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Written January 1st, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s early, especially out on the Left Coast, and many of us are still recovering from the celebrations that enveloped our last moments of 2012.

It’s still early for OSU hoops; Buckeye basketball begins B1G play tomorrow, when things start to mean something. After a November and December that left more questions than answers in the minds of many Ohio State fans, it’s important to remember that it’s still early enough to make a difference; championship teams are crowned in March and April, but January is the where the foundations for Madness is built.

It’s even earlier, too, for the Ohio State football program that’s still finding itself after a miraculous season- in spite of being undefeated a, a year without a bowl game (in case you hadn’t heard) brings a sense of discontent that hopefully drives the workouts and planning of the months until the Spring Game and August camp and fall kickoff and why can’t it be here tomorrow? It’s also too early to know what this team will even look like- this week is highlighted by recruiting news and all-star games, but what will be the final result in February? In August?

It’s early, the first hours and memories of 2013 are now beginning… a new year breaks for us and for our favorite program. What will the next 12 months hold? What can we do now to ensure 2013 is epic? Here are some of the “resolutions” that our staff have suggested…

What’s one resolution you hope the Buckeyes make this year?

James- I hope the football team stops having the mentality of a 12-0 team that didn’t get to play in a bowl game and starts having the mentality of an 0-0 team that is about to go on a championship run.

WVa- I am hoping that Coach Coombs makes a New Years resolution to NEVER leave the Buckeyes.

Eric- I would like the Buckeye Basketball team to make a resolution to shoot better during the Big Ten season.  And preferably during the NCAA Tournament too, but I’m not going to ask for too much now.

Jason- I hope CJ Barnett and Christian Bryant resolve to become not only big hitters but excellent tacklers and cover guys. Our back end was weak, those guys have shown the potential and talent to be great. Do it.

Janelle- I hope the basketball Buckeyes resolve to improve their free throw percentages. I’m tired of saying “death, taxes, and Ohio State missing free throws” during games.

Mali- Be it hereby resolved that Ohio State fans would embrace the totality of Buckeye sports- there are some amazing stories and events going on throughout the WHAC and all across campus… Scarlet and Gray is much richer than just the revenue sports.

What’s one thing in 2013 that you would hope would impact the world of college sports.

James- May Brady Hoke resolve to continue losing control of his team and fading into mediocrity after a better-than-expected 2011 season made him seem like a more competent head coach than he is.

WVa- I resolve to never watch . . . oh wait . .. I’m already not watching them who I will not name.

Eric- I resolve not to watch the Football National Championship for the second year running.  Not unless the Mayan apocalypse was off by a few days and we’re gonna get a well placed asteroid strike.

Jason- My resolution would be for all of you to stop watching the “worldwide leader” and it’s agenda driven programming. If there’s a game you want to see, have it. But as far as sports news or commentary shows, find somewhere else to get it. It’s poisoning the fabric of everything sports stands for. And it’s honestly garbage programming with stooge talking heads. I took it out of my life and am much happier for it. Trust me.

Janelle- I resolve to continue to care less about conference pride. I’m a Buckeye. Period. I don’t care how the rest of the Big Ten does.

Mali- Be it hereby resolved that the NCAA would finally get their heads out of their committees regarding the “seedy underbelly” of “amateur” sports. We’ve seen it in the AAU phenomenon for basketball and are starting to watch in impact the 7v7 circuit with the street agents and other types of “influences”. The investigations in Oregon, Miami, and elsewhere are only the tips of the iceberg once the line has been crossed regarding what “college athletics” is supposed to be about. Reform may never be possible, but turning a blind eye because you’re also getting a cut only makes things worse.


As always, we cannot say “thank you” enough to the folks who drop by our little corner of the intertubes; our resolution for 2013 is to continue to bring you updates and opinions with as much passion as you’ve come to expect.

We’ve got some big plans working for the next month or so; new features, new faces, new ways for you to connect with us, and we hope you’ll continue to join us for the ride.

Happy New Year!

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    January 1st, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    And a Happy 2013 back to you as well. In case we (as Buckeye fans) feel bad about about not playing in a bowl game this year.. it could be worse.


    “One of the most bizarre episodes in the entire occupation of Japan took place less than two months later, on January 1, 1946, in Nagasaki.

    Back in the States, the Rose Bowl and other major college football bowl games, with the Great War over, were played as usual on New Year’s Day. To mark the day in Japan, and raise morale (at least for the Americans), two Marine divisions faced off in the so-called Atom Bowl, played on a killing field in Nagasaki that had been cleared of debris. It had been “carved out of dust and rubble,” as one wire service report put it.

    Both teams had enlisted former college or pro stars for their squads. The “Bears” were led by quarterback Angelo Bertelli of Notre Dame, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1943, while the “Tigers” featured Bullet Bill Osmanski of the Chicago Bears, who topped pro football in rushing in 1939. Marines fashioned goal posts and bleachers out of scrap wood that had been blasted by the A-bomb. Nature helped provide more of a feel of home, as the day turned unusually chilly for Nagasaki and snow swirled.

    More than 2000 turned out to watch. A band played the fight song, “On Wisconsin!” The rules were changed from tackle to two-hand touch because of all the glass shards remaining on the turf.

    Press reports the next day claimed some Japanese observed the game—from the shells of blasted- out buildings nearby.”


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