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Written November 16th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Initially, this week was supposed to be “POPS”- Pink Out Penn State for Breast Cancer Awareness.  While we’ve not heard anything more about that since things changed in Happy Valley, we’re more than glad to give our support. You know… given the circumstances.

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  • Walking Wounded- It seems as if the injuries are piling up for the Buckeyes. Andrew Sweat will miss Senior Day (will dress, but not participate) with the aftereffects of a concussion, meaning Ryan Shazier will get his first start.  Although he’s listed as the starter on the depth chart, Big Hank will more than likely not play this Saturday- although the injury is not deemed season ending.  JB Shugarts might play, as he recovers from a knee issue; he practiced on Tuesday, but is trying to take it easy. Don’t be surprised if Ohio State looks to get someone else to false start against PSU. Philly Brown is also dinged up from last week’s prep, and Boom mentioned that he re-tweaked his ankle, but is doing fine and plans to play.
  • Fickell Speaks- As always, the message is “We control what we can control, and learn from what happens”.  In reflecting on some of the struggles that the team has had recently, Fickell commented that you have to play the hand that you’re dealt, and that life isn’t always fair.
  • We Can Has WR? This week should mark the beginning of DeVier Posey’s two/three game season, barring some arbitrary shenanigans from Indianapolis. When asked about his presence on Gameday, Coach Fickell responded that much of it would depend on how Posey progressed at practice and if Philly was healthy.  He did say, though, that he hopes DeVier gives the offense a spark similar to the one Boom provided against Illinois. So, yeah- he’s playing.
  • On Posey- After practice today, both Mike Brewster and Solomon Thomas talked about their fellow teammate. Thomas commented that he’s been a positive aspect in practice and has always been a part of the team; at no time was he doubting his decision to stay at Ohio State.  Brewster said that DeVier would have added about 800-1000 yards of offense to this team, and that he was glad to have him back for Senior Day.  Both said that the entire locker room was shocked when he received an additional 5 games.
  • Senior Day- Coach Fickell was pretty clear that he expected the fans to support all of Ohio State’s seniors during introductions, including those who had been suspended. He also talked about how they’d be evaluated, and the reason that the coaching staff does what the do:

To me, these guys have battled through a lot. I’ve got the utmost respect for them for how they’ve handled the situations. The way they’ve been in the locker room, I couldn’t ask for anything truly more in the last six months than the way they’ve handled themselves, the way they’ve accepted me, and our coaching staff, and the things we thought were important for these six months. They’ve been up there standing up for us all.

Our foundation is completely different. I know we get evaluated on the wins and losses, but that’s not what we’re about. I think they know what we’re about. We know what they’re about. Believe me, we pay a lot more attention to how they feel and what they’re going through than just the performance on Saturday.

  • Missing Man- Mike Brewster spoke briefly about former coach Jim Tressel, and said they speak regularly. He also said that it would be great to connect with him at the next level, and that he’ll be in the ‘Shoe in spirit.
  • Locked Down- Gene Smith was present, and spoke at the introduction to the media luncheon. When asked some other questions, though, he said he wouldn’t comment, and that he was “On Lockdown”. FWIW
  • Stay Classy, Columbus- What AD Smith was able to talk about was that the fans should build on their reputations as “Best Fans In The Land” That goes with what we’ve said earlier, and cooresponds with this great video from Buckeye Student Athletes.

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  • I Would Buy Something From This Guy-


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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    November 16th, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Mali, once again nice job of casting your net an coming up with good stuff. Well done.

    Regarding the Brooks article, Bobo went off the tracks early.

    “Unfortunately, none of us can safely make that assumption. Over the course of history — during the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide or the street beatings that happen in American neighborhoods — the same pattern has emerged. Many people do not intervene. Very often they see but they don’t see.”

    Really?! He’s speculating what a bystander should do by comparing Holocaust/Genocide/Sandusky? He’s got to be kidding.


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