DeVier Posey Suspended Additional Five Games

Written October 7th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

If it’s Friday, it means that it’s time for more bad news.

Last Hurrah?

Devier Posey has been suspended an additional five games by the NCAA for receiving $720 in payment for hours not worked, in addition to “free golf”.  Essentially, this means that his senior season will consist of the games against Penn State and Michigan… I’ll bet he’s incredibly glad he chose to abide by his promise to Jim Tressel and return after the Sugar Bowl. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a great story on this, which highlights several things. First, DiGeronimo states that the NCAA’s restriction on $15 per hour payment for students does not take into account state requirements to pay them at the same rate as union employees, and that documentation submitted proves that the students involved were paid at this rate.

Second, Posey’s lawyer speculates that the punishment was so harsh as a reaction to Posey’s friendship with Pryor- they couldn’t punish Terrelle, so they punished DeVier.  Posey’s lawyer is quoted in the AP story as follows:

“My hard evidence and common sense and logic from 30-plus years of practice tells me (the NCAA’s decision) is not supported by sound, reliable information and documentation,” he said. “We were able to document that all these players had worked the hours that they had said. Even if we were to concede where there might be holes, less than five hours are in dispute. That takes them under 100 bucks. In DeVier Posey’s situation, (the NCAA) just absolutely disregarded evidence that any person with common sense would accept. Why they did it, I do not know.”

Somewhere, our friend Paragon is nodding his head.

Finally, Gene Smith showed some fire with a statement that he was “Extremely disappointed” in the decision that was “harsh”.  This marks the first time that Smith has disagreed with the NCAA publicly, and may be a portent that the University’s expectation of being in the “sweet spot” for sanctions was completely misguided.

In better news, kind of, Boom Herron and Marcus Hall have been cleared to play following their suspension this week against Nebraska.

At this point, I’ve been thinking about adding a “Days since last suspension” counter to our sidebar… although it will only reach “6″, as the NCAA seems to have Fridays circled on their calendars.

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  1. Johnny CreedNo Gravatar
    October 8th, 2011 at 11:03 am

    The NCAA has now turned Columbus into Salem. I feel so bad for this young man. The cash machine that college football is makes the whole concept of ‘amateur athletics’ a credulous claim. The NCAA is a farce, a scandalous organization and their willingness to destroy a young man’s senior year is reminiscent to the Plantation Nation years ago. To blow this thing wide open, a proper reporter ought to investigate the professional nature of the athletes in the ‘lower’ sports. Many, many foreign tennis players in big Div. 1 schools were recruited from the professional ranks, and other sports, like golf, are almost certainly the same. Many of these athletes come to college with product sponsorships already intact and playing with the products from those sponsorships! But, the NCAA does not care about them, because their pockets are not being lined by the golfers, tennis, players, etc. As with all things, follow the money. (and by the way, these other sports are doing just fine with their athletes getting some help. Nothing is being ruined).

    But the governing actions of College Football, by the NCAA, work on a whole other plane which appears to have the consistency of a crime boss, who does whatever he wants regardless of circumstance, and accountability. I would encourage Devier Posey’s lawyer, to do some pro-bono work for this young man, and investigate the defamation of character aspects of a potential case. And, if possible, it should have the nature of a class action suit so that no one player is seen as challenging the system, because such a player can be made into a pariah by the media. It’s time to force the NCAA to be under the Law and not continue to allow them to create their own. No one can imagine that the BCS system, the TV deals, and the other bowls are all above board and in the interest of the student athletes. It’s time for the whole house to be brought down.


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