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Written September 6th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

News and notes from the Ohio State Press Luncheon and around the world of college sports

Wanna shoot down Rockets? Here you go...

Buckeye News

  • Injury Update- Today, Coach Fickell said that he was hopeful regarding having Jamaal Berry back from his hamstring injury- as of this time, though, there is, no news on Underwood/Philly Brown.
  • Captain, My Captain- This weeks’ leaders, based on the performance against Akron: Joe Bauserman, Andrew Sweat, and Nate Ebner. We write about a guy, and good things happen…
  • More of the same- No change in the QB rotation/depth chart are in the works for Toledo; if it ain’t broke and so forth.
  • Guess who’s back- As of this week, all of the “Trinket Three” (Jordan Hall, Travis Howard, Pittsburgh Corey Brown) have been reinstated as was tattoo recipient Jordan Whiting- however, Coach Fickell was adamant that all will need to earn their positions.
  • Get off my front yard! Old Man Bauserman talked about owning a house and mowing his own lawn the only way he knows how.
  • Game Awards- Following his first career win, Coach Fickell got a game ball from Gene Smith. Got to wonder if it was autographed, though?
  • Picture’s worth a thousand words- Check out this action shot of Evan Spencer’s catch:


Other Buckeye News

  • Polling, polling, polling- Ohio State bumps up three spots in the AP, and up one in the USA Today poll to sit at 15 in both. Before you get too invested in these numbers, remember that these are the geniuses who decided that TCU would come in at 25, and the Baylor team that beat them would still be unranked.
  • I’m sure he “poked” him on Facebook, though- According to Coach Fickell in today’s press conference, former coach Tressel still has not contacted him since retiring.
  • Not like he has anything else to do- Jim Tressel has been suspended for the first 6 games of the NFL season, something that happened along the “If you don’t, we will” line of thinking. While many see this as a continuation of the “The NCAA and NFL are in cahoots” school of thought, my thinking on the matter is less insidious-This decision came about the same time that the NFLPA was convincing Terrelle to appeal his suspension, something that he said earlier he would not do.  The NFL, in my opinion, moved to cut off the “If Tress can coach, why can’t Terrelle play?” argument with this decision.  At any rate, it does set up an interesting precedent for the future- you’ve got to wonder if Pete Carroll is thankful that he left Los Angles when he did (although some see that as another form of suspension).
  • Scheduling- The Miami game will be a 7:30 pm kick off, and will be on ESPN/ABC.  Add this to the Nebraska and Wisconsin games, the four letter network has the Buckeyes in “prime time” thrice during the year.  I’m hoping that “Gameday” goes to Lincoln- I have several signs already planned.
  • Hoops schedule- Today, the B1G announced the conference basketball television schedule, and the Buckeyes will be on CBS or one of the three headed hydra that is the Disney Media Network a total of 12 times this season. Other games will be on the BTN, I imagine… which has a mobile app that’s pretty outstanding.

College Sports News

  • Is BCS easy to spell? Not according to this-

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    September 7th, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Maybe JT autographed the game ball. Regarding Pete Carroll,Seattle or Elba, exile is exile. Sharif Floyd/UNC/UF/suspension in one sentence. Way too easy for you Mali. Those Boilermakers dismounting from their batmanning better be careful; ACLs are at risk.


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