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Written October 25th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Tuesday’s update from the Ohio State press conference and the rest of college football news…

Don't Need No Stinking Badgers

Buckeye 411

  • Getting Deep- Interesting notes from the depth chart this week: Boom is #1 with Hall/Hyde behind him. Miller is QB1, with Guiton OR Bauserman, although Fickell said that Kenny G has been getting more of the snaps in practice. Curtis Grant is now in the 2 deep at LB; there’s speculation that Ohio State will be running more of the traditional 4-3 look due to Wisconsin’s running attack
  • Fickell Speaks-Historically, Ohio State has struggled the week after a bye. Coach addressed this,

Yeah, I think we did. We got a lot of work done. Our guys did a heck of a job on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You look back in the years past, ask around how people handled their bye week, you still have to look at your team and figure out what you guys need as opposed to how everybody else does it. I think we did a very good job with the attitudes and getting the work done we needed to get done.

  • Captain, My Captain- Brewster, Sweat, and Simon.  I think we’ve found our permanent captains, folks.
  • On Wisconsin- Coach Fickell spoke about the big upset in East Lansing, and confessed that he’d gone to bed before the game went final. He spoke at length about the impact that Russell Wilson has had on the Badgers, and how he’s fit into the system from early on. Of course, Wisconsin’s success starts up front, and their line play dictates every aspect of their offensive game plan.
  • The Future- As usual, Luke Fickell said that he focuses on the things he can control, and hasn’t given much thought to the pending NCAA sanctions or what benchmarks he might need to meet to be given another year at the helm of the Buckeyes. Interesting that he was asked these questions with Gene Smith in the room; others in attendance said that Smith didn’t flinch during this line of questioning at all.
  • Fickell Funnies- When he wasn’t talking about slinging the ball around with his kids, he joked regarding his “to do” list to keep his job for the 2012 season, saying,

My wife tells me all the time what she wants to see from me. That’s all I have to worry about.

Homecoming Events

  • Legacy- With such a special week in Columbus, it’s good to remember all of the tradition and excellence that’s gone before:

  • Costumes Ahoy- Lots of photos today of the outfit uniform that Ohio State will be wearing in this week’s Homecoming game against Wisconsin. Coach was asked several questions about the “tradition”, and had this to say:

I think a few years ago when coach brought it (special uniforms) up to me, I was against it. I said, I’m not a guy that likes a whole lot of change. I’ve seen how the young men, the guys like it, the team likes it. I think it’s a part of our culture now. I’m sure there’s a lot of traditionalists that don’t.

I think it’s a good thing. I really do. It brings some excitement, different things, whether it’s a marketing thing or a recruiting thing. Our guys enjoy it. We enjoy it.

(On his wearing black, and future black uniforms)  I don’t know in history that they’ve worn that. People ask why you wear that. We wear black, just be the signal guy. It’s not anything history-wise. Unless they have something back in the archives, I don’t know that we’ll be changing that uniform much.

  • Eddie! Eddie! With Eddie George being honored at halftime of this week’s game, Coach Fickell was asked to reflect on his former teammate. He called him the hardest worker he’d ever seen, and someone who used his early struggles as motivation for greatness.
  • Later… While it will be interesting to see Wisconsin play in the second straight road night game in a long time, Coach said that he’d just as soon kick off at noon and not have to wait with all the anxiety that builds up over a day.

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    October 26th, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Livingston’s article is a bizarre mess. After predicting conference moves that aren’t the least bit viable (TCU to the SEC? Seriously?!), he storms out of his screen door shaking his fists at the heavens and shouting “THEY’LL TAKE OUR BANDS AWAY!!! OUR BANDS I TELLS YA!!”

    I mean, honestly, what was his point?


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