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Written October 12th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Notes from Tuesday’s Ohio State press conference and around the realm of college sports. No soundtrack today, but we’re totally shopping for a El Camino.

More Prestigious?

Buckeye 411

  • Injury update: Braxton practiced, and by all reports looked “fine”, although he took it easy after the initial burst. Coaches will continue to monitor, but according to the depth chart, he’s the starter. Not as good news for Nathan Williams, who will need another surgery for microfracture issues and will miss the season. HOWEVER- there is the possibility that he can take a medical redshirt and be back for 2012. *crossesfingers*
  • Captain, My Captain: Brewster (4th time), Sweat (3rd), and Stoneburner for this week’s tilt against the Illini.
  • Fickell Speak:Lots of talk about disappointment, obviously, and some reflection on the difference between being an assistant and the man in charge (almost sounds like he misses the former):

It’s balance. It’s maintaining some balance in your life, maintaining balance in your program, balance in how much you spend with the defense, how much you spend with the psyche of the entire group, and then probably the most difficult thing is probably this, is going to talk to the quarterback club, going to talk to the media when things are tough, because I’m not about a whole lot of talk, and that’s but that’s part of the game. That’s what you have to do. You’ve obviously got to do this.

But as an assistant coach, you just put your head back in the book, you get with your 10, 12, 20, whatever guys you’ve got, and you fight through it with them and you grind it out and you find a way to get better, and it’s not about a whole lot of talk, it’s about work. It’s about passion. It’s about energy. And then when you’re the head coach, I guess you’ve got to stand up and make sure everybody else understands and talk about it and revisit it and rehash it and have it come back up in your stomach three or four or five, six, seven times during the week.

That’s the most difficult thing to me. It’s still football. When you’re around the guys, you enjoy doing what you do. When you can be with them, that’s why you do this. You just don’t have as much time to do that. That’s the most difficult thing.

  • Smooth Stylings: Kenny Guiton is rumored to be targeted for more looks in practice and prep time, although after practice players said it didn’t seem to be all that obvious. Several folks talked about his passion and enthusiasm, and that it stands out no matter what role he’s asked to play.
  • Smooth, Not Destructive: The announcer in Lincoln had Kenny G for a couple of big plays on special teams last Saturday, not realizing that Jeremy Cash has switched from #17 to #13.  And now, we know.
  • Lowering The Boom: Fickell said that Daniel Herron will get some touches, and might make his presence known more on special teams initially after returning from his suspension. Interestingly enough, Mike Adams was not slated to start upon his return, but Marcus Hall’s work related issues forced a shuffle of the lineup.
  • That Being Said: Hall will be back, but the offensive line will more than likely look as it did against the Cornhuskers.
  • Berry Special: Jamaal will continue to see time in the kicking game, and has been a leader there in his actions and in his attitude.
  • Schemed: Tyler Moller mentioned that the defense was “outschemed” on Saturday in the second half, and much of that was due to a switch from zone blocking up front to a man designations. It also should be noted that the Buckeyes were facing something unknown to just them- Nebraska players stated after the game that they “ran some plays out of formations we really didn’t even have in”.
  • Fickell Follies: FINALLY we get some levity from the head honcho. When asked a great question by our friend Lori Schmidt (check this out to find out how it came about), the following transpired:

Q. If you wanted to change the logistics of offensive play calling, either the who or the how, do you have the authority to do that?
COACH FICKELL: Yeah, why not?

Q. I’m just clearing up a rumor.
COACH FICKELL: Who else would I have to check with, my wife?

Other Buckeye News

  • Happy Birthday, Chris Spielman.  Still a BAMF.
  • Ain’t Braggin’: Bradly Roby today was quoted as saying that there was “nothing special” about Illini receiver A.J. Jenkins, which sounds like bulletin board material until you get the context of the statement- that his success is also due to the schemes that the Fighting Zooks use to help him make an impact. Wonder what that’s like…
  • Beyond Grassroots: The Fire Bollman movement has literature; which I completely support, if only for the safety factor.

This Week In Scandal

Expanding Horizons And Bank Statements

Amateurism, shamateurism


  • Trivia Time: What do USC, Florida, Ohio State, Miami, Texas, and Florida State have in common?
  • Dear God, Make It Stop:

Mmmm... Condiments

  • Good News! There’s a Stoops available for the OSU job… Bad News:  just not the one everyone would want.
  • Here We Go Again: Stephen Garcia has been dismissed from the South Carolina team, and said that he was surprised by the decision.  You know, that may be the problem.
  • If Mama Ain’t Happy:You must be in Tennessee.  That’s a proud moment, there.
  • Trivia Answer: None of those traditional powers are currently ranked in the top 20. Texas is closest at 21.
  • Gender Equity: Gregg Easterbrook says that football is one of the reasons that young men aren’t present on college campuses or successful once they get there.  While I respect Easterbrook’s perspective, there’s a lot more involved here, including an environment that has continually worked to empower young girls and young women (yay!) at the expense of understanding and developing young boys and men (boo).
  • And Finally: Red Hartebees are kinda’ jerks:

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