Top 25: The Week in Review & The Week Ahead

Written January 13th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Please Don't Let Us Lose!

When it comes to the rankings this year I am reminded of a famous Beatles song.  That song…..”Hello, Goodbye”.  Teams that gain a specific ranking or jump into the Top 25 say “hello” to it just as quickly as they say “goodbye” to it.  This week was no exception as I am still trying to catch my breath after it was all over.  The remaining three undefeateds are no longer undefeated.  North Carolina State picked up their signature win in handing Duke their first loss and should move up pretty nicely in the polls.  Arizona lost their second……oops……their first game in a close game at Oregon. And, last but not least, the Buckeyes took care of business against Michigan at home. All in all, 9 of the Top 25 teams lost games this week, with a certain Big Ten Team (see below) not winning all week! When it’s all said and done there should be changes a plenty in the rankings but for now let’s see what happened with all the teams.

Here’s a look at the Top 25 Week Ahead and Week in Review

1.       Duke (15-1, 2-1) Previous Rank: 1

Past Week:  1/8 Clemson, W 68-40 & 1/12 @ (20) N.C. State, L 76-84

Upcoming:  1/17 Georgia Tech

Duke received its first ACC test and failed in losing to a good North Carolina State.  Depending on how the injury to Curry is, this could only be the beginning.  The Blue Devils hope to bounce back in hosting Georgia Tech this week.

2.       Michigan (16-0, 3-0) Previous Rank: 2

Past Week: 1/6 Iowa, W 95-67; 1/9 Nebraska, W 62-47 & 1/13 Ohio State, L 56-53

Upcoming: 1/17 @ (8) Minnesota

Michigan played this week and won this week…..nothing new to them. At least until they faced the Buckeyes who took care of business despite losing control of a 21 point lead. The Wolverines have a tough match-up ahead against the surprisingly strong Golden Gophers.


3.       Louisville (15-1, 3-0) Previous Rank: 4

Past Week: 1/9 @ Seton Hall, W 73-58 & 1/12 South Florida, W 64-38

Upcoming: 1/14 @ UConn & 1/19 (7) Syracuse

Louisville may be the second best team right now behind Michigan.  Solid wins this week, but Syracuse comes to town with hopes of knocking the Cardinals down a few spots.


4.       Arizona (15-1, 3-1) Previous Rank: 3

Past Week: 1/10 @ Oregon, L 66-70 & 1/12 @ Oregon St., W 80-70

Upcoming: 1/19 @ Arizona State

I’m sorry, but Oregon gave Arizona their second loss of the year (I promise I’m done whining after this week) but they bounced back with a win at Oregon State.  They continue their road trip when they go to Arizona State this week. 


5.       Indiana (15-1, 3-0) Previous Rank: 5

Past Week: 1/7 @ Penn State, W 74-51 & 1/12 (8) Minnesota, W 88-81

Upcoming:  1/15 Wisconsin

Indiana proved that their number 5 ranking is deserved in a winning over a very good Minnesota team.  Wisconsin shouldn’t pose a bog threat to the Hoosiers but, then again, this is the Big Ten.


6.       Kansas (14-1, 2-0) Previous Rank: 6

Past Week:  1/6 Temple, W 69-62 & 1/9 Iowa St., W 97-89 OT & 1/12 @ Texas Tech, W 60-46

Upcoming: 1/14 Baylor & 1/19 @ Texas

Just as I was beginning to think Kansas deserved to be higher in the polls, they struggle against a couple of teams that they shouldn’t have struggles against.  They did win them all but they better watch out when they travel to Texas later this week.


7.       Syracuse (16-1, 4-0) Previous Rank: 7

Past Week: 1/6 @ South Florida, W 55-44 & 1/9 @ Providence, W 72-66 & 1/12 Villanova, W 72-61

Upcoming: 1/19 @ (3) Louisville

The Orange stayed unbeaten this week in the Big East but they face a tough matchup when they travel to Louisville.  Can the zone defense stop the Cardinals?  Only time will tell.


