What do you Want to see on Saturday? Wisky Style

Written November 16th, 2012 by Eric


Truck it big fella!

Don’t fall into Wisconsin’s revenge plans. You better believe Wisconsin is going to be looking for payback after the way last year’s game went down. That has an added measure since they weren’t able to complete their revenge against MSU at home several weeks ago.

Take two steps forward in the passing game. The running game is an important part of the recipe to beating the Badgers, but we learned last year that the passing game is critical too. After the bye week, I’d love to see us advance significantly in our passing game.

Carlos Hyde with 150 yards running. Carlos Hyde has about 750 rushing yards on the season. If he can get a good chunk of that in Madison, which is not unreasonable considering OSU’s rushing this year, it will make achieving 1000 yards much easier for him next week.

Etienne Sabino on fire. He’s finally back in the starting line-up after being injured. It would be great to see him light up the field to make up for it.

A Wisconsin loss. It’s great to see ‘em lose. Make it happen.

Joe L.

New wrinkles. We have had two weeks to work on a new wrinkle or two. Maybe a fake punt or fake field goal?

Offense on speed. It would be nice to see us explode on offense and just make Wisconsin look like they are moving in slow motion.

Buckeye defense bringing the House of Pain. It would be great to see our defensive line playing in the Wisky backfield and not let the Wisconsin O get going.

20+ point victory. I am ready to see us go to Wisky and avenge the loss up there from 2 years ago.

Guest: Joe Dexter – Buckeye Empire

Shut down the outside edge. Despite being happy at linebacker and secondary, it’s key to keep the outside rush in check. Especially in the second half when the Bertster will most likely open up his playbook. The key to this game is in the trenches and Ohio State has a big chance of winning that battle.

The Smith/Hyde Connection. The key to this game is running the football, and we know that Braxton Miller will have his touches. I’d love to see these two backs combine for three to four touchdowns and 150 yards on the ground.

Shut down Abberderis. No big plays to the receiver. If he is stopped, then so is the offense in the air.

Fumble it Bell. Is it cruel that I want to see a good ole Montee fumblerooski like the one we saw against MSU? That was hilarious. And would seal a perfect weekend at the end of the game already up two scores


Lots of people want to see this guy have a bad day running the football.

Keep the ball from rolling. Obviously, as Montee Ball goes, so go the Badgers. Put some hats on him and shut him down.

Speed kills. Use the speed in the backfield  and the up-tempo offense to keep the Badger defense chasing all afternoon.

Move the line. The Buckeye d-line needs to move the line of scrimmage into the Badger backfield on every snap.

No remorse. If the opportunity arises, run the score up.


No Rust. The bye was a great thing for a banged up team, but could be problems for a squad that’s slow starting all season long. Come out poised, and control the game from the first snap… lack of early focus cost the 2010 team their national title hopes; will Urban have his team prepared?

No Records. Monte Ball needs one touchdown to tie an NCAA record of most career touchdowns, currently held by a Miami RedHawk. I’d love to see the Silver Bullets rise to the occasion and blank him on Senior day.

No Crowd. Madison can be a tough place to play, but it’s possible to get their students out of the game early with dominance.

No Injuries. Ohio State is relatively healthy, with The Game looming. Let’s leave the weekend that way as well.

No You Know What. Two games in a row?



Shut Bert Up! I had the upmost respect for Barry Alvarez and what he did with that program. Beilema has ruined it literally. Cannot stand to hear him wine one more time and really don’t understand the love the fans have for him.

No Ball. Treat him like we did in the Shoe last year and don’t let him have the record. Hold him to his lowest yardage total of the season.

All Air Attack. I wanna see Braxton turned loose in the air. Remind them what he can do but at any moment in the game.


Stop the Ball. We all know as he goes, Wisconsin will go. If you shut him down, you shut the Badgers down.

Four Quarters. I want to see four great quarters in all aspects of the game. No starting slow.

Lots of Points. Like a lot of people, I can’t stand Bielema and his whining. So with that said, run it up, Urban. Leave no doubt.


No Rust. Bye weeks do give you time to rest, but they also can cause you to come out flat. The Bucks need to fire on all cylinders from opening kick.

Stall Ball. Monte Ball has been looking his old self lately. The defense had to shut him down and force Wisconsin to do in the air.

Big Stage Brax. In my opinion Braxton has been up and down in big games. Miller needs to have a complete game on the ground and in the air.


  1. Ed ( Flabuckeye)No Gravatar
    November 16th, 2012 at 11:16 am

    I want points…….run this thing up. I want to completely embarrass and frustrate the ever livin sh** out of Coach Bologna…….


  2. CoquiNo Gravatar
    November 16th, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    I want only Ohio State fans doing the Jump Around as we’re up by 50 when the 4th starts


  3. ChrisNo Gravatar
    November 16th, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Go for two in the 4th up 4 touchdowns.


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    November 16th, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    Only if the card says to do so.


  4. KenNo Gravatar
    November 17th, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    I’ll go with my usual ‘win’ and ‘no injuries’. I’d also like to see a dominating performance by our offensive line. With the run-up being ‘Wisconsin running game this and Wisconsin o-line that’, I’d like to think that Warriner’s guys come out to show that they can play this game a little bit, too.


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