Silver Bullet Points: Halloween Edition

Written October 31st, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Well, you’ve got all day to plan your attack for tonight… personally, I’ve got plans to go to “all the candy is on sale” day tomorrow. We’re digging through our country albums for today’s soundtracks; one goofy, one “creepy”. Country not your thing? Well remember, we used to think this and this were OK as well.

How Firm Thy... Pumpkin?

How Firm Thy… Pumpkin?

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Updates- Other than what Clair mentioned on Tuesday, not much new in the “owie” front. Braxton is “100%” according to Coach Meyer, after having a flare up of his knee issue in the week leading up to Penn State.  Evan Spencer has been limited in practice, but will be good to go for this week. Other injuries from last week are all non-issues at this point.
  • Big Awesomes- Coach Meyer had a couple of points of praise regarding the offense after Thursday’s practices, and started with the men up front. He consciously said that Carlos is the engine that drives the running game, but continued to stress that everything in the recent Buckeye successes starts with the work that the offensive line has been putting in during practice, film study, and then on Saturdays.
  • Good Readin’- The other element to recent offensive success? Braxton Miller’s maturity in taking what the defense gives him, both in the passing game and in making the correct sight adjustments on the team’s option series.
  • Leadership- One of the offensive linemen mentioned earlier that’s been an integral part of this week’s preparation is senior Jack Mewhort, who has been very vocal with his teammates about avoiding a repeat of 2011′s upset.  Coach Meyer said that the senior, who was also a part of the 2009 loss at Ross-Ade Stadium, has spoken frequently about what it will take to win there, and the conditions that the team should expect on gameday.  Hopefully they’ll be all business come kickoff.
  • Special Moments- The Boilermakers lead the nation in net punting, leading Philly Brown to allude to something “special” for Saturday’s return game.
  • B1G Speed- Ryan Shazier talked about his issues overrunning plays in the past due to being “too fast” at linebacker. Good problem to have, no?
  • Under Pressure- Bradley Roby mentioned that, early on, he was trying to do too much because he felt that’s what it meant to be a leader. Now? He can trust his teammates and get back to basics.
  • Media Matters, Part One- Dan Wetzel, Yahoo!: Did Urban run up the score? If not, he should have.
  • Media Matters?, Part Two- Matt Hayes, Sporting News: Urban Meyer is a mean meanie who does mean things. (nope, not giving him traffic. Google it)
  • Media Matters, Part Three- Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports: What’s happening at Ohio State is Special, even if the media tells you otherwise.
  • Hey! Guess What!!- It’s almost Buckeye Hoops Season!

Commentary- We’re Goin’ Streaking!

As you probably know, Ohio State is pretty good at football.

With a 20 game winning streak (hearkening back to before Purdue Harbor 2… shudder) as a franchise and a 21 game streak for their head coach, the Buckeyes and their fans have gotten used to being on the positive side of the scoreboard at the end of the game.

Facing All Of My Fears!!!

The players have talked some about how the coaching staff has worked to keep them hungry and focused on the task at hand. Even in the midst of “doldrums” the likes of the first halves of contests with Iowa and Northwestern, you never got the sense that this team is one that expects to throw its uniforms out on the field and automatically win the game.

And I’m sure that will continue to be the case this week.  Especially this week.

But the awareness of the growing streak has got to be somewhere in the backs of their minds… Braxton spoke about it a few weeks ago, and certainly no one wants to be the one that misses a tackle or drops the ball and breaks the chain.

I’m curious- does this change the celebration after games at all? Does it become more about relief than rejoicing… that another bullet has been dodged, rather than another foe being vanquished?

Because, if I’m honest, that’s the way it feels for me these days.  It’s Halloween, so let’s open the crypt and talk about what frightens me as a fan- losing a game.

Trust me, I’m not saying that fans or programs should ever stop caring about winners and losers. This close to All Saints Day, that would be a huge mistake.

But, I can say that any tension that I feel on Saturdays right before I get kicked out of leave the livechats is trepidation that this will be the game that Ohio State loses. Hell, I even say that to Eric every week… it’s a talisman, of sorts, against the darkness.

