Tennis and Volleyball Teams Receive High Honors

Written June 21st, 2012 by Gary Russell II

To most people, including myself, the term APR is a banking term used to confuse people what their actual rate is. To college sports fans, the term APR stands for Academic Progress Rate. The NCAA uses this formula to measure Universities’ eligibility and retention for Division student athletes. It is used as an early indicator of eventual graduation rates. The actual APR is calculated on a term by term basis and spreads over the most recent four year span. Recently the NCAA revealed their most recent findings and the Ohio State Tennis and Volleyball teams received high marks.

Winning, On And Off The Court.

The Men and Women squads in both Tennis and Volleyball placed in the top 10% in the nation in their respective sports. Of the 954 teams that were on the NCAA’s award list, only five of those teams had won the National Championship of their sport. One of those teams was the Ohio State Men’s Volleyball team.

This does not take away from the other Buckeye teams receiving honors. The Women’s Volleyball team finished in the top 25 in the nation, while the Men’s Tennis team finished 4th in the nation.

Ohio State Professor, and faculty athletics representative, John P. Bruno said in a released statement, “Each of Ohio State’s 36 teams continued to improve it Academic Performance Rates over the most recent four year average (2010-2011). This indicates our student-athletes are successfully completing the academic benchmarks associated with eligibility to compete.” He continued by saying “This strong performance speaks to the commitment of our student-athletes to their academic progress and to the support they receive from coaches and our terrific academic support staff.”

These four teams, in addition to the high profile football team, have brought some needed good news from the NCAA who has beat up the University lately with bad news. What it has also done is proven that not only can you perform at a high level on the field, court, or whatever playing surface you choose, but you can do it the classroom as well where it matters most. Congrats to the Ohio State teams as well as all the other teams in the nation that was named to APR award list.

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