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Written May 24th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye
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SBP gets the ol’ bumperino this week to accommodate life. It happens, right?

Ooooh! Shiny!

Buckeye 411

  • Well, Frick- The Lantern tonight released a story regarding 11-12 pending violations being processed by the NCAA. After the “46 violations and various raffle rigging” story from last week, you’ve got to think that the folks in Columbus are just about tired of this type of coverage… I know that Buckeye Nation certainly is. The story doesn’t clarify which sports might be impacted or what the specifics of the situations are, so it could be that the NCAA decides that these are not “violations” after all, or we could find out that we’ve got a bunch of scofflaws on the OSU fencing team. Either way, we’ll find out as soon as it hits the front page of ESPN.
  • This Week In Comedy- In the article linked above, we’re reminded of the following regarding current AD Gene Smith:

Smith said multiple offenses by individual teams is a concern of his, especially if the violations committed are in relation to recruiting.

Smith was cited for breaking NCAA recruiting policy despite his distaste for recruiting infractions in particular.

“I intend to retire here as a Buckeye. You can never say never that you won’t do something else, but as far as athletic director or athletic administration, this is my last stop.”

I’m sure there are alumni and fans who have an opinion regarding that timeline.

  • That’s A Steele- Phil Steel’s Preseason All-B1G was released today. Some things made sense (Hankes, Simon on the first team), while others were just mind boggling. Braxton behind Captain Jump-ball? Roby on the 4th team? Just wow.
  • On The Road Again- The B1G released the conference schedules for 2015-16 on Tuesday, and UnScripted Ohio hosted a really good round table with BBN folks to get their take.  My initial thought- No Nebraska on the schedule outside of the CCG? My marriage thanks the scheduling gods…
  • Scoring in Bunches- Shout out to the Baseball Bucks, who continued along in B1G play by scoring 11 runs in the 8th and 9th innings on their way to a 12- 5 come from behind victory over #3 seed Penn State.  Next up? Purdue.
  • Yes, I Love Technology- Pretty cool news today regarding Ohio State’s partnering with University Digital First to provide student athletes with iPads for scheduling, coursework (avoiding potentially embarrasing situations and saving trees!), and playbooks.  Several schools in the conference have also done this, including That School Up North (didn’t know that iPads had modem adapters) and Wisconsin, which even has them in team colors.
  • Shooty Hoops For Money- In the NBA playoffs, you’ve got to enjoy watching Evan Turner’s consistency and rebounding against the Celtics, and give kudos to Daequan Cook still alive with OKC in the Western Conference Finals. Oh, that’s right- Ohio State is a football school… silly me.

Elsewheres In College Sports

  • It’s A Snap! Look, if you make a longsnapper trick shot video, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have it posted here.

  • What’s It All Mean, Man?  Following up with Eric and my discussion about Athletics’ place in the University, our brother from another mother Charles take Eric’s thoughts to the next logical step- if athletics is about money for institutions, then why aren’t players getting paid? Great read…
  • Expansion News- Nothing to “officially” report, but there is speculation that Georgia Tech is interested in being a part of the B1G should an offer come, and that they’d wait to hear from Delaney et. al. before considering any offers from other conferences.  We’re also hearing that today is a Board of Trustee’s meeting for Clemson, with expansion topics on the table. However, it should be noted that you’re reading this while I’m on a flight to St. Louis; the past two trips to the Lou for me resulted in Nebraska joining the B1G and the “Tat-5″ situation. So, if it all goes pear shaped this week- you’re welcome.
  • Jim Mora’s Soliloquy Update- Good article today about the playoffs/plus one situation in college football (spoiler: Notre Dame wants to be “special”)- many have targeted June 20 as the date that it all becomes clearer. You’ve got to think that having the Rose Bowl (PAC/B1g and new Sugar Frosted Bowl (SEC/B12) in place that it will come back to a “plus one” model… which is not the same as a “plus model”, for all of our very confused readers from Indiana.
  • But What About The Raffles? George “facts are tricky, bro!” Dohrmann and his employers at Sports Illustrated find themselves at the business end of a defamation lawsuit following their “expose” of UCLA’s basketball problems. Dude “blows the lid off” the Bruins’ issues and they get every Adidas HS hoopster to come to Westwood to play? Maybe Thad needs to find someone to have bladder control issues on the Buckeye roster…
  • RIP- I’ve got heart and family in West Virginia, so Bill Stewart was someone that I was cheering for… heck, anyone who replaced Rich Rod has some positive vibes in my book.  So, we keep his family and all of the Mountaineers in our thoughts this week upon news of his passing.  Watch this and then see if your work productivity doesn’t go through the roof:

And Finally

Oh, you know... the usual.



  1. OHD_MichaelNo Gravatar
    May 24th, 2012 at 8:08 am

    “anyone who replaced Rich Rod has some positive vibes in my book.”

    Um…ANYONE? /Points North


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    May 24th, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Good catch- and I’ve said before that Hoke is a good coach for the rivalry.

    That, and he knows the best all you can eat places in the mitten state.


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