since it’s based on one game against an FCS team. I think USC pulls it out, but it may be a squeaker.”

Computer: Utah 30 USC 28 (58.9%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
Utes USC USC Utes Utes

Notre Dame vs. Michigan

Yuck. Gross. Nasty. Two teams, one hatred. Under the Lights, but still annoying as hell. Last year when these two teams met, it was a shootout as Denard Robinson took over they game late and accounted for all 72 yards of the final drive to win the ballgame. This year, we have a coach who is losing his cool, and the new sheriff in town in Brady Hoke (yes, he loves donuts!) This should be an interesting game if you like ugly football play. You know the story. Notre Dame chokes, Michigan chokes Donkey defensively on the big time play. At the Big House though, the Wolverines have some type of advantage. Unless of course some natural weather stops them from playing the game of football. Pansies.

Lise Horne: Michigan

“I hate to pick ND to start 0-2, but Under the Lights at the Big House and the Irish’s failure to secure the ball v South Florida makes me lean toward Michigan. Hoke is a defensive genius and I do think a big defensive play will be a game-changer in a tight game.”

Computer: Notre Dame 31 Michigan 29 (57.4%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
UofM Asteroid Strike/Sinkhole ND UofM UofM

Indiana vs Virginia -Ugly Game of the Week

Okay, so there is no more Al Groh or losses to William and Mary but the Cavaliers still have a lot of work to do. What did we learn in the state of Indiana last week? Ball State is better than the Hoosiers…. Yikes. Kevin Wilson can’t wait to get some of his own talent in Bloomington. Until then it will be very hard to succeed. As hard as it is to fathom, Virginia is actually on the rise. Kevin Parks will run all over the Hoosiers, Virginia will control the clock, and Kevin Wilson will remain winless as a coach. Unless something drastically changed from week 1 till now.

Lisa Horne: Virginia

“I’m going to go strictly on head coaching experience here. Kevin Wilson: has one college football game (lost to Ball State) and ten high school games (0-10) under his belt. Mike London: has coached an FCS Championship team and is 1-0 this year. Virginia for the win.”

Computer: Virginia 27 Indiana 23 (59.9%)

Joe D. Mali Jim Joe L. Eric
Cavs Cavs Cavs Indiana Cavs


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