Are You Not Entertained? Penn State

Written October 29th, 2012 by Eric


Shazier continued the Pick Six U tradition.

Kenny G.Nope, no Kenny G all game long. It was entirely the Braxton show from start to finish.

Pick Six U. You definitely got your wish here! Matt “Moxie” McGloin put one right between Shazier’s numbers and Shazier housed it. That’s one tradition that has been successfully continued.

Silence. They were in it for most of the first half, especially after the blocked punt. The silence in the second half was, as they say, deafening.

Poise. No, no matter how you write this, it’s still going to continue to jinx them.

Linebacker? You. The Linebackers did a pretty solid job this week and suffered no insanely terrible breakdowns. It’s definitely still a work in progress, but they’re making progress.


Fast Start. The defense got off to a fast start, and did a solid job from the get-go. The offense needed very nearly the entire first half to get going.

Silence the Crowd. As I mentioned before, this certainly happened by the second half. You’ll have to let me know from personal experience if it was quiet enough for you.

Pick Six University. Tradition continued in no uncertain terms! Shazier really put the exclamation point on it.

Just win, baby! It was closer to a blowout (at least in the second half) than a close game, but it was certainly a Win – with a capital “W”.

Joe L.

Linebacker Play. Shazier continued to play well with his aforementioned interception, along with a sack not long after.

No Injuries. No-one seemed to be seriously hurt in this game, thankfully. I hope that trend continues.

Turnover Battle. Meh, it broke even at the end of the game. That said, the PSU interception was clearly much more fatal than the OSU interception – thanks in no small part to Adam Griffin’s good play.

Road Win. It was ugly at first, but beautiful in the final analysis. A win is certainly a win, but this was a critical one.


Moxie McGloin made a reappearance!

Explain it to them. I think it was pretty well explained. Toy with them a bit, shut them down hard, and make it clear what we think about them – barely at all.

Catch the football. It’s a little hard to gauge, considering Braxton Miller was spraying shots less accurately than an AK-47. The receivers did, however, catch the ones that were put on the mark.

Smash Mouth Football. We didn’t take control early, but we certainly took it to them from the start. We made sure to make life hard for them on both sides of the football.


The First Half Counts. Thankfully it didn’t bite us this time, but we continue to take our time in getting the ball rolling.

Fields on the Field. Fields was in the game, and was targeted at least once. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make the catch.

Un-Happy Valley. Mission accomplished. The fans were quieted, and left with the feeling that they just had a really bad day.


A one game return of “Moxie” McGloin. It wasn’t quite an “interception machine”, but we did get the pick six, and for a while he did look like Moxie again. That said, he looked like the much improved quarterback he was rumored to be, at least in the fourth quarter.

Consistent Defensive Communication. The defensive did a much better job in both communication and in their assignments. More work needs to be done, but it was a breath of fresh air.

No injuries. I’m going to say that I didn’t get this after the Marcus Lattimore injury, even though I asked for it in a Buckeye-specific way. Get well soon kid, we’re thinking about you.

A win. We got it, emphatically in fact. The Buckeyes have to be in a position to be considered the favorite from here on out.


This was the sweetest one yard run for a touchdown you ever will see.

Quiet the Crowd. Done and done, after a half of play anyway.

The Real Linebacker U. Both team’s linebackers looked pretty good in that one. Penn State’s handled Braxton Miller pretty well, and Shazier made McGloin look stupid.

Braxton’s Health.┬áHe definitely shook someone out of their shoes on Saturday, and he made it look easy too. Never has a 1-yard plunge into the endzone been so exciting.

Fan Thoughts.

I want to see them play all 4 quarters at 110%. Silence the crowd except for us Buckeye fans traveling to support them! O-H-I-O!! – Angie (@atj1971). – How about 2 quarters at 110%? They did silence the crowd, though!

I am just plain curious to see if this O’Brien team plans to play with this same fire down the stretch. – Oliver Twist (@FightOnTwist) – The fire was there, but the opponent was perhaps too much for them. They’re definitely a fourth quarter team.

Consistency. It seems we follow a great o drive with a d meltdown, or a d stand with a 3 and out. Can we put it all together? – Peter Roser (@PitaTheBread) – They put a lot of it together, but there’s definitely still room for growth.

I want to see Braxton…and Big Hank treat McGloin like a tackling dummy!!! #moxie – Howard Vrankovich (@Vransizzle) – You got Braxton, and while Big Hank didn’t treat McGloin like a tackling dummy, the rest of the d-line sure seemed to.

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  1. AngieNo Gravatar
    October 30th, 2012 at 6:42 am

    Tuesday morning and I am still smiling at the crowd noise going from deafening to silence. In the beginning of the game we could barely hear each other screaming. After that amazing pick 6 from Shazier, normal conversation felt like were we still yelling. I don’t know if the difference was as obvious on television but our men shut them up and finished their business. It was another great day to be a Buckeye!! On to the next. OH-IO!!


  2. JeffNo Gravatar
    October 30th, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    for them..its a rival game..for us…its just a show of who is the better team…beat them down..keep them down…and move on…see yea later unhappy valley!


  3. KenNo Gravatar
    October 30th, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    We (actually the Ohio State team since I had nothing to do with it) got a nice win in a nominally hostile environment. There were some lapses here and there, but I saw some improvement and yes, it was much closer to a ‘blow-out’ than a ‘down-to-the-wire’ win. That was probably PSU’s best chance to beat us for the next several years. Heh.

    A solid win with no discernable injuries. Can’t ask for much more than that.


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