Just Enjoy The Ride

I realize in the middle of the PSU game that this was the case- that I was more excited that the Buckeyes wouldn’t lose this game than I was thrilled at how well the offense and defense were playing.  When I mentioned it to my wife, she diagnosed this as being a part of my PCSD- Post Cooper Stress Disorder.

While I think that’s true, I also think that the following administration has had impact as well. While the Vest loved to score points as much as the next person, and was great against the spread, “Tresselball” at it’s foundations was seemingly built on not losing. Defense, field position, doing whatever it took created a legacy that will be hard to surpass in Columbus… but also may have bent my psyche just a little bit.

And we all know that it didn’t need much help.

Heck, even my first B1G experience with my wife complicated things… when you watch your team give up the biggest comeback in Nebraska history, your fears that “this could be the one” certainly aren’t allayed easily.

So, I’m in recovery mode, even now during Meyer’s second year. With an offense that’s shattering all of the school marks and a defense that’s coming into its own, it should be easy to let the healing happen.

This time of year, people in my area and across the country intentionally pay money to have the bejeezus scared out of them… in part, to face their deepest fears and enjoy the adrenaline ride that comes with screaming in terror. It’s fun to be frightened.

But Saturday, as we watch our Buckeyes enter their programmatic house of horrors, you should know that I’m going to doing my absolute best to do what is so often asked of coaches and players.

I’m going to be cheering to win, rather than not to lose.

Around The NCAA

  • Helpful Hints- My wife and I often talk about Taylor Martinez’ “Eff it, I’m going deep” passing philosophy… good to see that someone has broken it down to pass the knowledge on to others:


  • Unplug, Man- Also, the NCAA has asked a committee to look more closely at the number and types of online classes that student athletes are taking, both prior to enrolling and as a part of their matriculation/eligibility process.  Wonder what inspired that??
  • Costumes! You probably won’t see them on your doorstep tonight, but Texas Tech and Northern Illinois have some fancy new duds planned that honor our military and veterans.

And Finally

Could be that Halloween just ain’t your thing.  No sweat… there’s still a great way to”celebrate”:


  1. KenNo Gravatar
    October 31st, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Interesting perspective by Doyal, thanks.

    Pretty funny comment by Shazier about being “too fast”.

    The gentleman from TN is one disturbing individual. I’d have been more impressed if he’d used the line-trimmer to etch a face in the pumpkin. Maybe next year.


  2. RonNo Gravatar
    October 31st, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Love the Hickok45 video (I’ve seen hundreds of his videos). The only thing he loves more than guns is sharing his love of guns. Standing at about 6’8″, he’s (I think) an English teacher, and of course, a gun enthusiast. His specialty is handguns. He’s deadly accurate at 200 yards with just about any handgun, even with some of the physical failings that come with age. He has videos for just about every and any historical/modern rifle and handgun, providing many useful demonstrations and comparisons. He’s created many gun safety videos, and of course, many shooting just for fun videos.

    If you’re ever considering a firearm purchase, look up one of his videos because he’s probably done a demonstration/comparison for that particular firearm. He’s not highly technical or overly opinionated concerning any specific firearm, but provides a lot of practical considerations for a viewer. Just very useful stuff.

    And of course, like any gun enthusiast, he’s a 2nd amendment supporter. How could he not be?


    KenNo Gravatar
    October 31st, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    I’m not a gun owner and I support the 2nd Amendment (so, what, we get to pick & choose what Amendments we support?)because there should be a ‘well regulated Militia’ here. I think that most “2nd Amendment’ers” overlook this key phrase.


    MaliBuckeyeNo Gravatar
    October 31st, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    I also support the second amendment. Makes wardrobe a bit tricky, though:



  3. RonNo Gravatar
    October 31st, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Whoever wrote the 2nd Amendment added a comma: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This certainly implies regulation of militia, but not so much the people bearing arms. It has stood the test of time (and many, many legal challenges). 2nd Amendment’ers mostly understand this, except those who are all like: “GUNS! ‘MURICA! F**K YEAH!”

    Regardless, while I have an interest in guns, and have for a long time, I do not own any. I want to, but I can’t justify having them, securing them, maintaining them, and becoming proficient with them. It’s just not convenient for me. Heck, I can’t even decide which calibers I would want to have, and why I would want to have them. The need just isn’t there.


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