What do you Want to see on Saturday? M*ch*g*n Edition

Written November 25th, 2011 by Eric

After stuffing our bellies full of delicious dead bird, it’s finally time to ignore the family again and focus on the things that truly matter.


It's just about time to get back to this.

Defensive Heart. I want to see the defense come out and play, and I mean really play. They need to repeatedly attack M*ch*g*n in the backfield, and get Shoelace on the turf as often as possible.

A worthy offensive gameplan. If Bollman comes into this game with his standard Walrusball offense it will be a disservice to the rivalry. The point of The Game is to try to win, not trying to make the other team’s defense look better than they really are.

A Jake Stoneburner touchdown. He finally got one last week against Penn State after not catching one for about 8 straight games. Time to go back to him again. If you want to do it more than once, I won’t complain.

Weeping M*ch*g*n fans. This has been the bandage on the wound that was the Cooper years. Not seeing it won’t rip it off, but it will certainly slow the healing. Yes, M*ch*g*n fans, we still haven’t done enough to you to close that wound. Maybe another decade of soul crushing will be sufficient.

Beat M*ch*g*n. This is the single most important thing we do all year. Go get it Bucks!

Joe D.

A Competitive Game. I’m sorry for wanting this Buckeye Nation, but beyond the thriller in 2006, when is the last time this game was close? Of course a Buckeye win is in store, but what stings more than a narrow defeat with hardly any time on the clock on the road? Make it STING!

Fireworks Go BOOM. There have been many good running backs in the history of this great university , but not many have averaged more than 7 yards per carry against TTUN. Boom Herron has had some big moments in this rivalry, and I hope to see him close it with a BANG.

The Big Play. DeVier Posey gives Braxton Miller a true deep threat. Here’s to hoping that the two go down in the rivalry like the greats before them to burn the Michigan Secondary.

Freshmen Sensations. Here’s to starting the rivalry off right. I’d love to see big games from Bradley Robey, Michael Bennett and Ryan Shazier on defense. Here’s to Braxton, T.Y. Williams and Devin Smith on offense as well. GO BUCKS!


Time to get back to it.

A win. This is all I want to see on Saturday. Too often, I have tried to be an armchair coach for this team. I don’t care for anything else and all I want to see is eight in a row. Yes, this team has deficiencies. Yes, this is likely Fickell’s last as head coach. Who cares? Just win, baby!


Passion. This team has started slow in ever since the win against Wisconsin. You’d hope that The Game would make a difference, and you know that “they” are going to be fired up. If Ohio State gets down early, it’s going to be a long afternoon- they cannot spot this team 10 points.

Focus. Given the distractions of this week and this whole effing season, it’d be easy to forget the task in front of you. They will score. They will have defensive successes. Will the Buckeyes grind and keep their minds in the game for all four quarters? And yes, this includes knowing what the freaking snap count is.

Slogans. “Men Of Action”, “Shock The World”, “Silence The Doubters”. All look great on a t-shirt, but have been hard to see consistently the latter part of this season. This is THE game… the moment by which this team will be measured.

Creativity. Seriously… there are more plays than “Run/Run/HopeBraxtonCanCompleteAPassOrScramble. What are you saving the playbook for?

1987. My senior year of high school, a team embroiled in controversy went to Ann Arbor on a losing skid and upset TTUN in their coach’s last game. That’s the way this senior class deserves to go out… make it so.

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