What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Miami Edition

Written September 16th, 2011 by Eric

It’s the first official test of the season for the young Buckeyes, and they get an infusion of some of their best talent with the return of Jordan Hall, Travis Howard, and Corey “Pittsburgh” Brown to the field.  Let’s see what the guys wanted for tomorrow.


Lots of people want to see this guy go against Miami.

Brax Attack. It will mean that a) he’s healthy, b) we’re in a position to play him (up on the scoreboard?) c) Miami has to figure out what to do next… plus, it’ll keep him further away from those pesky headsets.

Jacory Harris’ New Name. I’d be ok with “Ja-five-ry”… he’ll have almost an extra week to prepare, I’d like for him to visit Howard Island at least once.

Florida Pride. A number of Buckeyes from the “Sunshine and Tourist and Old Retirees State”, it’d be great for Brewster and Hyde and Sabino and Berry and Howard to have big games at home.

Game Commentary. With what’s been going on in Columbus and Coral Gables, I wonder how much time will be spent actually discussing football (oh, and not re-hashing the Fiesta Bowl)?  I’m also curious to see, since this is an “ACC on ESPN” game, if the magnitude of commentary will reflect the magnitude of allegations (8 players vs 60+).

No False Starts. I’ll stop asking once we meet this goal.


No turnovers. let Miami do their own thing on that front.

Enthusiasm and hitting. it looked like we came out a bit slow against Toledo. Was the team looking ahead? if so, there is no excuse this week.

Big time players making big time plays. these are the games that players come to Ohio State to play in and where legends are made. Who is going to cement there name in Ohio State history books on Saturday?

Jordan Hall in space. he will be a nice change of pace from the two big bruisers who carried the ball in the first two games. Get him the ball early and often.

Braxton Miller on the field. at least once, is that too much to ask for?


Fans in the stands.  A game of this magnitude deserves to be played in front of a packed house.  Miami is notorious for failing to sell out the house, even in some of their bigger games.  It would be a disappointment if this was one of them.

A pass interference call on Miami.  If only to hear the reaction from the home faithful.  You have to wonder if they’d go ballistic.

OSU’s defense making Miami zero dimensional.  Miami’s offense needs to have tough sledding no matter how they try to get the ball to their playmakers.  The defense should be flying around and constantly in a position to make a big play.

A Jonathan Hankins sack fest.  He finally started to get it going against Toledo, and you know he’s hungry for more.  Jacory Harris needs to have nightmares of this guy by the second quarter.

Three passes to the TE’s and RB’s.  It’s a necessity, like a good breakfast, or ignoring your family on Saturday.

Joe Dexter

The Bucks will be looking to CJ Barnett and the secondary to slow down Miami

Represent the state of Florida the Right way. I want our florida guys to have the biggest games of their careers and show the difference between these two institutions. There is a lot of talent from that state, and quite frankly the best of it plays outside of it.

Stop the Run. The U gets so much credit for their running backs, but they only have 3 1000 yard rushing seasons from the running backs in the history of the program. Lamar Miller and Mike James are a good tandem, but they are not better than the OSU defensive front (even if it is banged up). Against Maryland, Al Golden went to the bruiser James a heck of a lot more, but Miller could have a big game if the Buckeyes aren’t ready up front.

Shut Down Secondary. Against Maryland, there wasn’t a Miami receiver that could find paydirt. Maybe it was the atrocious uniforms opposing them, but the Buckeyes have a way better secondary than the Terps. Let’s hold em out of the endzone this week too.

Control the Clock. What’s the best way to beat an inconstistent ACC team? Let them turnover the ball, capitalize on it, then control the clock and get back to Columbus. Miami is going to make mistakes and the Bucks will take advantage of it. But they also need to sustain long, clock eating drives.


Four quarterbacks. Not only do I want to see the Buckeyes play both Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller, I want to see Miami go to a 2-QB system.  Because that means that Jacory Harris is chucking the ball into the wrong hands and got benched.

Jordan Hall play, but not start. Rod Smith and Carlos Hyde have busted their tails for this team, and right now Smith’s already feeling the heat for two fumbles in two games.  These kids need to know they’ll still be supported for their solid work thus far.  Hall can get his carries, but a message needs to be sent by Fickell.

5 sacks for the Buckeye defense. Jacory Harris, for all the media talk about his athleticism, cannot run the ball to save his life.  Go look at his career stats on the ground if you don’t believe me.  Pressure him and he’ll have to try to run, and then immediately fail at that task.

Joe L.

Most importantly a win. Don’t care how pretty or ugly.

Defensive Line controlling the LOS. Particularly with a healthy Nate Williams and John Simon. Ed – No dice on Nate Williams.

Jordan Hall being a big time playmaker in his return.

Outperform Miami in the Special teams game.

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    September 17th, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    An injury-free win. Don’t care how, nor how it looks.


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