Are You Not Entertained? Wisconsin

Written November 19th, 2012 by Eric

You need to ask?


Child's play.

Don’t fall into Wisconsin’s revenge plans. It was a close run thing, but the Buckeyes definitely avoided the revenge trap. Deal with it Badgers. Deal with it.

Take two steps forward in the passing game. 10/18 for less than 100 yards is not 2 steps forward. There were some bright spots in the passing game, but the Wisconsin defense did a good job of stifling the offense.

Carlos Hyde with 150 yards running. He could have, if we had run them as often as the fans – and later Miller, Hyde, and Meyer – had wanted. Unfortunately, he only picked up 87 yards on 15 carries.

Etienne Sabino on fire. 6 total tackles and 4 solo isn’t exactly on fire (he had 12 against UAB), but it’s not a bad job for his first day back.

A Wisconsin loss. It’s great to see ‘em lose. Glad the Bucks made it happen.

Joe L.

New wrinkles. Seemed pretty plain vanilla all day long. Perhaps that was by design? Just random speculation after all.

Offense on speed. We definitely saw that in the OT when the Buckeyes carved up the Badger defense like it was standing still. The rest of the game was less than speedy.

Buckeye defense bringing the House of Pain. It’s doubtful that there is anything more painful than that forced fumble near the end of the game. They may have come back from it, but that had to be devastating.

20+ point victory. …Not so much.

Guest: Joe Dexter – Buckeye Empire

Shut down the outside edge. The outside was locked down pretty tightly. It was the middle that was a big problem. Montee Ball went nuts up the gut all night long.

The Smith/Hyde Connection. 87 yards, 15 carries, 2 touchdowns. But one of those touchdowns was the most important.

Shut down Abberderis. Done! Abbrederis finished with only 1 carry for 13 yards, and 3 catches for 40. He did not break the plane of the goal.

Fumble it Bell. Ask and you shall receive! Montee Ball coughed it up in a way that could not have been more epic.


So Joe asks, so Joe receives.

Keep the ball from rolling. Yea, he rolled like a ball going downhill. A cannonball. There was no stopping him.

Speed kills. The Wisconsin defense kept the back-field pretty well bottled up in this one.

Move the line. The D-line most certainly got push on the Wisconsin O-line. John Simon was in the backfield so often that he might as well have been living back there.

No remorse. The opportunity arose, the Buckeyes just couldn’t move the ball well enough to take advantage of it.


No Rust. The team was prepared, but perhaps they suffered from a bit of rust. They could just as easily have been suffering from a great Badger defense though.

No Records. Not quite. He got the first touchdown and tied the record. He did not, however, make the second.

No Crowd. I’m not sure the crowd was ever really a factor in this one, but they also weren’t completely taken out of it. At least, not until the Bucks scored in overtime.

No Injuries. Travis Howard went out when the stinger in his shoulder flared up. Doran Grant did a decent job stepping up and taking over for him.

No You Know What. Two games in a row. You got it.


Shut Bert Up! He kept talking after the game, but he had to swallow a pretty tough loss. Probably took him some time to choke that one down.

No Ball. Yea, he beat us like a rented mule. It would have been nice to keep him from getting the yardage, but at least we got the stat that matters.

All Air Attack. Seemed like a little bit too much running for this one. We did try 18 passes, but compare that to Miller’s 23 carries.


Stop the Ball. “We all know as he goes, Wisconsin will go.” That turns out to not be as true as any of us expected. 191 yards for Ball, and yet the Badgers still couldn’t win.

Four Quarters. We definitely didn’t start slow. But it certainly wasn’t four great quarters.

Lots of Points. Does 35 total points count as “lots”?


No Rust. The flatness wasn’t there to start, with the offense looking like they could move the ball – at least until Stoneburner missed the catch because of the annoying Day Star. But it’s hard to say if the team was rusty or not.

Stall Ball. He continue to look his old self, but the Badgers still had to get some of it done through the air. Hurts when your star player drops his second ever fumble.

Big Stage Brax. He still hasn’t had the complete game yet. Give him time, he’ll get there eventually.


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    November 20th, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Well, I’ll check the box for “Win”, that was the big one.

    I’ll get partial credit for “No Injuries” since it was Howard’s recurring stinger, no new injuries of note. As Mali points out, Doran Grant did OK for him.

    Only partial credit for “O-line kick some butt”. If Hyde/Smith would have gotten the carriers that we there, except from Tom Herman’s perspective… full credit.

    Janelle; OSU still outscored Oregon!! Woot. ;)


  2. C-DogNo Gravatar
    November 20th, 2012 at 8:49 am

    I think the OSU offense was too careful. Bad field position will do that to you, and there was definitely bad field position. Wisconsin doe NOT have a great defense, but they DID crowd the line and dare OSU to throw. The Buckeyes did not really tske the dare and try to stretch the field. When they got good field position (OT), they moved with supreme confidence.


    ErictBBCNo Gravatar
    November 20th, 2012 at 9:47 am

    Ok, I’ll give you that on Wisconsins defense. However, they are much improved during the course of this season.

    Though, an interesting question is – do we win this game if Wisconsin doesnt lose their star linebacker before the game?


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