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Written April 24th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Lucrative? Well…

After a weekend in the land of authentic pizza and corrupt government, there’s really only one choice for this week’s soundtrack, particularly with all of the news coming out of B1G headquarters.

Buckeye 411

Gonna’ be honest- not much in the way of news in Columbus these days, Thank Woody. Here’s some tidbits, though:

  • Hockey Bucks- Whispers on Tuesday were that Ohio State will make current interim coach Steve Rholik the permanent leader for the upcoming season.  Not a “slam dunk”, but certainly a solid hire nonetheless.
  • Getting Drafty- The NFL Draft starts on Thursday, and there’s a good possibility that the entire B1G will be shut out of the first round for the first time in forever.  For OSU Draft prospectus, be sure to check out the earlier take from our NFL Expert.
  • iTBDBITL- Interesting article in The Lantern today regarding the OSU Marching Band’s efforts to save paper and procure iPads for everyone involved in the program. There are a ton of advantages to this idea,

Using certain applications available on the iPads, members of the band would be able to read music, send out videos of rehearsals and also read field charts. Normally, only the band director is able to see the bigger picture in motion while the band members look at papers.

“Instead of one person getting to see the bigger picture, now everyone gets to see the actual animation,” Barta said.

King and Barta said they are not aware of any other university band using this type of technology, which they hope will also help them recruit future Buckeyes.

“We are similar to sports teams in terms of recruiting,” King said. “We are trying to get the best high school student musicians to come play our band.”

The funds that TBDBITL need to raise are around $120K… meanwhile, all of the student athletes have been provided iPads for a while now.  This has been your weekly “athletes and students are not the same” reminder.

  • More Silver, Man- From the work of Ohio State’s graphics expert:

B1G News

On Friday, the brilliant minds that are dropped a couple of important notes- first, that the B1G would be realigning and second that the “Leaders” and “Legends” nomenclature would be a thing of the past.

The alignment will follow the “What they should have done in the first place” strategy, and be split east and west with Purdue and Indiana feeling the brunt of the axe.  Much has been written about the “loaded” Eastern Division To Be Horribly Named Later, which will see Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State battling for divisional supremacy. While a lot of folks might feel that this is unfair to those programs, it’s important to recall that when the SEC initially was formed there were similar feelings regarding Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia all calling the same division home.

For me, though, the tragedy will befall our Brothers From Another Mother in Lincoln, as Nebraska’s chances for a National Title will suffer under this new plan. A ‘Husker team that runs the table and manages to upset an Ohio State team battered from the Eastern Front wars will only have one or two quality wins under it’s belt- not enough, in this writer’s opinion, to catapult them into the College Football Playoff (more later). As such, Big Red Nation will need to hope that their non-conference schedule will be strong enough to help carry the load of facing Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and the like every year. So, probably not a lot of Wyoming on future dockets.

It’s true that the same can be said for fellow Western “power” Wisconsin… but screw those guys.

One Hundred Years Young

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Grandaddy of Them All, and Tuesday’s release of the event’s logo showed that it is possible to maintain class and poise and prestige while still looking modern and eyecatching. This distinction will be important to remember a bit later in our discussion this morning.

Personally, I’d much rather that Ohio State not be a part of this historic event on January 1 here in my back yard. Nope- I’d rather that the Buckeyes’ visit to SoCal be about a week later… for the National Title Game.

B1G Enough?

The other news from Monday that certainly made Jim Delany unhappy was the ACC programs that are left choosing to sign a “Grant Of Rights” giving their media content in total to the Conference for negotiation purposes.  In many minds, this stops the great “Conference Realignment Wheel Of Destiny”, as no conference in their right mind would want to take a program on board that wasn’t able to help other members with TV revenue. There are those, however, who believe that the shuffle is still a possibility; and that the B1G may now look at SEC programs like Vanderbilt and Missouri or B12 programs such as Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas as they continue to grow.

Again, in the “just my opinion” category, this seems like the ultimate “up yours” by the folks in Bristol towards the B1G. You may remember that it’s my contention that ESPN’s actions in their negotiations with Delany years ago started this whole ball rolling with the decision to create the BTN. Given that the ACC, a conference that’s been most closely tied to the World Wide Leader since it’s inception (mostly through basketball coverage) now believes they have the TV dollars to maintain their position is telling, particularly since they’re more than willing to sacrifice some of that positioning with a partial membership for Notre Dame.

I’m still of the mindset that the deck is not done shuffling, and that the forthcoming playoff of four teams is positioned best for a four conference model. But, given the recent news, which is in contrast with what we’ve heard all spring regarding both the B1G and SEC being interested in ACC programs, it certainly seems as if the old truism is just that- “You just never know”.

End Of The NCAA?

We’ve speculated recently that the times, they may be a’changin’ for the folks in Indianapolis; that the growth and money involved with major college athletics require a new model to best try to keep these behemoths reigned in and playing by the same rules.

