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Written December 4th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Winning The Game That Matters

Just because Ohio State doesn’t get the “privilege” of spending a lot of money going to a post season exhibition game doesn’t mean that Buckeye Fans shouldn’t care about the 2012-13 Bowl Season.

(although, the fact that 34 of the 36 games are being broadcast on ESPN/ABC might change your opinion)

At any rate, the post-season means that it’s contest time again. But first, a huge “Congrats!!” to Ken for winning our season-long Picks’ Challenge… his prize is on the way, and your prize will be a guest post from him here at tBBC.

And now to the good stuff… your chance to win. We’re using Yahoo! again instead of the Four Letter Network; let the record show that since we made the switch Charles Robinson has not been to Columbus.

/knocks on wood; rubs lucky Buckeye necklace

Here’s what you need to know- To get involved, click through the awesome link. You can also get there with this information

Group ID#: 13348
Password: elguap0

(note, that’s a zero and not an “O” at the end)

We’re still compiling a prize package, but you can bet that our friends at The Buckeye Room and Easy Canvas Prints will be involved somehow!

Bonus points for picking the one B1G team to win their game… so much for Wisconsin, am I right?

Don’t miss out…

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