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Written July 9th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

If you screw up you best pray to your dear and fluffy lord - because I will end you.

I’ve gone back and forth the past two days while on vacation trying to decide the angle of my rant this week. Honestly I think my good buddy CeMo Buckeye said it best,

 Part of me it’s kind of sad they pulled the cord on a senior so quickly, especially if it’s too send a message, but it also needs done.

There it is, it needed to be done. The previous troubles that the football program had tied Coach Meyers hands. He has no choice but to do what he is doing. These players are going to have to learn the hard way I guess. I am not going to hammer Storm Klein because I don’t have all the facts. What I will say is this – if people didn’t believe he was serious with Stoneburner and Mewhort? Believe it now. A senior and one of the hardest working kids on the team is gone for all intents and purposes. I wish him luck and wish any future player luck who wants to try Coach Meyers patience.

On to more positive things. In case you hadn’t already heard there’s some great recruiting taking place in Columbus. This past week at the SPARQ recruit challenge a possible big get for the Buckeyes not only obliterated the competition, he set new record for LBs in the 40 with a 4.39 and a new over-all high score with more than 150 points. The fun part about all of this is Mike Mitchell out of Texas says he is a 80% Buckeye lean. He will take other visits before committing however. The other interesting part to all of it is that it caused a former commit to tweet that there’s great combine players and then there’s those who can play. I’m sure he wasn’t referring to the kid that is called “the Abusement Park ”

The past two weekends were busy in Columbus with tons of former Buckeyes playing some hoops. Several former players competes against each other in the Battle for Ohio as Team Columbus defeated Team Cleveland in St. John arena yesterday. Last weekend  showcased several of Roy Hall’s buddies as they raised funds for his DRIVEN Foundation. I’m on vacation and must apologize for not having more details about each event’s success and who participated. Suffice it to say that I believe in all that Roy does with his foundation and it deserves your support here.

Until next Monday. Have a great week.

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