As we enter into the “Camp Season”, it’s good to take a look at where Ohio State’s recruiting efforts currently seem to stand.

I’ll admit that it’s next to impossible to predict what this class is going to look like in February, but I think it makes it easier when you look at who are the most likely players who will be in the class.

Harris Heading to Columbus?

1. Allen/Harris/Watson/Darlington

We’re definitely going to land a QB. Who exactly that is will be the question. Kyle Allen is the best passer, Brandon Harris probably has the most upside running the ball, DeShaun Watson is a perfect mix between the two and Zack Darlington fits in somewhere as well.


I don’t see the need for another RB in this class and don’t think the coaches will push hard for one until December or so (if they do at all) when they have a better idea if there will be a spot for one or not. Some people consider Parris Campbell a back and I like what I am hearing early from the ’15 class so I’m not worried at all.

2. Lonnie Johnson
3. Derek Kief

At 6’3″ I view Johnson as a perimeter WR and I think adding Kief would just about finish up the search for perimeter WRs in the class.


4. Parris Campbell

This is an area where one or two more additions will be made. It’s too early to even speculate about who those might be at this time but it’s a pretty safe bet that they are going to be an explosive weapon on offense.


5. Austin Roberts

I think we will end up with Roberts or a major surprise like Tyler Luatua. The depth here is pretty thin so they may be targeting more than one player but the staff definitely isn’t going to reach on anyone.

Sam Hubbard might factor in here as well.

Another Texan headed to the Buckeyes?


6. Marcelys Jones
7. Kyle Trout
8. Jamarco Jones
9. Demetrious Knox
10. Chad Mavety

Ohio State has a great shot at Jones, Knox and Mavety and it would be hard to say no to someone like Damian Prince or Alex Bookser if they wanted to join as well. Between those five I wouldn’t mind adding four additional players to the OL but that might be getting a little greedy. This is the biggest area of need in the class (along with LB) and the only area of lingering doubt regarding recruiting.

Jones wants to decide at the end of June, it would be nice if Mavety committed on his visit which is currently scheduled for the middle of June, I’m not sure what the situation is with Bookser, while Knox and Prince are almost certainly going to be all-star or signing day decisions.

Getting a strong OL class is extremely important and the only thing I am somewhat concerned about right now. Getting Jones and Mavety on board in June would be absolutely huge and would make the wait for guys like Prince or Knox much easier.


11. Dylan Thompson
12. Poona Ford

Thompson is a SSDE type who could slide down to 3-technique DT, Ford is a NT who could slide to 3-technique DT as well- I think he is highly likely to commit during or shortly after camps this summer.

That leaves a Viper/LEO for the staff to target. There is a lot of speculation that Dante Booker is a candidate here and I think there will be a major push for an elite defensive lineman or two, Viper or otherwise, in the final months.

‘Kwon Looks Right At Home


13. Kyle Berger
14. Raekwon McMillan
15. Chase Winovich
16. Sam Hubbard
17. Dante Booker

The other major position of need that the staff is well on its way to filling with flying colors. Berger, Hubbard and Booker are on board but as previously mentioned, only Berger seems like a lock to end up at LB in college.

Almost everyone has McMillan as a strong lean to Ohio State and the staff is visiting with Winovich today so we might find out where he is going very soon. People are speculating that the depth chart might scare Winovich into the arms of Michigan but it is almost certain that either Hubbard or Booker don’t end up at LB. The depth chart can easily accommodate three to four additions at LB in this class. I’m sure that will be a topic of conversation today.

I think the staff would like to add Winovich while continuing to close the deal on McMillan and call it a day. If either goes elsewhere there will be a push in the final months for some of the other players on the board. This staff has proven they can do that if needed but it would be nice to wrap things up at LB before then.


18. Damon Webb
19. Marshon Lattimore
20. Erick Smith

Like the pivot/slot, the staff is going to be pushing hard for some elite DBs down the homestretch (Quincy Wilson, Tony Brown etc.) and I think they will add at least one more.

That said, the numbers are already at the limit just from the players that seem highly likely to be in the class right now. If you assume the staff is targeting at least one more elite player at the Pivot/Slot, DL and DB (which they are) that takes the number up to 23 which will probably require additional attrition from the current roster to reach as it is.

Either way, the class is shaping up extremely nicely. If we can lock up most of the heavy leans in the next month or two and maybe just maybe a QB (while assuming that Lattimore, Smith and McMillan are locks) we will be sitting pretty for the final push to finish out the class.


  1. wildman1056No Gravatar
    May 27th, 2013 at 8:04 am

    So…Do any of these people care about kicking? What’s going on there?


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    May 27th, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Were planning on A) Never needing to punt, B) Always going for two, and C) Onside kick after every score.

    Seriously, though- there are a couple of good kickers in Ohio that I’m sure the staff is aware of.


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