Top 25: The Week in Review & The Week Ahead

Written December 9th, 2012 by Gary Russell II

Even though the week featured many blowouts and easy wins, this week’s Top 25 has many changes to it from the previous week. Two teams dropped out of the polls, including a Top 10 team disappearing from the nation’s top teams. This week’s action also only featured one loss to any of the current Top 25 teams (it would have been two if Colorado decided to get off the plane in Kansas). The upcoming week only features one Top 25 matchup when (6) Florida travels to (8) Arizona but does feature some possible upset alerts (We’re looking at you Purdue and West Virginia).

Here’s a look at the Top 25 Week Ahead and Week in Review.

Still On Top

1. Indiana (9-0) Previous Rank: 1
Past Week: 12/8 Central Connecticut State, W 100-69
Upcoming: 12/15 Butler
Indiana cruised to a victory over Central Connecticut State but this week’s Butler team will be a tougher challenge for the Hoosiers

2. Duke (9-0) Previous Rank: 2
Past Week: 12/8 Temple, W 90-67
Upcoming: No Games This Week
The Blue Devils didn’t have any let downs after an emotional win against Ohio State in walloping Temple. This week they look to rest a little bit with an off week

3. Michigan (9-0) Previous Rank: 3
Past Week: 12/4 Western Michigan, W 73-41 & 12/8 Arkansas, W 80-67
Upcoming: 12/11 Binghamton & 12/15 @West Virginia
The Wolverines were challenged from time by Arkansas but pulled away in the end to defeat the Razorbacks. They travel to Morgantown to meet upset-minded West Virginia.

4. Syracuse (8-0) Previous Rank: 6
Past Week: 12/3 Eastern Michigan, W 84-48 & 12/6 Long Beach State, W 84-53 & 12/8 Monmouth, W 108-56
Upcoming: 12/15 Canisius
Syracuse continues the cream puff part of their schedule as Jim Boeheim works toward becoming the third coach in history with 900 wins.

5. Louisville (8-1) Previous Rank: 6
Past Week: 12/4 @Charleston, W 80-38 & 12/8 Missouri-Kansas City, W 99-47
Upcoming: 12/15 @Memphis
Not much to speak of with Louisville either, as they breezed past their two opponents this past week and Memphis probably won’t be much different.

6. Florida (7-0) Previous Rank: 7
Past Week: 12/5 @Florida State, W 72-47
Upcoming: 12/15 @ (8)Arizona
The Gators absolutely embarrassed the Seminoles in their tune up for the lone Top 25 matchup of the week when they travel to (8) Arizona.

7. Ohio State (6-1) Previous Rank: 3
Past Week: 12/8 Long Beach State, W 89-55
Upcoming: 12/12 Savannah State & 12/15 UNC-Asheville
Ohio State bounced back to beat up on a tired 49er team. Everyone got into the scoring act, even walk-on Alex Rogers. The one negative, Aaron Craft walked away looking a little like Manny Pacquiao after his fight. Ohhhh…that precious face!


8. Arizona (7-0) Previous Rank: 9
Past Week: 12/4 Southern Miss, W 63-55 & 12/8 @Clemson, W 66-54
Upcoming: 12/15 (6)Florida
Clemson tested Arizona slightly but couldn’t pull off the upset. The Gators come to town this week and the Wildcats don’t look to back down.

9. Kansas (7-1) Previous Rank: 10
Past Week: 12/8 @(19) Colorado, W 90-54
Upcoming: 12/15 Belmont
The Jayhawks knocked Colorado out of the Top 25 this week by totally shellacking the Buffaloes. This week looks like more of the same when they face Belmont.

10. Gonzaga (9-1) Previous Rank: 12
Past week: 12/5 @Washington State, W 71-69 & 12/8 (22) Illinois, L 74-85
Upcoming: 12/15 Kansas State
As goes Kevin Pangos, as goes Gonzaga. Pangos struggled in both games this week leading to a last second victory at Washington State and a rare loss at The Kennel to Illinois.

11. Cincinnati (9-0) Previous Rank: 17
Past Week: 12/6 Arkansas-Little Rock, W 87-53 & 12/8 Maryland-Eastern Shore, W 92-60
Upcoming: 12/15 @ Marshall
No late game heroics needed this week as the Bearcats rolled to two easy victories. In other news, they stole Tommy Tuberville from Texas Tech in football! Go Cats!

