Ohio State Recruiting: 2013 Wide Receivers

Written March 6th, 2012 by Joe Laing

Shelton Gibson from Cleveland Heights is Meyer's top remaining receiver target in Ohio.

Receiver was a position that held the Buckeyes back on the field last year. With Posey being out 10 games and the loss of Reed midway through the year, the team struggled tremendously with consistency and production from the position.

As a result, the receiving stats from last season are painful to review.

If the troubles last season weren’t enough motivation, Meyer will also be looking to replenish the position after striking out with Davonte Neal and Stefon Diggs at the end of the 2012 class.

Depending on who wants in, I think the Buckeyes could take anywhere from two to four receivers in the class.

Once again, I like to take a look at what we see in Ohio first.

Overall, this board would look a lot different in the past under Tressel, who would likely have already offered multiple kids in-state.

Under Meyer, only the top two receivers in Ohio are on the board with offers.

First up is Jalin Marshall, who was the second commit of the 2013 class. As the top player in Ohio, that is about the best start that you could hope for.

I could have included Marshall in the running back article, or he could be included in an article on athletes.

I’m not sure where exactly he plays, but get the ball in his hands and he will take it to the house.  He is a fast, elusive and strong runner.

It will be interesting to see if he can make the transition to WR in college and run good routes, but either way Meyer will find ways to get him the ball- he could excel as a returner as well.

Marshall has already accepted an invite to play in the Under Armour All-American game and is a top 10 player in the country.

The second player from Ohio with a listed offer is Shelton Gibson (6’1” 175) out of Cleveland Heights.

Gibson will forever be remembered as the first 2013 recruit that Urban Meyer offered as the Buckeye’s Head Coach.

On film, Gibson uses his speed to get up field and out-run people, but some have said that he doesn’t appear as fast as his 4o time. I think this is largely due to his running style.

Once he gets in a college strength and conditioning program and they get rid of the wasted motion in his stride he will really maximize his speed.

He did run a 4.38 40 even with less than ideal form.

Gibson is from the same school as 2012 recruit Kyle Dodson and if Meyer really wants Gibson, I expect him to be a Buckeye.  He was in town a few weeks ago and really enjoyed his visit. Auburn seems to be the main competition here.

Outside of Ohio, Pennsylvania’s Robert Foster is the top target on the board. He is a top 20 player in the country and could be the top receiver in the country.

He has his choice of college destinations from across the nation, but  I would love for that destination to be Columbus.

I think behind Marshall and maybe Ty Isaac he is the top offensive play maker on the board.

You can’t say enough about Foster’s talent (junior highlights)- he has size (6’3″ 170) and speed and looks to be as shifty as a player like Reggie Bush. It might be a surprise to many, but Pitt looks like the early leader here.

That said, Foster has been to Ohio State a few times and we are in a great spot ourselves. Meyer has built a good relationship which is always a good thing.  There are also rumors that he would like to go to the same school as Malik Zaire, which could bode well for the Buckeyes.

Penn State also seems to be in the running.

Uriah LeMay is a big time prospect from North Carolina.

Next up is North Carolina receiver Uriah LeMay (6’2” 188)

His coach has mentioned that he is better than Cleveland Brown’s WR Greg Little was at this stage in high school- so that makes you take notice right away.

Along with Foster, he could be the top WR on the board (junior highlights), and he has said that he will visit Columbus in the spring.  The Buckeyes haven’t had a WR with his body type since Roy Hall- but LeMay has more speed.

He should be a 5* or high 4* and a top 100 type player.

We come back to Big Ten country for Illinois WR Laquon Treadwell (6’3” 190).

Although he didn’t receive an offer until later than some of the other players on the board, the staff has visited his high school and have shown lots of interest of late. He was also in Columbus this past weekend.

On film, he certainly shows the tools to be a dominant perimeter threat.  Treadwell is tall and has the frame to add the weight to be a force on the outside.  He has lots of big time offers already and will be primed to follow his 18 TD junior year with a huge senior season.

Here is a quick rundown of the rest of the players with offers that for now can be considered long shots:

FL WR Reggie Davis – A true speedster and Florida’s to lose.

NY WR Jordan Fuchs – A big (6’6″ 220) receiver who also has an offer from Matta to play basketball at Ohio State.

TX WR Ra’Shaad Samples – A Texas kid with an offer from Texas, it’s hard to see him leaving the state.

NC WR Marquez North – At 6’3” 205 he is another big WR and North Carolina is the early favorite.

FL WR Ahmad Fulwood – A 6’4 200 stud, we are in his top 5 and he has said he will visit Columbus soon- a visit which bump him up in the “realistic shot” department.

FL WR Travis Johnson – A player offered by the old staff, I’m not sure if the offer still stands under Meyer. He did say that he would like to take an official visit to tOSU.

FL WR Richard Benjamin and FL WR Jordan Cunningham – Two more players offered by the previous staff with an unsure status under the new staff.

Once again, I am not sure who to include in my early best guess.  Obviously having Marshall in the fold already is huge.

If Meyer brings in anyone else on the board right now that would be a great WR class.

There were strong rumors that Shelton Gibson was going to commit a week or so ago, but he didn’t.  I’m not sure if he has a commitable OFFER at the moment, but either way I think he is a strong possibility to be in the class.

Meyer likely won’t stop there. Adding an additional player from Foster, LeMay, or Treadwell would be huge to go along with Marshall and Gibson.

Foster would be my first pick, but LeMay is not far behind.

Meyer likes to have size on the outside at receiver, but whether it be in the slot or the bigger guys, he is looking for speed everywhere.

I don’t think Meyer was that excited after looking at the receiver depth chart when he got here.  After the 2013 class I think he will be a little happier with what he has to work with.


  1. PaulNo Gravatar
    March 6th, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    LB Michael McCray committed to Michigan today. Is that a big deal…were we after him too ?


    JimNo Gravatar
    March 6th, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    McCray did not have an offer from Ohio State and likely would not have received one unless he impressed at summer camp.

    If Ohio State strikes out on the linebackers on their board, yes, this might be a big deal since McCray was a Buckeye if we had offered.

    If Ohio State lands 2 or 3 of the players at the top of the LB board, losing McCray will not be a concern at all.


    JimNo Gravatar
    March 6th, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    And since we are talking about it, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ohio linebacker Ben Gedeon follow McCray north in the near future.

    Ohio State is after him, so that one stings a bit more.

    Jaylon Smith, Courtney Love and Alex Anzalone are all looking good, however. And as I said, they would more than make up for the losses.

    We will have a linebacker overview in the near future for a more in-depth analysis so look for that soon.


    PaulNo Gravatar
    March 6th, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    Thanks, Jim.


  2. ANo Gravatar
    March 7th, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Robert Foster is the next coming of Ted Ginn, Jr. plus 2 inches & 20 lbs.


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