What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Penn State Edition

Written November 18th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

It’s Senior Day in the ‘Shoe, and we put together a wish list for what we’d like to give them all as going away presents:


  • Ohio Stadium-  I’ll be attending the game, and let me tell you I desperately want to see

    Welcome Back

    this building again.

  • The Best from Buckeye Fans- It shouldn’t have to be said in order for OSU fans to be as respectful as possible, but let’s remember that the PSU players are not responsible for what happened.  If anything, they deserve our applause for continuing to play hard despite this dreadful situation.  A lesser team would have completely folded already.
  • 100 Yards from DeVier Posey- He’s not supposed to start, but he will play.  Here’s hoping Braxton Miller can hit him plenty of times.
  • 100 Yards from Boom Herron- I was disappointed that he didn’t break 100 against Purdue, but with Posey back he at least stands a chance against PSU.  That’s assuming, of course, that Penn State actually starts to respect our passing game.
  • A passing game that Penn State has to respect- Yea, like I said.  Make the Nittany Lions respect our ability to throw and it will open up what we do best – running the football down defenses’ throats.
  • A pick-six- Penn State is famous these days for throwing pick-sixes in Ohio Stadium.  I would definitely like to see that streak continue.


  • Boom goes the dynamite – This is Boom’s last appearance in the ‘Shoe. I think something in the vicinity of 25 carries for 200 yards and a pair of TDs will do nicely. It would give Boom a nice send off for what has been a tough season in Columbus.
  • A pocket full of Poseys – Same goes for Devier. His first game back. I would love to see the offense target Devier 10-15 times at least. He needs to become a threat down field. The Buckeyes need to go to him early and often.
  • Shazier sharp defense – I think we all love what Ryan Shazier can do, but I was impressed watching the energy the guy brought to the field. There aren’t too many excitable coaches on this staff or on this defense. Shazier can inject some fun and energy into the game, and this may be just what the Silver Bullets need.
  • A senior moment - Maybe this year hasn’t been up to snuff for what the Buckeyes normally on the field.  This however is a very resilient class. They have put up with a ton of garbage that no senior class should have to put up with. I would love nothing more for there to be a great send off for a great senior class.


  • Senior Day Delight – 24 Ohio State Buckeyes will play in their last game at home before heading north for the final game of the season. Here’s to hoping that all get a chance to play in the last home game of their careers.
  • Break the Freshman Curse - The only two wins that Penn State has had in Columbus the last ten years is against freshman quarterbacks (Art Schlichter, Terrelle Pryor). It’s time to break that streak with solid play from Braxton Miller both in the air and on the ground.
  • Big Game Posey – DeVier Posey returns for the Buckeyes on Saturday. He has two weeks to show that he belongs at the next level. He also gives Braxton Miller a true target. I’m looking for the senior receiver to come out of the gates with a big game that includes two td receptions and 100 yards receiving.
  • Brax is in the air- I’d love to see Miler tally 150+ passing yards for the first time in his career. Getting the youngster some confidence heading into Michigan is a must.


Target Acquired

  • Stuff Silas Redd- Only one back has tallied more than 100 yards on the opposing side of the field in the last 28 games at Ohio Stadium. Defense, it’s time to pin your ears back and stuff the run all afternoon long.
  • Match the Vest- Luke Fickell is one win away from matching Jim Tressel’s win total in his first year at Ohio State. With the win, he heads into Michigan with a chance to do better than his protege did in his first season.In other words, all that matters this week is getting the win!


  • Someone other than Jim Bollman in charge of the offense- until this happens, watching Ohio State football games is like beating your head against the wall.




  • Start strong- We’ve been flat the past two weeks; hopefully the fact that it’s Senior Day and a later kickoff will change things up a bit.
  • Finish well- And in other matchups, we’ve had brain farts in the last 6 minutes of the game… four quarters of focus, please.
  • Tradition continued- When you think “pick six”, you think Penn State. How sweet would it be to get the first one of the year against the Nittany Lions.
  • Tradition changed- Hey! What about a play that’s not a run up the middle on first down?
  • The Vest- I’m not sure if he’s not allowed to be at the stadium, but if there’s ever a time to make an exception it would be on Senior Day… even if just at halftime or during pregame to say “thank you” to his former team.
  • That thing- It will be harder to avoid false starts with a juggled offensive line, and if Shugarts is back, he may be more inclined to cheat out of his stance to compensate for his knee.  So… yeah.

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  1. JohnNo Gravatar
    November 19th, 2011 at 1:43 am

    24-6 Bucks. And a pick 6!

    hey, where does everyone tailgate at pre and post game?


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