What Do You Want to See On Saturday? San Diego State

Written September 6th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

The Aztecs from San Diego State come to THE SHOE this weekend and here’s our wish list:


  • Scrambled Legs -  I’m OK with Braxton not needing to scramble, but on the cases where he feels pressure let’s see him work some magic
  • Swinging Gate - We saw two options off of the XP formation.. might there be more?
  • Roby – 1 – Kenobi - Welcome back, Bradley… time to earn your jersey number.
  • Tight Ends - A couple of great checkdowns against Buffalo, but let’s get the big(ger) fellas involved in the offense?
  • Reading Rainbow - Braxton is still learning the reads and keys on the option play, and seemed to struggle a bit against Buffalo’s three man front. SDSU will bring even more unique looks- how will he respond?


  • Improved Blocking - While we were starting some new guys on the line, the pressure that Buffalo got when they put their minds to it was a little much. Hopefully a week of work will have improved some of the footwork and given us the leverage to help Braxton out.
  • No Turnovers - The two turnovers we committed against the Bulls were two too many, and both were caused by poor decisions (getting fancy on a run, and getting tunnel-vision on the screen). Let’s not put our defense in a hole again this week.
  • Attacking Defense - In the same vein, lets force a few additional turnovers by getting some serious pressure on QB Adam Dingwell.  Eastern Illinois forced him into 4 interceptions (granted on 63 passes), so hopefully the Buckeyes can do something similar.
  • More EzE – I was disappointed to only see Ezekiel play as few possessions as he did.  Get that boy the ball and let’s see what he can do.


  • Continued Improvement - It’s time to get better as we head further into non conference play. It’s time to do the small things right. Here’s to cutting down the penalties and increasing time of possession.
  • Hall Attack - No doubt he was a weapon last week, but with Carlos Hyde out, the Bucks need some consistency from their lead back in back to back weeks.
  • Big Plays - It looks like part of this team’s offensive identity is the big play. Let’s hope we continue to see those in week 2.


  • Massive Improvement - Mainly from Taylor Decker.
  • Sense of Pass Rush - If I’m not mistaken, Spence was the only one to get to the qb.
  • Stop Stupid Mental Mistakes -  ie Braxton running out of bounds 3 yards short of the line to gain, stupid 15 yard personal fouls (grant and Bryant).
  • More Ron Tanner - All the guy did was make damn plays!  I’m Ron Tanner?  I’m Ron Tanner, stay classy San Diego. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  • Relax and Calm Down - I want to see everyone in Buckeye Nation relax and calm down.  The defense gave up well under 300 yards and just 13 points.  Remember how young they are.  The offense put up over 400 yards and 250-plus on the ground.  If the score was 40-13 nobody would be worried.  If they hadn’t scored 23 in the first quarter and 17 the rest of the way there would be no issues.  40 points is more than enough to win every game on the schedule. Yes they got a little complacent and sloppy but all in all, a solid opener


  • Come on Man - My wish is for Dontre Wilson to hang on to the football. Put it on the ground again bro and we won’t be able to watch you play for a while.


  • Getting the Small Things Right - Games against outmatched opponents like this often don’t tell us a lot as pure talent is enough to win.  I want to see the team focusing on the small details, the basics that will matter more later in the season when talent alone won’t do it.  Namely I’m looking at things like solid tackling, avoiding penalties, not taking plays off, not making dumb mental errors, etc…
  • More Playing Time - For the reserves, games like this one is where you develop depth.
  • More from the Special Teams - Enough Said.


  • Hall and Miller Show - Would like to see more of the formation with Jordan Hall in front of Braxton waiting for direct snap  and more of the shuttle pass plays going back against the grain.
  • Bradley Roby - Send a message, he wants his job back and make it with his first hit.
  • Dontre Wilson - He is already due to take it to the house and he needs to take care of the football.


  • An Intact, Full-Strength Defensive Backfield-  The Aztecs aren’t shy about throwing the ball and the Buckeyes shouldn’t be shy about making plays on the ball.
  • A Blistering Pass Rush - Mainly by Washington and Spence. See above.
  • Dunn and the Tight Ends - Active involvement in our offense by the tight ends and Brionte Dunn. I missed both of these aspects against Buffalo.


  • What’s Left - Everyone stole my thunder, so I am just going to reiterate Scott’s thought…..RELAX AND CALM DOWN BUCKEYE NATION!

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    September 6th, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Good compilation, Gary. And, we ask for so little…


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