Carrier Classic Cancelled due to Court Condensation

Written November 9th, 2012 by Eric
Ohio State and Marquette met on the decks of the USS Yorktown tonight for the Carrier Classic. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen weather concerns, the coaches, athletic directors, and officials chose to cancel the game. Considering the condensation that was building on the court, this was certainly the best decision for the safety of the players involved. It did, however, serve as a fantastic tribute to the music of Kenny Loggins, as the PA blared “Danger Zone” before the expected tip-off time.

It’s terribly unfortunate that the service-men and -women were unable to see a great game between these two excellent teams. You have to give credit to the authorities involved to make the tough decision to call the game. Not risking the players is always the best idea.

At this point, the game is simply cancelled. There will be no make-up game in the foreseeable future, if ever at this point. We’ll keep you aprised of any updates in regards to the future of the matchup with Marquette, but do not expect them to play a basketball game this season.

Lastly – desperately hope the planners of these games put a little more forethought into future games in this series. Planning for all possibilities for the safety of the players would be wise. Perhaps heating pipes laid under the court to set the temperature?

The Buckeyes next play Albany in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, November 11th. You’ll be able to see that game on the Big Ten Network at 2:00 PM Eastern.

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