The Ohio State commitments just keep coming in what has been the hottest recruiting stretch ever for Ohio State.  Turn away from you computer for a moment and you might miss one (or two).

The latest commitment comes from Camren Williams, the 6’2” 215 pound linebacker from Massachusetts.

Williams is a four-star outside linebacker built in the same mold as David Perkins.

He combines excellent size, speed and quickness- which isn’t surprising if you’ve been following the players that Meyer has been targeting.  Once again, this may be a different style of linebacker than Ohio State fans are used to, but these new LB’s can really excel in the right scheme.

After this past season, it was abundantly clear that the Buckeyes needed some better athleticism from the linebackers and that issue continues to be addressed in a big way on the recruiting trail in 2012.

On film (see below), you see Williams sift through traffic, fight off blocks, and explode through tackles to finish plays. He also shows the ability to drop in coverage and play in space.

The bottom line is that Cameron Williams (and David Perkins) provide tremendous versatility for the defense. It will be extremely exciting seeing what schemes Coach Fickell and Coach Withers can come up with to utilize their talent.

Although this commitment doesn’t come as a surprise, Camren Williams was unknown in most Buckeye recruiting circles until December 11th when he visited tOSU, seemingly out of the blue.  Tell us if you’ve heard this story before: he was a PSU commit until everything broke there, allowing Urban Meyer and Ohio State to enter the picture.

Camren’s dad, Brent Williams, played in the NFL for the New England Patriots. His connection with New England allowed him to cross paths with Ohio State LB coach Mike Vrabel- which was obviously a plus.

After William’s initial visit to Columbus, he promised to return with his mother, which he did. When the happened, the writing was pretty much on the wall.

To emphasize what a roll Urban Meyer is on, the Buckeyes haven’t had a scholarship player from Massachusetts since ’91 when C.J. Kelly donned the scarlet and gray.  And just think, Meyer could get a second player from MA if Williams’ teammate (and fellow former PSU commit) Armani Reeves chooses the good guys as well.

That would be something.

I am really excited about Williams joining this class. As mentioned, the Buckeyes needed a boost for the linebackers (who were shockingly mediocre in 2011). Watching Meyer continue to target and get players that fit his schemes (as compared to Tressel’s more general style) is very exciting.

I can’t wait to continue watching the train roll until signing day.

Best of all, the 2013 train has officially left the station as well.

As usual, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here are some highlights.

Welcome to the Ohio State family, Camren!