Picks for the Weak – Week 6

Written October 3rd, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

Me, After A Successful Week Of Picks

I have decided to remove whether I got the score right or not and am going straight up with my picks. I will continue to include a guess of the score in most cases but it will just be a guide! The reason for this is the fact that I was an amazing five and one based on team picks and the score would have ruined the joy I felt! Here are the results from last week’s picks!!

Why bother. Minnesota @ Iowa.  Iowa 21 to 16; Right Iowa 31 to 13

On Campus Recruiting Bowl. Penn St. @ Illinois. Illini 23 to 10; Wrong PSU 35 to 7

Hoosiers v. Nerds. Duh.  Northwestern 35 to 10; Right Northwestern 44 to 29

Lumps are Us. Wisconsin @ Nebraska.  Nebraska 21 to 13; Right Nebraska 30-27

Best of the Week. #14 Ohio State @ #20 Michigan State.  Ohio State in a romp; Right OSU 17 to 16

Battered and Bruised week off. Purdue v. Marshall.  Boilermakers 28 to 13; Right 51 to 41

I have finally found the right format as well, in sticking with what I know best, I am going with all of the B1G games and will pick a national best game. Hope you’re doing well in your pick-em contest and enjoy the week!

Sorry About Your Luck Hoosiers. Michigan St. @ Indiana. The Hoosiers are getting hosed with this schedule this year. Playing upstart Northwestern last week to open the conference and then getting a very angry Sparty team that is coming off a loss at home to the Buckeyes will not end well. Sparty 41 to 13

Leaders of Leaders and Legends. #24 Northwestern @ Penn State.  Both teams set atop of their respective divisions with unblemished conference marks and the Nerds are still undefeated overall. Okay, we should have this discussion about umblemished some other time but it makes for good speculation for the Wildcats. Both teams coming off wins and playing pretty well. Nerds 31 to 27

Which Way did He Go? Illinois at Wisconsin. Did they just fire the O-line coach and  did he take his Ball with him? Wisconsin is reeling and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. Actually there is, Illinois is coming to town and after the way they played against PSU last week they could be melting down much like Bruce Webers bball team did. Beckman won’t be in danger of being fired however, and needs to try and right the ship on the road. Wiscy 17 to 10

Flip a Coin. TTUN @ Purdue. The wolverines have fell out of the rankings after a brutal beginning to the season and Purdue should probably be there after a nice start to theirs. If you were to compare their one common opponent in Notre Lame, which both lost to, then you would see that the Boilers had them on the ropes and probably should have won the game. TTUN never really managed any O against a surorisingly stout ND defense. Purdue 21 to 20

Can I Has Yardage? #21 Nebraska @ #12 Ohio State.  In what I am sure a lot of fans are hoping will be a repeat of last weekends defensive showdown, I am afraid this will end up being a shootout between Burkhead/Martinez and Miller/Hyde. I know the Buckeyes had things under control right up until Miller left the game injured. After last weekends display of toughness, I am gonns say that will be the last time he leaves a game and doesn’t come back. Like I said before, i don’t predict Buckeye’s scores but definitely pick them to win this shootout. Buckeyes all the way.

Can’t Pick Just One. Georgia @ South Carolina . I flipped a quarter ten times and came up 50/50 on who to go with, imagine that. So I went ahead and stuck with both of them. The Bulldogs and the Gamecocks do not like each other very much. They will spend the biggest part of the day trying to hurt each other and try to score some points while in the process. Georgia 23 to 17

and WVU @ Texas. The Mountaineers have been on a scoring spree, literally since right before kickoff against Clemson in last years bowl game. They threw up 70 on Baylor who was hoping they could get the football one more time last Saturday. WVU will be attempting to become more than just the new kid on the block this week and I have a feeling Coach Brown’s defense isn’t gonna be a nice host. That’s the big difference between Baylor and Texas, the Longhorns will play some defense. Texas 34 to 28

Good Luck to everybody this week and Go Bucks!



  1. EricNo Gravatar
    October 3rd, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    I haven’t quite sorted out the rules for what makes a pick right or wrong. This week it seems to just be choosing the right team that won, but I don’t think that held true in previous weeks. Hmmm…need more data, I suppose.

    And a la John Cleese, “Don’t tell me, I’m keen to guess”. =)


    WVaBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    October 3rd, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    I am pretty sure I am just making the rules up as I go along, =) I will go back and see how different my picks were had I just selected a winner or loser and forgot the dadgum scores!!! #knowhatimeanVern?


    WVaBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    October 3rd, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Sadly . . , without the points and straight up picks I would have only been right three other times. My over all record straight up is 12 – 14 and being right all around I am a measley 9-17


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