Are You Not Entertained? Penn State

Written October 28th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

After totally wiping the field with Penn State on Saturday, let’s take a look at our expert’s wishes.


  1. Cover tight ends -  James and Carter are averaging 4 receptions per game, 12 YPC Zero and zero….we’re off to a good start.
  2. Same goes for WR Robinson -  He’s a playmaker, we need to make sure he doesn’t A 65 yard TD reception helped his stats but it came late so I don’t count that as a big play.
  3. Uptempo Offense -  Run their defense ragged for 4 quarters The tempo was in your face all night. 
  4. No injuries Several injuries this week…here’s hoping none are serious.
  5. A Win Check!
WVa Buckeye
  1. Push the defense to man up and play shutdown - Take chances with the TEs and leave the three LBs in there for coverage instead of the “penny” hurting wo Bryant Best defensive game all year.
  2. Continue to grow offensively - Keep the pace of riding who is getting us there with Carlos and Braxton but keep mixing the playmakers in. Dr. Miller and Mr. Hyde continue to steamroll.
  3. Destroy Hackenberg – Make him wish he hadn’t come to PSU. Turn the front 7 loose and go give him a reason to get rid of the ball quicker. Our Dline has looked block able of late  Hackenburg was definitely uncomfortable after 4 sacks and 2 interceptions.
  1. Ohio State-ment – It’s time for the Buckeyes to put their foot on the gas for four quarters against a name opponent with the country watching. Do they belong in the title game talk? Here’s their shot to say emphatically say “yes”. The message was sent loud and clear from the team and Urban Meyer.
  2. Silver Bullets - To achieve my first objective, this one needs drastic improvement from the coaches box to the secondary. All around best effort all year round.
  3. Bradley Roby - Roby has left piles of NFL money on the field this season. Time to earn some of it back by shutting down Allen Robinson.  Robinson did most of damage after Roby had left the field so I count this as a victory.
  4. Blitz - Christian Hackenberg is young and has never played in an environment like he is going to see on Saturday night. This cannot be his national coming out party. Blitz this kid from the second he walks off the bus.  4 sacks……enough said.

  1. Defense, defense, defense - Yes, they are young. But if it wasn’t for the defense giving up a lot of points, I believe OSU would be No. 2 in the polls, where they started the season.  Only gave up 14 points, of which, only 7 by the starting group.
  2. At least 50 points on offense – Who cares if we make some Nittany Lions fans mad. Need a big win on a national stage. 63 baby!
  3. Pressure the QB - Make Hackenberg spend more time on his back than a Kardashian sister.  Sorry….the Kardashians still win this one….but I will accept our pressure this week.
  4. Longsnapper boredom- No punts, No field goal attempts No FGA, but there were 3 punts.
  1. Major improvement in pass defense - We know PSU will/can throw the ball and have better weapons than Iowa did last week.  Robinson’s numbers looked good but overall a job well done. 
  2. My Hyde - 25-30 carries for the big guy. You have the best O line in the country and a top 5 back…ride him. It also keeps your defense off the field and fresh.  He only needed 16 to get his 147 yards.
  3. Continued improvement from Braxton - Saturday showed why Braxton was the Heisman favorite when the season started. Let’s see more of that.  His reads continued to improve this week.  It’s nice to see him check through all his reads use an escape route!
  4. Less stupid penalties - It seems as though this is a continued theme. The roughing the kicker penalty could’ve been bad. The stupid penalties are a matter of discipline and have to stop. 6 penalties total but I think some were against the late shift!
  5. A blow out - Time for the Bucks to start crushing people. Is 63-14 enough for you Patrick?
  1. Improved tackling - I thought I was going to be done with this one by now.  Still not driving gus backwards but seem to be wrapping up now.
  2. Better pass coverage - especially on the tight ends.  Did Penn State have any Tight Ends?
  3. Good start by the offense - this is a night game and the crowd will be pumped but the team needs to get off to a good start in order to keep them fired up and in the game 7 play, 75 yard drive to open the game and only burned 2:17 off the clock…..I’d call that good!
  4. TBDBITL - TBDBITL showing up the Penn State band TBDBITL knocked it out of the park.  This band is in a league of their own and , might I say, no other band in the nation is even close too!
  1. No False Starts - Please? Keep begging!
  2. Sackenberg - Presser on Penn State’s QB will not only slow down their passing game, but also may shift his decision making 4 times!
  3. The Legacy Continues - They don’t call it Pick Six U for nothing… when Ohio State does it, they win. AND, we haven’t had a Pick 6 this season.  No pick sixes….but there were definitely picks!
  4. Red Zone Return - Against Northwestern and Iowa, defensive “Cover 0″ has slowed down the Buckeye attack…  7 Red Zone trips and 7 touchdowns.
  5. On The Fly - Penn State is the third of four straight Ohio State opponents who face the Buckeyes after a bye week. The team will see “new wrinkles”, and needs to do a better job at getting back into their gameplan before halftime.  The Buckeyes didn’t give Penn State a chance to knock any rust off!

Bring on Purdue!!

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  1. KenNo Gravatar
    October 28th, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    Well done, G-Russ. I always enjoy your recap and commentary..


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