8.       Minnesota (15-2, 3-1) Previous Rank: 9

Past Week: 1/6 Northwestern, W 69-51 & 1/9 @ (12) Illinois, W 84-67 & 1/12 @ (5) Indiana, L 81-88

Upcoming: 1/17 (2) Michigan

I know Minnesota lost this week at Indiana but they went to Illinois and won.  They are in one of toughest stretches of anyone’s schedule as they now will face Michigan.  If they can go 2-1 in this three game stretch, it will be quite an accomplishment.


Bring on Butler!

9.       Gonzaga (16-1, 3-0) Previous Rank: 10

Past week: 1/10 St. Mary’s, W 83-78

Upcoming: 1/17 @ Portland & 1/19 @ (14) Butler

Rival St. Mary’s came to town but left with a loss.  Gonzaga will now go to Butler in a battle of the “major” mid-major teams.  I, for one, am really excited to see this game!


10.   Missouri (12-3, 1-1) Previous Rank: 12

Past Week: 1/8 Alabama, W 84-68 & 1/12 @ Mississippi, L 49-64

Upcoming: 1/16 Georgia & 1/19 @ (11) Florida

Missouri’s struggles continued in the SEC as they lost to Mississippi this week.  Things don’t get easier as they travel to Gator-country.


11.   Florida (12-2, 2-0) Previous Rank:13

Past Week: 1/6 @ Yale, W 79-58 & 1/9 Georgia, W 77-44 & 1/12 @ LSU, W 74-52

Upcoming: 1/17 @ Texas A&M & 1/19 (10) Missouri

The Gators picked up three wins in three games this week.  They host a Missouri team which could give them a game or they could roll over for Florida.  I guess we will wait and see which Tiger team come to town.


12.   Illinois (14-4, 1-3) Previous Rank: 11

Past Week: 1/9 (8) Minnesota, L 67-84 & 1/12 @ Wisconsin, L 51-74

Upcoming: 1/17 Northwestern

Apparently, Illinois forgot that the season moved on after the Ohio State game. The Illini didn’t even show up in their two losses this week.  They may drop all the way out of the Top 25 if they forget to play Northwestern.


13.   Creighton (16-1, 5-0) Previous Rank: 16

Past Week: 1/8 Drake, W 91-61 & 1/12 Missouri State, W 74-52

Upcoming: 1/15 Northern Iowa & 1/19 @ (23) Wichita State

Creighton keeps rolling in their conference as expected.  Their biggest conference matchup of there is this week when they go to Wichita State.


14.   Butler (14-2, 2-0) Previous Rank: 17

Past Week: 1/9 @ St. Joseph’s, W 72-66 & 1/12 @ Dayton, W 79-73

Upcoming: 1/16 Richmond & 1/19 (9) Gonzaga

Butler looks to win the “major” mid-major championship this week when they host Gonzaga.


Craft Looks to Shut Down Burke

15.   Ohio State (12-3, 2-1) Previous Rank: 8

Past Week: 1/8 @ Purdue, W 74-64

Upcoming: 1/13 (2) Michigan & 1/19 @ (22) Michigan State

Ohio State picked up a solid win at Purdue last week.  They hope to show Michigan what it feels like to lose when they host the Wolverines later today.  They then travel to East Lansing to face Sparty in a tough environment. 


16.   San Diego State (14-2, 2-0) Previous Rank: 19

Past Week: 1/9 @ Fresno State, W 65-62 & 1/12 Colorado State, W 79-72 OT

Upcoming: 1/16 (24) UNLV & 1/19 @ Wyoming

The Aztecs continue to barely beat teams, but they are still winning.  They face two more winnable games this week but we’ll see if they continue to struggle.


17.   Notre Dame (14-2, 2-1) Previous Rank: 21

Past Week: 1/7 @ (21) Cincinnati, W 66-60 & 1/12 UConn, L 58-65

Upcoming: 1/15 @ St. John’s & 1/19 Rutgers

Notre Dame finally has a chance to gain respect and they drop the ball in a loss to UConn.  St. John’s and Rutgers shouldn’t be too tough this week as they look to get back on track.


