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Written April 4th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Wouldn't You Rather Have A Rifle?

An Easter basket full of Ohio State and college sports news and notes, as we await one of the sacred holidays of the year. That’s right- “Easter Chocolate On Clearance Monday”.

Buckeye 411

  • And now… what? With all the speculation about Sully and Tank’s departure, you might have missed that the Buckeyes may also have several hoopsters who are looking to transfer. Jeff Rapp looks at the possibilities surrounding Jordan Sibert and J.D. Weatherspoon.
  • Spring Has Sprung- Tuesday marked the Buckeye Spring Kickoff (video here), an auction and information session from Coach Meyer and the football staff. Several interesting tidbits today, including-
  • Captain, My Captain- Following the “Captain of the week” experiment, Coach Meyer said today that the voting would happen in the fall with him having veto power over the final decisions. This was followed by his remarking to John Simon “You’ll be a captain”.  Let the man-crush continue.
  • First Among Equals- According to Coach Meyer, after Coach Marrioti the most important hire of the off season has been Coach Warinner, since the O Line is the lynch pin of everything that Ohio State hopes to do on offense. And, on Tuesday night we heard whispers that Coach Warinner might just have a new member of the 2013 to prepare for.
  • The Guy Behind The Guy Behind The Guy-  Tim Hinton was introduced today as the staff’s recruiting coordinator. No pressure, I’m sure.  Speaking of recruiting Coach Meyer called Coach Vrable one of the best in the country as a part of the event.
  • Nothing Easy Is Worth A Damn- Meyer commented today that the staff’s goal is to run the most difficult program in America to ensure that the Buckeyes are the toughest team in the country.
  • Video Evidence-  In perusing the interwebs for great Ohio State videos, I discovered that Video Coordinator Mark Quisenberry has his own YouTube channel, and has created some impressive clips that highlight not only current members of the team but also chronicle Ohio State’s football legacy.  Here’s one to wet your appetite (although I wish he’d included Harley)- seriously, check them out.

Meanwhile, In Kentucky

  • Let’s Get This Out Of The Way- Congrats to Big Blue Nation.
  • Ok, Now That That’s Out Of The Way- As a UK alumni who actually worked with the athletic program (including hoops), I’ve disassociated myself from the ‘Kats over the past few years. First and foremost, I came to my senses and decided that having a “second team” was beyond ridiculous. Second, I couldn’t find myself supporting a program who hired a coach that seemed, well, at least a bit sketchy. But you know what? My perspective has changed a bit over the past week. Granted, I’m still not a fan, but I’ve come to understand what Cal is about- Kentucky wanted to win a title, and didn’t care how they got there. The NBA has a stupid rule about players needing one year of college, and Calipari offers them the chance to win a title during that one year.  In a culture where Earle Bruce can get canned for not beating TTUN enough, this is the end of that logical progression. It also highlights the hypocrisy of the NCAA… There’s no way you can justify the “Scholar-Athlete” model when the highest profile persons with that tag are only around long enough to figure out how to take one semester of “staying eligible”.
  • So, Like I Was Sayin’- Congrats Kentucky. The Coach you paid a lot for put together an AAU team that wears the colors that are affiliated with the state institution where you live and they won a championship. Proud.

Tell the Bennetts I Said "Hey"

Other NCAA News

“The momentum seems to be — and I’m just reading the tea leaves, pretty much like you — the momentum seems to be toward an eight-team playoff,” (NCAA President Mark Emmert) said. “We’ll have to see how it works. I don’t know whether it will really occur or not. I think there’s a reasonable possibility it could.”

And Finally

Here’s hoping that Easter Morning allows you to find what you were looking for:



  1. KenNo Gravatar
    April 4th, 2012 at 9:03 am

    Well, this has been some week. Regarding Kentucky;

    Raylan Givens will have non of that nonsense in Harlan County.

    Now would be a good time to have a couch store in Lexington. Those front porches can’t be bare forever.


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    April 4th, 2012 at 11:16 am

    I’m pretty sure Boyd Crowder must be a Louisville fan… or there would have been a hell of a lot more ‘splosions during the “festivities” on Monday.


    KenNo Gravatar
    April 4th, 2012 at 11:50 am

    I think you’re right about Boyd Crowder. My concern is Mr. Limehouse. Even though he’s a “TV character”, he truly scares the hell out of me.


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    April 4th, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Nah- he’s yet another bad guy with a heart of gold. Let Loretta keep the money, trying to keep people out of his neck of the woods. Not expansive and dangerous, just someone you don’t want to cross.


    KenNo Gravatar
    April 4th, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    I think his cleaver-wieldng is a bit off-putting. Maybe it’s me. Let’s see how his relationship with Quarles ends up. Badly for Quarles, I hope.

    But the Harlan County folk are pretty likeable and entertaining.


  2. GoodsonsNo Gravatar
    April 4th, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Speaking of Kentucky and the Final Four… Did anyone recognize the starting line-ups for each of the teams? Louisville, Kentucky, and Kansas had 0% native sons on their teams. Buckeyes 60%! That is why I am 160% prouder of the Bucks! And if you look at the total starting 20 of the Final Four teams, 4 were from OHIO. 1/5 of the starters from the great State of Ohio.


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    April 4th, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    It’s been that way since Pitino, though… several bench guys from Pikeville or Elizabethtown, and the rest “national” stars.


  3. Ben HNo Gravatar
    April 4th, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Love the Anchorman clip with Coach Petrino. Not to mention the Christmas Story pic…my all time favorite movie. Good stuff!


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    April 5th, 2012 at 12:49 am

    Cacophony of ridiculous, that’s me.

    Thanks for checking in!!


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