News this week seemed to echo this belief- first, Sports Illustrated illustrated the growing frustration between the Athletic Directors and presidents of major institutions, particularly given that the latter are the locus of decision making in the NCAA. From Holden Thorpe, UNC’s outgoing chancellor, as a part of the coverage at Inside Higher Education-

Presidential control was supposed to produce less corruption, make it easier to make rules, reduce escalation of money in college sports, give academics the ability to change college sports. It’s almost hard to keep from laughing when you say those things, because obviously, it hasn’t worked.

The entire article is a good one, as it talks about the diversity of opinions from the academy and the athletic departments at the Chapel Hill forum.

What Me? Worry?

USA Today even got into the conversation, speculating as we have that a “break” from the NCAA may be forthcoming; the larger programs moving outside of the organization due to the money and power that they wield. Yet another lengthy discussion of the issue, it does a good job of thinking through the impact that a split would have, Marcus Hartman also points out that such a move would make a shared goal much more difficult to accomplish; there are also huge areas that the large and small schools have in common, not the least of which is the tax exempt status that these “educational endeavors” enjoy.

Although, as we’ve highlighted, that may be changing soon. The O’Bannon case continues to weigh heavily on the minds of those in leadership at these national programs, and rightly so.  The impacts, in the eyes of many, will be far reaching and may even include a revisioning of the enforcement and sanctioning process-

Robert F. Orr, an adjunct law professor at UNC and former associate justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, called the NCAA’s rules “one of the heights of hypocrisy.”

“It’s not just a question about compensating student-athletes,” he said. “At a minimum, we should stop punishing these men and women because somebody buys them dinner, or a suit if they don’t have a suit, or a room at a hotel.”

Or if they… ahem… sell things that belong to them.

With all this chaos, it continues to see how this impacts the realignment we discussed earlier as well as the continuing attempts by the NCAA to tighten up their regulatory bodies and guidelines.

Of course, there’s always another option: Dropping out of the the game altogether.

This Is… Uhhh… Interesting

From the other OTHER OSU:

That’s what happens when you don’t have The Best Damn Band In The Land, amIright?

College Football Playoff

I wish I had a catchy header to discuss this, but what you see there is what we got.

Yup, on Tuesday the “we’re not calling this a playoff, but a four team event” got some fancy nomenclature, that being the “College Football Playoff”. Seriously. And you thought the OSU logo change was the height of marketing exploitation of stupidity.

And so, in the week where we got rid of “Leaders” and “Legends”, we are blessed with the most obvious named event since “The Big Bang”.  While Deadspin noticed that the name didn’t include the NCAA, and saw this as indicative of the earlier mentioned rift in the Association’s relationship with their major schools, I see this instead as a continuation of the longstanding history that the Association does not crown a Division 1 football champion, in spite of the fact that major football oversight is the purpose of the NCAA’s creation.

Ah, but the more things change, the more they stay the same- the BCS leadership copyrighted the name “College Football Playoff” to allow them to profit off of the new model the way they did to this point.  In addition, the website for the “event” is registered to ESPN… the very organization that will have a controlling investment in every bowl except the Sun Bowl within the next few days.

And you wonder why there are some are concerned regarding the network’s involvement in the conference realignment landscape.

Fear not, dear fan… your voice is not completely silenced. You can go to the great website listed above, and vote for your favorite logo for this new event! Hooray, clip art!!

Or, you can go with the logo you see on the right there that combines all of the options, courtesy of our friends at SBN’s Good Bull Hunting.

Today at some point we’ll also get the other “news”- that Jerry-world will get the first National Title game, with the Cotton/Fiesta/Chick-Fil-A getting the semi finals. Wait… I thought that the idea was to have two semi finals and then a championship game (you know, a “playoff”). Is there anything that these folks can do correctly?

This Week In Controversy

And Finally

This week, we saw the amazing work of some of our nation’s bravest and most intelligent, well trained law enforcement professionals wrap up the investigation and arrest those folks responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Oh, and this guy was involved too:


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    April 24th, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Ah, Mali; so much information, so little time. Here we go..

    First, I applaud your choice of soundtrack; that’s some serious gee-tar talent on stage.

    Glad TBDBITL get their iPads. If OSU wants to reward students (regardless of athletic ability) for their GPAs, let’s start with everyone that achieves the designated goal.

    Interesting decision by Spelman College. Should be interesting what (if any) all male/coed universities follow that move.

    Good god, what was Oregon State thinking?

    Last night, I read the article about Steubenville. I was as shocked as Captain Renault to discover that gambling was going on.

    DJ Fluker may have taken money at Alabama, but it’s pretty evident he didn’t take any English courses.

    I hope the FBI agent didn’t incur any laceration/puncture wounds from his grand entrance..


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    April 24th, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    “but it’s pretty evident he didn’t take any English courses.”



  2. MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    April 24th, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Well, it’s good to see that Navin R. Johnson is still getting work:


  3. KenNo Gravatar
    April 24th, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Wipe-the-tears-from-my-eyes laughing. Not easy being a stunt-man. Well done.


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