Picks for the Weak – Week 8

Written October 18th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

Seen this before

In the weak week that was I finished my best week ever at 5 and 1, no thanks to Wisconsin getting their act together on O against our upcoming opponent Purdue. I am now above .500 for the season at 20 and 19. Let’s take a look at the results!

Iowa @ Sparty. Prediction: Iowa 21 to 14; RIGHT Iowa 19 to 16

Northwestern @ Minnesota. Prediction: NU 31 to 17; RIGHT NU 21 to 13

Illinois @ TTUN.  Prediction: TTUN 38 to 13; RIGHT TTUN 45 to 0

Wisconsin @ Purdue. Prediction: Purdue 24 to 21; WRONG Wiscy 38 to 14

#8 Ohio State @ Indiana. Prediction: Buckeyes get their average atleast; RIGHT but they also gave up double their D avg. 52 to 49

#15 Texas @ #13  Prediction: Oklahoma 34 to 27; RIGHT OU 63 to 21

This week is an interesting week of match-ups, to say the least, across the conference. TTUN hasn’t beaten Sparty in what seems like forever and the Buckeyes take on Boiler Down, who is actually now on a two game winning streak against the Buckeyes thanks to the vacated win of 2010. Penn State and Iowa should be in for a slobber knocker and of course, Wisconsin and Minnesota battle for the Paul Bunyan Axe Trophy. Let’s get pickin’ ‘em!

Can Be Only One. Sparty @ TTUN. It’s been a while since TTUN won this game and there can be only one good team at a time in TSUN. Or in this case one winner. I like Sparty’s chances here, a great rivalry game and chance for Dantonio to right the ship that it sinking fast. Sparty 27 to 24

Blue Collar v. Nerds. Nebraska @ Northwestern.  I still believe that Nebraska is the best team in the conference and should be healed up after a slug fest with the Buckeyes. The Nerds got the W last week against an outsmarted Gopher squad but will struggle to handle the Cornhuskers toughness. Nebraska 35 to 13

Paul Bunyan Axe Trophy. Minnesota @ Wisconsin.  Will not take very long for the new conference career leader in TD’s to add several more. Not a whole lot to discuss here. Trophy going back to Madison again. Wiscy 45 to 6

Ferentz the COTY? Penn St. @ Iowa. Not a huge turn around by any stretch of the imagination, but the Hawkeyes are playing inspired and it has to be due to their coach doing more with less. They host a Nitany Lion team this weekend that’s out to prove itself even more. Maybe O’Brien is COTY? Iowa 16 to 10

Hoosiers Out to Sea. Indiana @ Navy. Kevin Wilson is the answer in Bloomington. He definitely proved that much this past Saturday night against our Buckeyes. The trouble is thhey will have their hands full with a Navy team that has found a way to throw the football in the triple option. Big Happy Birthday to the U.S. Navy as it celebrated number 237 this past week. Didn’t bet against my Navy against ND and am not doing it now. US Navy 31 to 27

Wash Our Mouths Out. Purdue @ #7 Ohio State. It is high time to get some more of that bad taste out of our mouths that was last season. The Buckeyes had the Boilers beat until a out of the ordinary blocked PAT that sent the game into OT. If you’re keeping score, so far we have avenged two of the loses in the conference from last season. Look out Boilers, Buckeyes are pi$$ed as heck and want to get their last defensive nightmare out of their minds as well. Buckeyes blow up that annoying bass drum on wheels.

Cupboard Isn’t SO Bare After All. S. Carolina @ Florida. The Gamecocks have had a heck of a couple weeks and are looking for a way to get back in the game just as LSU did this past week at their expense. They have to go on the road and try to do this in Gator country where their head coach is reaping the rewards of the Buckeyes current head coach’s recruiting efforts. Typical SEC affair. South Carolina 21 to 17

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