Are You Not Entertained? Indiana

Written October 16th, 2012 by Eric


Corey Brown had a decent day, but didn't contribute heavily to the freak show.

Stay on the Gas. Part Two. Well, it wasn’t the 100 point game. The offense did their best to keep their end of the bargain up, but the defense decided to sleep on the job.

Young Guns. Part ?. We saw quite a few young guns in the defense, which may have hurt us more than it helped. The offensive side of the ball, however, saw very few young guns doing anything productive – beyond Rod Smith’s 6 carries for 40 yards anyway.

Freak Show Coming together. Just About. We got a blocked punt for a TD thanks to Travis Howard. Rod Smith also did a fair job on the kick-off returns. Balance that with a blocked punt for Indiana and a missed field goal.

End the Misconception.  Well, we did not manage to end any misconceptions, when we needed just about every point we scored to claim the win in the end. We’ll have to step on someone’s throat in a different game.


Start strong on O, Stay strong on O. The Buckeyes scored the first 10 points, including a touchdown on their first drive. Unfortunately they went into a lull for 10 minutes at the end of the first quarter and beginning of the second before scoring another pair of TDs. There’s still a little on-and-off, hot-and-cold to this offense, though it seems to be improving.

Passing yard practice. We threw a bit more, but only completed 13 of 24 passes. Two of those are special thanks to Devin Smith, who should have had 4 receiving touchdowns on the day. Think of what you could have done by yourself Devin…just think. More practice is clearly called for.

Bring your kids to work day. I couldn’t actually tell you how many of the youngsters on the D-Line made it into the game. Someone else will have to save me on this one.


Rest and rejuvenation.If that was a restful game, I don’t want to see the stressful one.

Keep getting better. Offense? Probably got a little better in some respects. Defense? Two steps back. At least.

Cheap tickets. Did you manage to successfully see the game from the stands? Or did you spend it covering your eyes?


Did he catch this one, or drop it?

No letdown. “There is no way Indiana should be in this game by the third quarter.” Epic. Fail.

No remorse. I doubt there was any remorse in Urban Meyer’s mind – or in the minds of the defense for that matter. There just wasn’t any killer instinct from the D.

More Carlos. Carlos was fed 22 times for 156 yards. Was that enough to sate your needs?

Return to form. Hmmm. Yes. This may be a good one for next week too.

The Horseshoe West. They were pretty loud alright. It was still an away game, but it wasn’t anywhere near one-sided.


Quick Start.There wasn’t any early burying of the Hoosiers. And I doubt many Scarlet and Gray clad folks enjoyed the remainder of that game.

10 Points. You said there was no reason Indiana should score more than 10 points against the Buckeyes. Hold on, let me check how many they scored again…Oh, right, the most since Penn State in ’94.

Five Touchdowns. I won’t call you selfish, but Braxton Miller did only score 3 touchdowns. That said, Geno Smith damaged his Heisman a little with his loss (though his stats don’t reflect it, the loss has to hurt his candidacy a little) while Braxton kept on doing what he does. Slow and steady wins the race, dontcha know.

Joe L.

Another game with a defensive, offensive, and special teams touchdowns. Offense and Special Teams came through for you. 2/3rds certainly isn’t bad.

Passing game improvement. There may have been a very slight improvement in some respects, but Devin Smiths 2 dropped TD passes loom large. If it hits you in the hands, you absolutely must catch it son.

Young pups. We saw some, mostly due to injuries than any other reason.

Rod Smith. We got 9 touches from him, 6 carries and 3 returns. He did some nice things with the ball, and probably has a bright future ahead of him…if he can stop coughing it up.


Braxton had an average day. His passing is improving a bit, now we're just waiting on the catching.

More Passing. We didn’t see more passing, but we did see some excellent touch on throws from Miller. If only Devin Smith wouldn’t drop them 50% of the time…(Are you sensing a theme yet?)

No big plays for Indiana’s offense. 59 yard run, 76 yard catch? Yea, try again next week.

Jake Stoneburner. Finally! 4 catches for 41 yards was a significant improvement in the Stoneburner department!

The game. I got to see the second half…and I almost wish I had just stayed longer at the reception. Man that was ugly.


No Letdown. There wasn’t a slow start, and the Bucks did score early and often. Unfortunately the defense had a big letdown at the end…

Braxton…Passing. He threw 24, but the receivers only caught 13. That would have been 15 if only….aw hell, you know the rest.

More please, Carlos. I see your 100 yard game and raise you a 150 yard game from Carlos!


No Letup. About that “no letup” request everyone had…you might need to talk to the defense…

Staying Healthy. Define “healthy”. Seemed like the team struggled with that on Saturday.

Something To Think About. I think we were too busy making certain we had more points than the Hoosiers to worry about anyone else on the schedule.

Stoneburner, Where Art Thou? He was there and in an effective way this weekend. 4 catches for 41 yards is a pretty good day for a wide-out that has gotten lost this season.

Smooth Jazz. We got more Kenny G goal-line relief valve and injury coverage specialist.

Need I Ask? I think you just need to flat out stop asking. I really believe it’s only making it worse at this point.


  1. EricNo Gravatar
    October 16th, 2012 at 11:29 am

    I just wanted to point out that Jeff Amey over at the Ozone is now tracking the number of read plays that Braxton Miller makes the correct decision on (by his analysis of the play). That’s a great addition to his analysis for this year.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have it for before this week, so we’ll have to wait to see how his numbers change over time.


    JimNo Gravatar
    October 16th, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Well, I wasn’t going to say anything- but since your brought it up…

    My impression was the number of bad reads by Miller went up between Nebraska and Indiana which, in my opinion, was due to opening the play book back up with more read based plays since it was just Indiana. I felt like the entire team looked lost at times as a result of the more complicated plays being called.

    I think this issue will go away as the team continues to learn and grow in the new system. As long as we continue to outscore our opponents we will keep winning games. If our offense stops scoring points for whatever reason we will be in big, big trouble.

    The Buckeyes are mediocre to downright bad on one side of the ball and overly reliant on the other. In a bizarro world twist, the squads filling those roles have flipped from when Tressel roamed the sidelines.

    The main issue on defense is injuries/depth and the need for better linebackers. These problems will be addressed on the recruiting trail (particularly depth, obviously) but until a few classes roll in it will be a struggle for the rest of this season at least.


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