Shots from the ‘Shoe: UCF

Written September 11th, 2012 by Gary Russell II

Growing up a Buckeye fan was one of the few things my dad and I had in common. We watched every game on TV or listen to it on the radio. Whether it was on TV or radio, we did whatever it took to make sure we caught the game. Unfortunately, I never got to experience and game at THE Shoe with my dad before he passed away. After all those years of watching and listening to the games and dreaming of how great THE Shoe must be, I never thought I would be able to get to see it in person.

My first game at THE Shoe was versus Penn State in the infamous game where the Buckeyes won and the only touchdown was Ted Ginn’s punt return. Then five years ago, after being on a waiting list for 6 years, I was chosen to be an usher. I went from not knowing if I would ever see a game live to being able to see EVERY game and I still don’t think it has sunk in yet. Today I would like to step in for WVaBuckeye and give you my view from section 15 on the D Deck.


Being the band geek that I am, of course I have to start with The Best Damn Band in the Land. The Ohio State Marching Band is almost as famous as the football team itself, and every week they come down that ramp in the North stands to a standing ovation to 105,000 of its dearest fans. And every week the Silver Bullets charge on the field through the band’s tunnel, but this year is a little different as they spell out “OHIO” in a very classy diamond formation and then the team charges through that.


Keeping with the band and Ohio theme, another thing that I get to witness every week is the Incomparable Script Ohio. I am lucky to witness this every week because I have some fellow ushers that understand how much of a band geek I am. We all have duties that we must attend to as Ushers for the stadium but these guys cover for me every week so that I can see the band. I get goose bumps every time and this week was no exception as the band did, not only one, BUT two Scripts.

Kickoffs in Ohio Stadium are another thing that gives me goose bumps. Something that I spent every week watching on TV now is something I look forward to. There is nothing like the sound system blaring, 105,000 fans screaming, and the entire South Stands chanting and bouncing up and down as Drew Basil delivers a thunderous kick.

And so, it begins...

After surviving a small scare, and I consider it a very small scare, from the UCF Knights over the weekend, the football team, coaching staff, band, cheerleaders, and student section participate in yet another one of Ohio State’s great traditions. They all gather in the South Stands, lock arms, and sing the beautiful alma-mater “Carmen Ohio”. I like to stick around every once in a while for this as it always reminds me that no matter the outcome of the game, Ohio State and its fans are still one classy bunch!

O Come, Let's Sing Ohio's Praise...

I hope you enjoyed my take from D Deck this week. I would like thank WVaBuckeye for letting me try to fill in for him this week. It was a pleasure and honor to do so.

In closing I would just like to say to all of those that have never made it to game……as exciting as it is on TV, it’s 100 times exciting in person!

Go Bucks and O- H……


  1. DaleNo Gravatar
    September 11th, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I’ve been a Buckeye fan before my teens back in the 60s so I know how this guy feels. I was fortunate to know that you could get into games buying tickets from the scalpers that were on every corner. Been to The Big House in Michigan a couple times too.

    I went to work for AT&T and met a trainer there who was able to get me season tickets for many years.

    Buckeye football…it’s contagious!


  2. WVaBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    September 12th, 2012 at 7:24 am

    Very NICE Bro!!


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