Are You Not Entertained? UAB

Written September 25th, 2012 by Eric


Hall is the first running back to hit the century mark for the Bucks this season.

Offensive Consistency. At times, this offense seemed unstoppable. Other times, they seem miserably poor. Does “Consistent Inconsistency” count?

Receivers that can catch. Not for the most part, no. Plenty of drives were killed by dropped passes. While they hauled in 60% of Miller’s passes, it still took them the better part of a half to focus on the game.

More ground production from halfbacks. Hall picked up the first 100 yard game for the running backs this season, and Rod Smith picked up a healthy 24 yards on 6 carries.

A Defense that tackles. It was an improvement, surprisingly. But, it is still not where it should be.

Linebackers that live up to their legacy. Someday perhaps. Saturday was a tad early to ask for it.


Consistency. Consistently Inconsistent – tattoo it on this team’s forehead, because it is the perfect descriptor for them.

Less Wounded Ducks. Didn’t see too many, but did see a few poor throws still. The footwork is not quite where it should be – particularly when he gets excited.

Secondary Still. It was an improvement in terms of long plays, but the coverage is not where it should be. 10 yards off the receiver is pathetic pass coverage.


Straight Forward.  Not so much – the special punt formation was the worst.

Guiton Show. No Guiton yet. Still MIA since the Miami game.

Braxton’s Heisman to lose. His numbers weren’t quite as good as previous games, probably because the coaching staff is reigning him in a little. He did still put up decent numbers, just not Heisman numbers.

Joe L.

Braxton Miller seemed to have improved his stiff-arm a little too.

Improvement. Yup – we definitely saw improvement. Maybe not as much from the offense and receivers, but Jordan Hall definitely improved and shook off the rust. The defense also took a small step in the right direction, limiting the really big plays, but exchanging them for mid-range plays.

Wrapping Up. There’s still more work to do in this area.

Braxton get 300 yards of passing. How about half that? 143 yards to be exact.


Shaking off the rust. 100+ yards of rushing certainly seems like Jordan Hall has shaken off the rust. We’ll see if it holds up against stiffer competition.

Bri’onte Dunn and/or Rod Smith. 4.0 yards per carry for Rod Smith on the game. He only had six carries, but he made the best of them. It’s hard to say when we’ll see Bri’onte Dunn again.

Better reads on the read option. You had better keep waiting, because he still hasn’t quite sorted it out.

QB and WRs on the same page. Again – keep on waiting. Though at least there’s a glimmer of hope for improvement here.


n00bs. We have to stomp on a team first before we start seeing the younger guys get the shot they deserve. The more experienced folk will be called on to keep the team straight for now, be it the most frustrating thing we’ve seen since…well…last season.

Bombs Away. They took a few shots, they just couldn’t quite connect. Braxton gets “happy feet” when he sees a big play developing. He’s young yet, he’ll settle down with time.

Negative Yardage. The only negative yardage was the -6 put up by UAB quarterback Austin Brown.

That One Thing. Keep dreaming Mali. Zach Boren picked it up this time.


There was some improvement for the defense on the day.

An ass-kicking.That was basically the exact opposite (“not an ass-kicking”) of what I asked for here.

The Silver Bullets to reearn their name. They are banned from the use of this moniker until further notice. They may have improved, but they have not yet re-earned the name.

A consistent passing day for Braxton. He hasn’t quite sorted out his feet yet, as I’ve mentioned above. The mental process is there, it’s just does not override the immediate emotions all the time.

Absolutely no running from anyone outside of #5. Wow, the reverse psychology actually worked! Is it possible that it could work next week? (Stay tuned!)

A less embarrassing weekend from the B1G. Another example of failing to use the reverse psychology resulting in a failed request.


Better Tackling. They’re getting better, but still not there yet.

Braxton, Braxton, and more Braxton. Less video-gamey numbers this week. 12-20 for 143 yards passing, and 11 carries for 64 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. Solid, but not spectacular.

Offense…for 4 quarters. How about offense for the 4th quarter? Well, also the 2nd. But don’t ask about the first or third quarters.


Devin took a bit of a step backward from last week.

40 points, no more. Your reverse psychology failed Jeff. The Buckeyes scored less than you asked for.

Better angles. There still needs to be some work sorting this out. We saw some improvement, but no-where near enough.

Devin for 10. You wanted 10 Devin Smith receptions – he gave you 4. And you will LIKE it.


100 Yard Back. Yes we can! Jordan Hall delivers on the wish.

Sustain. Our first scoring drive was an 8 play drive for a Rod Smith touchdown. Our last drive was also a long, 10 play, drive for a touchdown. You ask for one, they give you two.

FUNDAMENTALS. Keep preaching, because only then will it start to sink in.

Keep it in front. They did much better with this against the Blazers. Now they need to work on minimizing the mid-range plays.

Shut out. Well, there was a shutout for the first quarter and change. Though it wasn’t the kind of shutout you necessarily wanted to see in the game.

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