What Do You Want to See on Saturday? Akron Edition

Written September 2nd, 2011 by Eric

We’re less than 36 hours from the opener so it’s time to find out what the BBC staff is hoping to see.

And if you got a silly grin on your face reading “less than 36 hours from the opener”, you’ll feel right at home.


Can Carlos Hyde achieve Jim's goal?

- 400 yards rushing. I channeled my inner “no accountability” national broadcaster in the podcast by predicting 400 yards on the ground, so what the hell, I’d like to see it.

- No sacks. Protecting the new QB on the edge is my number one concern this season. Not giving up a sack against Akron would make me feel a little better about this. It would also mean that the QBs are making smart decisions and not holding onto the ball.

- Defense. After watching the defense in practice, I just want to see them on the field. They are going to be good.

- Carmen Ohio. I want to see the team singing Carmen Ohio in front of the south stands after the game led by Coach Fickell. I won’t be at the stadium, so this one is the least likely of all of the things I’d like to see.

Joe Dexter

- Scarlet Assassins hunting for the Kill. Offensively, It’ll be important to see the running back corps make a dent early and see the offensive line gel. Getting 3 or 4 horses out of the stable and running in open field would be a thing of beauty.

- The Fickelluration of the Team. How is the team going to respond to it’s new leader? That is the part of the game I’ll be keeping my eye on in week 1.

- Big Hits and Full Out Blitz. I miss seeing mouth watering smackdowns in the secondary and manhandling up front. This secondary is going to be a lot of fun to watch this season, but in week one it would be great to see them get in the backfield against a weak opponent like the Zips.

- Reps,Reps,Reps. Get everyone and anyone you can into this game for experience down the road. Get the freshman in there that belong on the field, and give them a first taste of college football medicine.


It's Luke Fickell's turn to shine.

- Aggression Delivered. We’ve been reading all summer about how the team was coming together, was committed to playing hard, was using the “haterade” as motivation.  Well, let’s see it.  Akron deserves respect, but I also think they can be cannon fodder for a frustrated Ohio State team.

- Fickell’s Imprint. This is his team, his interview for the future, what will set it apart? At what point do we know that he’s the guy in charge- an overly aggressive defense? An offensive gameplan that doesn’t involve “Dave”? A fashion statement (probably not)?

- Fair Coverage. Urb and Spiels are in the booth… will they follow the company line, or treat the situation in a way that’s accurate but reflects their legacy at Ohio State. I’m not asking for “homerism”, just a respite from the brain beating the program has been getting a) for relatively nothing and b) that’s unequal to much more significant issues at other programs nationally.

- Second (and third) Teamers. It means a) younger guys are getting reps, b) Ohio State has the game in hand (rather than the TUMS moments that were marquee for Tressel-ball),

-Ah, to hell with it.  No False Starts.  A guy can dream, can’t I?

Joe L

- Winning QB Play.  Want to have a positive impression on what to expect out of the QB position for the season.  Whether it is Bauserman or BMill.

- 4 Sacks.  Want to the see the defensive line get after the Akron QB and create havoc all day.

- Fickell with a 20+ point victory in his first game as the Buckeye head coach.

- Successful offensive game plan. Show the ability to get the ball to the playmakers and have them make plays and 450+ yards of offense.


Truck it Reid, truck it!

- At least three passes to the tight ends or runningbacks.  I ask for it nearly every game, and the games we get to see it are some of the best.  This year, though, it’s going to be nearly a necessity with the youth of the wide receivers.

- Viciousness from the Offensive Line.  The O-Line needs to be in attack-dog mode all game long and opening huge holes for the running game.

- Aggression from the Silver Bullets.  Clayton Moore (Akron’s Quarterback) needs to have nightmares about the Ohio State Defense for the rest of the season.  If he’s not seeing Jonathan Hankins barreling down at him 11 games from now, the defense just didn’t get the right impression across.

- A zero in the OSU turnover column.  Turnovers in a game against Akron could be fatal for the confidence of the younger players.  Mistake free football will go a long way towards keeping everyone focused on the season goals.


Once more, for old time's sake?

- An honest quarterback tryout.  Give Bauserman and Braxton the same situations, if possible.  Let them both play against the first team Akron defense, let them both have Rod Smith and Jordan Hall in the backfield, let them both show what they can do with the ball in game situations.  The better man deserves the spotlight in Miami for Week 3.

- Quality special teams play.  This area hurt us a lot last year.  Marshall would have been shut out, Miami would have been beat 36-10 at least, and let’s not forget the Wisconsin game.  Crack down on special teams and begin a new year with a dominating trend.

- Jim Tressel.  I want to see Jim Tressel at this game.  Whether it is a press box sighting, a sideline appearance before the game, or if he leads the whole team in Carmen, Ohio….I want him there.  He deserves to be there.  Get him there somehow.


  1. RobNo Gravatar
    September 2nd, 2011 at 11:14 am

    I see your “Fickelluration” and raise you a “Fickellization”!


    Joe D.No Gravatar
    September 2nd, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Looks like I lost that poker hand….. GO BUCKS!


  2. KenNo Gravatar
    September 2nd, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    I’d just like to see wire to wire effort on both sides of the ball enroute to a general arsekicking. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Fickellpalooza. Go Bucks.


  3. JohnNo Gravatar
    September 2nd, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    a big Win with No injuries … go Bucks!


    KenNo Gravatar
    September 2nd, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Good point, John. Kind of the default ‘wish list’ throughout the season, I’d think.


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