You Are Not Entertained: The Game

Written November 28th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Well, let’s try to put a bow on this, shall we? Silk purse, sow’s ear and all that… Actually, there’s a lot to be positive about looking back at the team’s efforts against TTUN- and some things that definitely need attention.


Defensive Heart. Depends on who you’re looking at- Shazier played his heart out, and Simon/Hankins were fighting on every play (funny how that happens when you get held). The secondary, though… wow, we’re going to need a tune up before next season.

Courtesy, CPD

A worthy offensive gameplan. Throwing the ball on first down? Sweet sassy molassy… what was that?  My only frustration is that this type of game plan would have won against Michigan State, Penn State, and Purdue… What took Bollman so long?

A Jake Stoneburner touchdown. Nope- but he was targeted. And we had Fragel sightings again!

Weeping M*ch*g*n fans. Sigh.

Beat M*ch*g*n. Double Sigh.

Joe D.

A Competitive Game. Man what a game… the worst Buckeye team in 10 years almost upset the best scUM team in five years- at home.  This was an amazing game, and will be a classic part of The Game’s history.

Fireworks Go BOOM. Not a ton of yards, but with an aggressive passing game this was to be expected. However, Daniel “Boom” Herron became the only Ohio State Buckeye to score a touchdown against TTUN in four consecutive games. Thanks, Boom.


The Big Play. These were there, we just could have used one more. Posey is something special… I wish tOSU’d had him for a few more games.

Freshmen Sensations. Shazier played lights out given his injury, Braxton is going to be special. The future is bright, folks.


A win. Alas, nope. But the hunger is now back- Ohio State is aware that they are not entitled to victories against Mich1gAAn, but will have to give all to earn every pair of gold pants.


Passion. Can’t argue the heart- particularly from some of the seniors. Having Jim Tressel speak to the team prior to their leaving Columbus certainly didn’t hurt.

Focus. When they were down, they weren’t out. The Buckeyes fought for four quarters, and did their team proud in spite of the score. Oh, and there was no false start on Mewhort… that was encroachment, and the officials screwed it up. So, JB Shugarts has still never false started against Michigan… proud.

Slogans. It’s hard to know how the team will be remembered, certainly this game could have changed all of that. Their legacy with fans will be one thing- I hope their legacy is one where they can be proud when they look in the mirrors… ultimately, that’s what it comes down to.

Creativity. We were given a frustrating taste of what the team should have been accomplishing/attempting all season long, including trust in Braxton to make calls and plays when he felt the opportunity arise.

1987. Unfortunately, there was no “upset” in Ann Arbor this year. I guess I’ll have to pack my Member’s Only jacket and acid washed pants back into the box for another day.

Days like this make success all the sweeter

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