tBBC Postgame Show: Illinois

Written October 15th, 2011 by Eric

Eric is joined by Malibuckeye, Joe Dexter and Michael of Our Honor Defend to discuss the Ohio State 17-7 win over Illinois today in Urbana-Champaign. They focus on the excellent running game displayed by Boom Herron, Jordan Hall and Carlos Hyde (who retracted the twitter statement discussed in this podcast after we recroded). We also discuss the non-existent passing game, and the state of Fickell and Bollman’s employment at Ohio State.

All this and more – including some allusion to the upcoming Basketball Season – on the latest BBC Postgame Show!

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    October 17th, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Nice postgame, gents, thank you.

    I re-watched the Braxton QB draw this afternoon. I’m not sure what Herron was supposed to be doing. After the snap, he took a couple steps forward, then turned around and looked for the ball. Once Brax broke the line of scrimmage, Boom did throw a nice downfield block.

    I’m not quite sure why JHall is inserted at RB. Yes, Boom re-established his credentials as our #1 RB, but I would put Carlos Hyde as a firm #2. Hall belongs as a slot receiver, where he can fortify the young WR corp.

    I would like to amend your comment about the bye week, where you felt that it will be a great opportunity for Brax to learn the passing game. Bollman needs to learn the passing game. Which leads me to…

    Where are the short, quick passing routes? Have we no play-action bootlegs nor sprint-outs to get Brax to the edge? O know that we all LOL about Woody’s approval of 1 completion in 4 (successful) attempts, but Woody did have plays where Kern could using his run/pass abilities on the edge. Maybe Bollman needs to read Woody’s ‘Hotline to Victory’.

    I do want to say that I was impressed with what I saw from Fickell on Saturday, playcalling aside. He had his team ready to play, and they put forth good effort and showed improvement from previous weeks. I was pleasantly surprised when he took a defensive timeout during Illinois scoring drive. The ‘D’ was gassed, and Fickell took the TO to get them reset. Too bad the Illini scored, but Fickell’s TO showed some learning and ongoing HC-type maturity.


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