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Written April 14th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

With seven days to go until the Spring Game, let’s take a gander around the BBN to see what folks are a’talkin’ about.

Ohio State fans this week found themselves again target by “journalists” seeking pageviews; this time in the form of a Sporting News article that “exposed” Urban Meyer’s destruction of the Gator program prior to leaving Gainesville.

Drew took a closer look at the article in question, and helped put some perspective on it for folks who follow the scarlet and gray:

Sadly, I can guarantee that most of the public won’t see through this piece for what it truly is. Like mindless idiots, most will use this as evidence that Ohio State is a dirty program and that Urban Meyer is a cheater (some journalist already are). It amazes me when I talk to rival fans (and some Buckeye fans for that matter) how uneducated they are about the sports world, and how they take these cover stories at face value. While I guess it shouldn’t matter all that much, it still annoys me.

Since “scandal” was already on every sportswriter’s mind with the situation involving Bobby Petrino at the University of Arkansas, several other writers chose to make the lazy connection between his actions and the downfall of former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.  Andrew looked at the coverage and Buckeye fan response and found that the latter says more about us than it does about the state of college football or athletic journalism:

But some refuse to let go, a fact that is proven by fans’ disproportionate reaction to the week’s events. The logic: we lost our coach under humiliating circumstances, so let’s make sure to pile on the Razorbacks when the same thing happens to them. And a member of the media wrote a story tangentially related to and critical of the Buckeyes, so let’s make sure he doesn’t forget he and his colleagues’ misbehavior a year ago.

With Jared’s decision to go pro, Tanks decision to stay at home, and ‘Spoon/Sibert transferring/not transferring, a lot of Ohio State fans were understandably concerned about the state of Buckeye Basketball for 2012-13.  Luckily, though, Scott was able to dig deeper and show us that the signs point to continued excellence:

Here’s where the prognostication gets fun. We know Thomas, Smith, and Craft will likely be starters barring something unexpected, but the other two spots are up for grabs. What I think (read, hope) will happen is Amir Williams grabs the center position by the reins from the beginning and LaQuinton Ross slides into the small forward spot.

The “Best Plays of 2011′s Football Season” tournament that the guys at MotSaG has put together continued with a pair of one handed grabs.  I’m with Spencer, for what it’s worth…

Here on the mother ship, Gary weighed in with some baseball updates, and Joe got us ready for the beginning of the basketball signing period:

With the loss of Jared Sullinger and William Buford, as well as Jordan Sibert’s possible transfer, Ohio State has two/three open scholarships left for the 2012 class.

Of the 17 scholarships offered by the Ohio State coaching staff, only three have yet to commit to play for a school next year. And as it looks right now, all three are favoring other schools.

That put’s the coaching staff in a territory they haven’t been in for quite some time.


Charles took his eye out of the telescope and chimed in on the issue of money and sports:

There has long been some degree of commercialization in college sports, schools have sought sponsors and advertisers for decades as a way to help fund the athletics programs.  For a long time this wasn’t a big deal as the corporate sponsorships and advertising did not really infringe on the game, staying mostly in the background.  However, in recent years we have seen commercialization no longer be content to exist on the periphery of college sports, pushing more and more into the games itself.  We’ve seen bowl games go from being named after various things that were connected with the host city to being named after companies that have shelled out large sums of money for the naming rights…

…Ohio State has in no way been immune from the growing intrusion of corporate influence into college sports.  Many Ohio State fans will remember the ill-fated attempt by AT&T several years ago to sponsor the Ohio State-Michigan game, a plan that was initially approved by both schools before they reversed course amid massive public outcry.  More recently Buckeye fans have been treated to a new ribbon message board at Ohio Stadium which, in addition to displaying scores and stats, displays numerous advertisements throughout the game and even the band’s pregame and halftime performances.


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