Top 25: The Week in Review & The Week Ahead

Written December 16th, 2012 by Gary Russell II

Walk-On Alex Barlow hit the most critical shot of the season so far.

Down goes Indiana. I repeat…Down goes Indiana!

Ok… they weren’t the only ones to lose this week but it’s always fun to say the number one team lost unless it’s the Buckeyes! This past week featured no newcomers to the dance but did feature some games that will surely mix things up in the Top 25 and probably make some room for one or two new teams. Looking ahead to this upcoming week two feature matchups put (9) Kansas traveling to meet our 7th ranked Buckeyes and (10) Illinois visiting (12) Missouri. There are some other interesting games as well so let’s dive in!
Here’s a look at the Top 25 Week Ahead and Week in Review.

1. Indiana (9-1) Previous Rank: 1
Past Week: 12/15 Butler, L 86-88 OT
Upcoming: 12/19 Mount Saint Mary’s & 12/21 Florida Atlantic
Indiana brought their home cooking to the road this week but couldn’t overcome Butler as they lost to the Bulldogs in OT! No worries though they face no one that can challenge them this week though.

2. Duke (9-0) Previous Rank: 2
Past Week: No Games Last Week
Upcoming: 12/19 Cornell & 12/20 Elon
The Blue Devils come off a week of no games to face……..Cornell and Elon???? Two wins and they should move to number one in the polls.

3. Michigan (11-0) Previous Rank: 3
Past Week: 12/11 Binghamton, W 67-39 & 12/15 @ West Virginia, W 81-66
Upcoming: 12/20 Eastern Michigan
Michigan avoided any upsets this week with some dominate performances and Trey Burke looks to continue his tear against Eastern Michigan this week.

4. Syracuse (9-0) Previous Rank: 6
Past Week: 15 Canisius, W 12/85-61
Upcoming: 12/17 Detroit & 12/22 Temple
The “Jim Boeheim 900 Win Tour” should conclude this week when the Orangemen face what should be easy wins this week against Detroit and Temple.

5. Florida (7-1) Previous Rank: 6
Past Week: 12/15 @ (8) Arizona, L 64-65
Upcoming: 12/19 SE Louisiana & 12/22 @ Kansas St.
The Gators battled (8) Arizona to the end in the desert but couldn’t pull out a win. They will definitely drop in the polls but shouldn’t be too much.

6. Louisville (9-1) Previous Rank: 5
Past Week: 12/15 @Memphis, W 87-78
Upcoming: 12/19 Florida International & 12/22 Western Kentucky
Another easy week in the past and ahead with Louisville. I’m sure it will get tougher soon…………..

7. Ohio State (8-1) Previous Rank: 3
Past Week: 12/12 Savannah State, W 85-45 & 12/15 UNC-Asheville, W 90-72
Upcoming: 12/18 Winthrop & 12/22 (9) Kansas
The Buckeyes handled business this past week and will hope to gain revenge as (9) Kansas visits Columbus.

8. Arizona (8-0) Previous Rank: 9
Past Week: 12/15 (6) Florida, W 65-64
Upcoming: 12/18 Oral Roberts & 12/22 @ Eastern Tennessee State
The Wildcats got a pretty big win after defeating (5) Florida this past week. They follow up the big win with a couple of games they shouldn’t be tested in.

9. Kansas (8-1) Previous Rank: 10
Past Week: 12/15 Belmont, W 89-60
Upcoming: 12/18 Richmond & 12/22 @ (7) Ohio State
Kansas didn’t look past their opponent this week when they beat up on Belmont. All of this is in preparation to their trip to Columbus this week to face the Buckeyes!

10. Illinois (11-0) Previous Rank: 13
Past Week: 12/11 Norfolk State, W 64-54
Upcoming: 12/16 Eastern Kentucky & 12/22 @ (12) Missouri
The Illini didn’t really beat up on Norfolk State but they did win. This week features a trip to (12) Missouri where they look to stay undefeated.

11. Cincinnati (10-0) Previous Rank: 11
Past Week: 12/15 @ Marshall, W 72-56
Upcoming: 12/19 Xavier & 12/22 Wright State
The Bearcats don’t face any ranked opponents this week but they do face their in-town rivals in Xavier. As we all know in all rivalries, anything goes!

12. Missouri (8-1) Previous Rank: 12
Past Week: No Games Last Week
Upcoming: 12/17 South Carolina State & 12/22 (10) Illinois
Missouri got some rest this past week and will knock the rust off against South Carolina State before they host (10) Illinois in what should be an entertaining game.