12. Missouri (8-1) Previous Rank: 16
Past Week: 12/4 Southeast Missouri State, W 81-65 & 12/8 Tennessee State, W 68-38
Upcoming: No Games This Week
Missouri dominated their weaker opponents this week and look to enjoy an off week this week.

13. Illinois (10-0) Previous Rank: 22
Past Week: 12/4 Western Carolina, W 72-64 & 12/8 @(12)Gonzaga, W 85-74
Upcoming: 12/11 Norfolk State & 12/16 Eastern Kentucky
No upset alerts for Illinois this week. The Illini knocked off Western Carolina and then traveled to Spokane to beat Gonzaga thanks to another big game from Brandon Paul (ask Ohio State about him).

14. Minnesota (10-1) Previous Rank: 21
Past Week: 12/4 South Dakota State, W 88-64 & 12/8 @USC, W 71-57
Upcoming: 12/11 North Dakota State
The Golden Gophers continue to move up the polls with easy wins against USC and South Dakota State. Apparently they like the Dakotas as they face North Dakota State this week.

Scrappy Jays

15. Georgetown (7-1) Previous Rank: 20
Past Week: 12/4 Texas, W 64-41 & 12/8 Towson, W 46-40
Upcoming: 12/10 Longwood & 12/15 Western Carolina
Well the Hoyas scored more than 40 this week, barely. Georgetown only scores 46 and barely beats Towson…..come on guys you can do better than that….can’t you?

16. Creighton (8-1) Previous Rank: 11
Past Week: 12/6 @Nebraska, W 64-42
Upcoming: 12/9 Akron & 12/15 @ California
Creighton dropped in the polls after a devastating loss but beat a weak Nebraska team to hopefully hold their spot in the middle of the Top 25.

17. San Diego State (7-1) Previous Rank: 23
Past Week: 12/3 Texas Southern, W 74-62 & 12/6 UCSB, W 84-70
Upcoming: 12/15 San Diego
No let down this week for the Aztecs. They handled their business and now host San Diego this week.

18. New Mexico (10-0) Previous Rank: 25
Past Week: 12/5 USC, W 75-67 & 12/8 Valparaiso, W 65-52
Upcoming: 12/15 New Mexico State
Well I can comment this week……New Mexico is still undefeated…….I’ll let you know when they play someone of significance.

19. Michigan State (8-2) Previous Rank: 13
Past Week: 12/5 Arkansas-Pine Bluff, W 76-44 & 12/8 Loyola Chicago, W 73-61
Upcoming: 12/15 Tuskegee
Sparty’s losses cost them in the polls and then they struggle against Loyola Chicago. Izzo has to be disappointed in this team, I know I am……

20. North Carolina (7-2) Previous Rank: 14
Past Week: 12/8 East Tennessee State, W 78-5
Upcoming: 12/15 Eastern Carolina
North Carolina continues their slide down the polls but they finally finish a week without a loss. I know they only played one game….but still. How long before the self-destruct?

Runnin' Rebs

21. UNLV (6-1) Previous Rank: 24
Past Week: 12/4 @Portland, W 68-60
Upcoming: 12/9 @California & 12/13 La Verne
UNLV did move up but still hasn’t beaten any formidable opponents. Maybe a trip to Cal might show us something?

22. Notre Dame (8-1) Previous Rank: NR
Past Week: 12/8 Brown, W 84-57
Upcoming: 12/15 Purdue
The Irish crack the Top 25 thanks to a win over Kentucky, but that win is a little less amazing now that we see where Kentucky is. The Boilermakers come to town envisioning an upset.

23. Oklahoma State (7-1) Previous Rank: 15
Past Week: 12/5 South Florida, W 61-49 & 12/8 Missouri State, W 62-42
Upcoming: 12/16 Central Arkansas
Oklahoma State did drop as expected but bounced back with two victories and now face a Central Arkansas team they are favorites over.

24. Wichita State (9-0) Previous Rank: NR
Past Week: 12/8 Northern Colorado, W 80-54
Upcoming: 12/13 @ Tennessee
Wichita State is the other newcomer to Top 25 thanks to Kentucky and Colorado dropping out. They travel to Tennessee in hopes to prove their worth to the voters.

25. North Carolina State (6-2) Previous Rank: 18
Past Week: 12/4 @UCONN, W 69-65 & 12/8 Cleveland State, W 80-63
Upcoming: 12/15 Norfolk State
North Carolina State barely hangs on to a Top 25 spot but will most likely stay in it after beating UCONN and Cleveland State this past week. This team will be better the longer the season goes on.

Be sure to check back next week to see how things shake out and what to look forward the following week.

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