18.   Kansas State (13-2, 2-0) Previous Rank: 25

Past Week: 1/12 @ West Virginia, W 65-64

Upcoming: 1/16 @ TCU & 1/19 Oklahoma

Kansas State moved up in the polls after a big week for them and they follow that up with a one point in Morgantown.  They need better performances this week if they look to keep moving up in the polls.


19.   Georgetown (11-3, 1-2) Previous Rank: 15

Past Week: 1/8 Pittsburgh, L 45-73 & 1/12 @ St. John’s, W 67-51

Upcoming: 1/16 Providence & 1/19 @ South Florida

At some point Georgetown needs to drop out of the Top 25.  They lost to Pittsburgh last week in another game they couldn’t score.  I don’t know if they will win this week or not but I would like to place a bet on whether they score more than a 100 points combined in their two games.


Leslie is THE MAN!

20.   North Carolina State (14-2, 3-0) Previous Rank: 23

Past Week: 1/9 Georgia Tech, W 83-70 & 1/12 (1) Duke, W 84-76

Upcoming: 1/16 @ Maryland

North Carolina State showed this week that two early season losses are clearly in the rear view mirror as they knocked off the number one team in the country.  Traveling to Maryland could pose to be a let-down game.


21.   Cincinnati (14-3, 2-2) Previous Rank: 14

Past Week: 1/7 (17) Notre Dame, L 60-66 & 1/12 @ Rutgers, W 68-58

Upcoming: 1/15 @ DePaul & 1/19 Marquette

The Bearcats time in the Top 25 may be over as they lost to Notre Dame.  Marquette will be a tough test this week but at least it’s a home game.


22.   Michigan State (13-3, 2-1) Previous Rank: 18

Past Week: 1/10 @ Iowa, W 62-59

Upcoming: 1/13 Nebraska & 1/16 @ Penn State & 1/19 (15) Ohio State

Michigan State got back to winning when they beat a hard-nosed Iowa team.  Hopefully Sparty doesn’t look past Nebraska and Penn State as they prepare to host Ohio State next Saturday.


23.   Wichita State (15-1, 4-0) Previous Rank: NR

Past Week: 1/6 @ Bradley, W 69-63 & 1/9 Southern Illinois, W 82-76

Upcoming: 1/13 @ Evansville & 1/16 Illinois State & 1/19 @ (13) Creighton

The Shockers jump back in the rankings and this time they win two games.  It won’t be easy to stay there as they travel to face Creighton later in the week.


24.   UNLV (14-3, 1-1) Previous Rank: NR

Past Week: 1/9 @ (25) New Mexico, L 60-65 & 1/12 Air Force, W 76-71 OT

Upcoming: 1/16 @ (16) San Diego State & 1/19 @ Colorado State

UNLV…..the inspiration for this week’s Beatles “Hello, Goodbye” theme.  They say “hello” to the Top 25 again only to immediately say “goodbye” as they lose to New Mexico.


25.   New Mexico (15-2, 2-0) Previous Rank: 20

Past Week: 1/9 (24) UNLV, W 65-60 & 1/12 Fresno State, W 72-45

Upcoming: 1/16 @ Boise State

I’d like to say UNLV is a big win, but then again, it’s UNLV.  Moving on to next week……

Be sure to check back next week to see where everyone moved to in the rankings and to see if the Top 25 remains to be a rollercoaster ride!


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    January 14th, 2013 at 8:22 am

    Thanks for recap, Gary. Too bad Illinois didn’t play this indifferently when they played the Buckeyes.


    GaryNo Gravatar
    January 14th, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Live by the three…..die by the three! :)


    KenNo Gravatar
    January 14th, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    You, right, that about sums it up. Always seem to bring out the best or at least, not-too-bad, in our opponents.


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