13. Minnesota (11-1) Previous Rank: 14
Past Week: 12/11 North Dakota State, W 70-57
Upcoming: 12/22 Lafayette
Minnesota continued to roll through the Dakotas with a win against North Dakota State and will face another easy opponent in Lafayette this week.

14. Gonzaga (10-1) Previous Rank: 10
Past week: 12/15 Kansas State, W 68-52
Upcoming: 12/19 Campbell
The Zags were tested early but pulled away in the second half against Kansas State. They now look to host Campbell and I don’t expect any surprises from that game!

15. Georgetown (9-1) Previous Rank: 15
Past Week: 12/10 Longwood, W 89-53 & 12/15 Western Carolina, W 81-68
Upcoming: 12/22 American
Georgetown may have found their offense this week and will probably keep fine tuning it against American this week.

16. Creighton (10-1) Previous Rank: 16
Past Week: 12/9 Akron, W 77-61 & 12/15 @ California, W 74-64
Upcoming: 12/19 Tulsa
Creighton should have stopped their free fall in the polls with a couple of victories this past week. They should pick up another win when Tulsa comes to town.

17. New Mexico (11-0) Previous Rank: 18
Past Week: 12/15 New Mexico State, W 73-58
Upcoming: 12/19 New Mexico State & 12/22 South Dakota State
Apparently one game against New Mexico State wasn’t enough as they face them again this week…….and NO they still haven’t beat anyone of significance!

18. San Diego State (8-1) Previous Rank: 17
Past Week: 12/15 San Diego, W 72-56
Upcoming: 12/18 Point Loma & 12/22 @ San Francisco
The Aztecs follow a week with a weak schedule with another week with a weak schedule…stay tuned for hopefully something more exciting in the weeks to come.

19. Michigan State (9-2) Previous Rank: 19
Past Week: 12/15 Tuskegee, W 92-56
Upcoming: 12/18 @ Bowling Green & 12/22 Texas
Well Sparty finally smacked around someone… was only Tuskegee though….but hey, they won with no problems. A trip to Bowling Green this week followed up with a visit from Texas should pose for bigger problems.

20. UNLV (8-1) Previous Rank: 21
Past Week: 12/9 @California, W 76-75 & 12/13 La Verne, W 91-44
Upcoming: 12/17 @ UTEP & 12/19 Northern Iowa
Well Cal showed us something this week but they couldn’t upset UNLV. The Rebels don’t really face anyone this week so we will check on them next week!

21. North Carolina (8-2) Previous Rank: 20
Past Week: 12/15 Eastern Carolina, W 93-87
Upcoming: 12/19 @ Texas & 12/22 McNeese St
This wasn’t the week for the Tar Heels to self destruct and this week probably won’t be either.

22. Notre Dame (9-1) Previous Rank: 22
Past Week: 12/15 Purdue, W 81-68
Upcoming: 12/17 IPFW & 12/19 Kennesaw State & 12/21 Niagra
The Irish sent the Boilermakers home without the upset and will play three games this week.

23. Wichita State (9-1) Previous Rank: 24
Past Week: 12/13 @ Tennessee, L 60-69
Upcoming: 12/20 Charleston Southern & 12/22 Southern Miss
Thanks for visiting us here in the Top 25 Wichita State……the loss to Tennessee makes your time here short.

24. Oklahoma State (7-1) Previous Rank: 23
Past Week: No Games Last Week
Upcoming: 12/16 Central Arkansas & 12/19 Texas Arlington & 12/22 Tennessee Tech
How does Oklahoma State follow up their bye week? With three games to get them back in the groove. All three should be wins so they should move up in the polls.

25. North Carolina State (7-2) Previous Rank: 25
Past Week: 12/15 Norfolk State, W 84-62
Upcoming: 12/18 Stanford & 12/22 St. Bonaventure
The Wolfpack will probably keep their spot in the Top 25 with a dominating win against Norfolk State. Stanford may challenge them this week but St. Bonaventure should be an easy win.

Be sure to check back next week to see how the week goes and what to look forward the following week.

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    December 17th, 2012 at 10:25 am

    I detected a bit of glee in your opening sentences, Gary. Well done and certainly called for. Too bad it was a conference team that went down, but that’s just the way it goes..

    One more tune-up game to get ready for Kansas. I think we need to get this Kansas scalp for a solid pre-conference ‘name’ win. I like what I’ve seen of the Buckeyes the past 2-3 games. A little more scoring from the guards would be nice, but easy to like their assist-turnover ratio lately.


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