Picks for the Weak – Week 11

Written November 7th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

Took a week off to get caught up on a lot of things and because there was so much going on around tBBC with basketball jumping into the mix.

No need to revisit the results of two weeks ago as we are in the home stretch! I will begin to cover the national race for the BCS as well as our B1G match-ups. The Buckeyes are resting this week so lets get started-

Legends Race. Nebraska 7-2 (4-1); TTUN 6-3 (4-1);Northwestern 7-2 (3-2). Cornhuskers control their own destiny because of the win over TTUN. Northwestern can help themselves alot this week with their game against TTUN.

Leaders Race. Ohio State 10-0 (6-0);Penn State 6-3(4-1); Wisky 6-3 (3-2). A Penn State loss to Nebraska this weekend clinches a share of the Leaders title for the Buckeyes but there is still work to be done in the coming weeks. Penn State loses and it opens the door for Wisky to step in and go to back-to-back B1G title games.

#24 Northwestern @ TTUN. The Wolverines need to keep pace with the cornhuskers and hope for some help from Penn State this week. TTUN got healthy and may have already decided to look forward a couple weeks and could get tripped up here. Nerds 21 to 17

Purdue @ Iowa.  Purdue needs to win out just to be bowl eligible and Iowa has been streaky all season. Could be one of the better games of the weekend. Having said that, Iam sure it will be a low scoring affair. Iowa 16 to 10

Minnesota @ Illinois.  Two of the reasons the nation believes the B1G is very weak are primarily due to these two teams. The Illini are beat up bad after their tussle with the Buckeyes in Columbus and the Gophers probably do not know which end is up. This is a toss up even though Minny has played better over all. Talent wins in this one. Illinois 31 to 14

Wiscy @ Indiana. We all know better than anyone that Indiana is a much improved team under my candidate for B1G COTY Kevin Wilson. They worked a great game plan to almost perfection when the Buckeyes were in town and Wiscy will be looking ahead to their match-up that could decide their season hosting the Buckeyes next week. Going with the upset here. Hoosiers 21 to 20

Penn State @ #16 Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are the best bowl eligible team in the B1G hands down. Save for the thrashing they got in Columbus, I have been impressed with the season and how they bounced back from that thrashing. Penn State has been in the same zip code basically but have not beat a team that is at the Buckeyes and Cornhuskers level. They won’t here either. Nebraska 31 to 17

National Race. #1 Alabama 9-0 (6-0); #2 Kansas State 9-0 (6-0); #3 Oregon 9-0 (6-0); #4 Notre Lame 9-0; #5 Georgia 8-1 (6-1). The reason I included the Bulldogs is to show that if Kansas St., Oregon and Notre Lame do not take care of business, we could have an all SEC affair again. I don’t think it happens though as the Tide and the Ducks will likely win out and be our MNC match-up. The last few weeks of the season could be very interesting to say the least.

The AP pollsters could have their hands full if all four above the Buckeyes lose at some point and they are resting in the #1 position heading into conference championship games. No matter what happens, the Buckeyes will not finish the season as the #1 team in the AP poll as the voters will defer to the #2 winner of a conference game.

#15 Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama. The most interesting possibility out of all the national race games is this one. The Tide may have spent all it had on LSU and we know that their QB should have plenty crocodile tears to give if they come back against the Aggies. LSU was probably the only team on the schedule that could actually beat Alabama save for a match-up with the Ducks down the road. Aggies try but cannot keep up. Tide 42 to 21.

See you next week!

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