Silver Bullet Points Might As Well Jump

Written February 29th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye
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Happy Leap Day!! Today’s the day our female readers can finally propose to that guy they’ve been chasin’ around.

Buckeye Bullet, Ready for Leap Day

Buckeye 411… Sort of

B1G News

  • Gerg’d- As if OSU’s staff wasn’t busy enough these days, now they’ll have to figure out how to defend the awesome Greg Davis offense, since he’s all up in the Iowa staff and whatnot. Rumors that he’s already been awarded the B1G Asst. Coach Of The Year for 2012 are premature… but just barely.

“The one-year renewable scholarships have worked for decades, and our mentality is why change something that works so well for both parties.”

In other news,  the city of Madison is looking into this new-fangled “plumbing” that seems to be the rage, although “pooping into a hole in the ground worked alright for Pa”.


NCAA Notables

  • ReDuckted-  Don’t think that just because everyone in the mainstream media overlooked Oregon’s announcement that something might have happened that weren’t all that kosher that this means that we’ve missed it. Heck, Eric’s got his Comparing and Contrasting pen all ready… but there’s a problem. At this point, all we’ve seen is NikeU’s response to a phone call about questions that the NCAA might have; there’s been no official Notice of Allegations as of yet, and the document released had more useless white space than a Plumlee Family Reunion. Citing FERPA, the AD at Duck U explained why there’s not much details in the details… but, given what was there (including “failure to monitor”) might make Oregon fans a bit apprehensive, particularly if the new NCAA guidelines are in play. Paragon points out that they may be in “repeat offender” waters, while Dennis Dodds seems to think that this is all going to go away quietly.  Way to go out on a limb there, broseph.
  • Learning Moments- While Buckeye fans wait for the hammer to fall on the feathered ones (they way USC fans waited to see what would happen in Columbus), there are some pretty good takeaways here. First, if you redact something, REDACT something- don’t just cross out names, delete entire paragraphs and pages. Second, if you’re going to release something to the media, a 5:30 PM Friday release on Oscar/Daytona 500/ NBA All Star Weekend is a pretty good time to do it.  In other words; do exactly the opposite of whatever Gene Smith thinks is a good strategy.
  • More In “Really, Wisconsin?”-  You know that thing we talked about earlier that the Badgers aren’t totally on board with? Well, the guy that it was designed to stop has said that he’s going to do it, which means two things: a) Wisconsin really is slow and b) Nick has already discovered a loophole or is planning his jump back to the NFL.
  • This Week In Expansion: Temple (back) to Big East, BYU to Big 12? Boise out of cash? aTm and Mizzou now 12.4 mil lighter.
  • This Week In Scandal: Today, everyone’s talking about the latest from SI “journalist” George Dohrmann, whose expose on drug usage on UCLA’s basketball team caused an immediate reaction of… “Wait, UCLA still has a basketball team?”  Oh, and some weed usage? In California? Yeah, Ray Small thinks that’s cute. No doubt Dohrmann’ll figure out a way to throw the Buckeyes in there as well.

And Finally


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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    February 29th, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Re Ray-Ray; Meigs County? That’s pretty far afield for a Cleveland lad. At least at the end of this season’s ‘Justified’, I’ll have Ray-Ray to turn to.

    Re Oregon: So, how big of a check will Phil Knight write to the NCAA to ‘make this go away’?


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